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Gaelic Boy Names

  • Adaire

    Wealthy spear or oak grove

  • Adare

    One who belongs to the oak tree ford

  • Aden

    Handsome, adorned

  • Ailbe

    Celtic: White; A variant of the name is Ailbhe

  • Ailen


  • Ailfryd

    elf or magical counsel

  • Alastar

    Defending men; a form of Alexander

  • Angis

    A strong and masculine man

  • Aonghas

    Celtic - One Choice; A variant of name is Angus

  • Arlan

    Gaelic - A Pledge; Old Norse - Foreigner, Stranger; A variant of name Arien

  • Arland

    Gaelic - A Pledge; A variant of name Arien

  • Aven

    Iniquity; Force; Riches; Sorrow; Gaelic - Powerful River

  • Bainbridge

    One who lives by the bridge near stream

  • Bainbrydge

    One who lives bear white water

  • Banagher

    Pointed Hill

  • Baran

    Gaelic - Noble Warrior; Russian - Ram; Forceful; Virile; Teutonic - Noble Fighter

  • Bayrd

    One who Sings Ballads

  • Beagan

    Little one.

  • Beathan

    Life, existance

  • Bow

    it means a small son. it is a diminutive of the name 'Bowden'

  • Boyd

    one with yellow hair

  • Braden

    One who is as sleek as a salmon

  • Bradene

    One who is as sleek as a salmon; alternate spelling for 'Braden'

  • Breandan

    One who is brave, not afraid of any sort of danger

  • Brendin

    Prince; the heir of the king

  • Buchanan

    Irish Gaelic - House of the canon

  • Caydran

    The spirit of the battle

  • Caydren

    One who is in the spirit fo battle

  • Cleary

    Highly educated; scholar; learned; knowledgeable; cultured

  • Clell

    Descendant of the wolf family

  • Clunie

    One who hails from the grasslands or meadows

  • Collan

    A young Boy who is attractive, handsome and good looking

  • Conlan

    Hero; one who is courageous and is admired by everyone

  • Conroy

    Persistent knowledge in all aspects; a wise person who has knowledge in every field

  • Corey

    A boiling, frothing, foaming pool

  • Cori

    A turbulent, boiling pool filled with foam

  • Corwin

    A very close friend who is close to the heart

  • Coulter

    Foal; Playful; Energetic; Part of a plough

  • Cowell

    Descendants od Pictish people; Also a lace in the Highland region of Scottish

  • Craig

    It is origanted from Gaelic origin meaning Bumpy and rocks.

  • Cray

    Productive; Creative; In Gaelic it means rough and bumpy rocks

  • Crighton

    Derived from 'Creighton' meaning lives at a rocky place,near a border

  • Cronan

    Slightly dark one; Could refer to 'Dark brown'

  • Cross

    Cross or the Crucifix

  • Culkin

    Uilcin's son

  • Cullen

    Handsome boy

  • Cullin

    Good looking man

  • Cully

    The one who dwells in the Wood

  • Cunningham

    Village with Milk; leader

  • Curra

    Spear; Hero

  • Curran

    A dagger

  • Currie

    A dagger; Hero

  • Currin

    Variant of Curran

  • Curry

    A sharp dagger

  • Dace

    One from the South; noble

  • Dacey

    The one from noble background

  • Daeg

    Daylight; first thing of the morning

  • Daegan

    Hairy and black

  • Dagen

    The one who is dark-haired

  • Dalas

    Meadow; house

  • Dall

    The wise one

  • Daly

    Together forever

  • Daran

    Great personality master

  • Darce

    The dark one

  • Daren

    Great and powerful

  • Daric

    Oak hearted

  • Darick

    Strong person

  • Darran

    A great and superior individual

  • Darrbie

    The one who is free from hatred and envy

  • Darrick

    Strong one

  • Darrin

    A unique and great individual

  • Darroch

    Strong hearted

  • Darryn

    Variant of Darren

  • Daryn

    Great person

  • Deagan

    A dark-black haired guy

  • Dearan

    A great solitary being; quiet one

  • Deegan

    A black-haired person

  • Dierdra

    One who has a raging attitude

  • Donahue

    A brave dark warrior; they are stable and loving beings

  • Donald

    A great chief who rules the world

  • Donaldo

    A mighty king who rules many and is efficient

  • Doue

    A dark and black colored person; stream

  • Doug

    A black person who is also as cool as the water

  • Doyne

    A sensitive person who is an idealistic being

  • Drust

    Situation of riot; they are strong

  • Duff

    Dark Skinned person who is capable

  • Duffy

    Black one; son of an elegant being

  • Dugan

    One who has a dark skin

  • Eire

    Ireland land; a Goddess of Gaelic

  • Elwynn

    this name means a wise friend or magical fair white being

  • Emerich

    this means someone with power and who is a leader.

  • Ennis

    this means the only choice.

  • Erin

    Gaelic word meaning peace; also a poetic way of referring to Ireland.

  • Erinn

    poets use it to describe Ireland or peace.

  • Erv

    high cliff or fresh water.

  • Ervin

    fresh water or beautiful.

  • Erwinn

    fresh green water or a beautiful friend.

  • Erwyn

    a word which in essence means a beautiful friend or green and fresh water.

  • Erwyna

    a feminized word which has the meaning of a beautiful friend or fresh and green water.

  • Erwynn

    in essence it means water that is green and fresh or a beautiful friend.

  • Eurddolad

    a Gaelic word for justice.

  • Everd

    brave boar or strong boar.

  • Everhart

    a Gaelic word which means as brave as a boar.

  • Fergie

    He who is like a rock. Also means a man who made a choice

  • Fillan

    A little Wolf; name of a saint

  • Fin

    A person who is fair and mythology

  • Findlay

    A little fair-haired soldier

  • Finley

    A courageous soldier who is fair

  • Forbes

    A variant of the word 'Forba' it means a field or an arena

  • Galagars

    A helpful person who is glorious

  • Gall

    Name of an ancient saint.

  • Galloway

    One who is a foreigner; of another land

  • Galway

    Strange Gauls; a city of Ireland

  • Garran

    Means castrated male horse.

  • Gaur


  • Gillies

    Gillies is a male name and means The Servant of Jesus. It is of Gaelic origins.

  • Gillion

    Gillion is a Scottish, Gaelic male name. The meaning of the name Gillion is Servant of St.James.

  • Gilloman

    Gilloman is a male English name. Gilloman is a very rare name and originates from French and Gaelic name and means Young Man, The One full of Youth.

  • Gillon

    Gillon is a male name of Gaelic origin. Means Servant of St.John.

  • Gilmor

    Gilmor is a male name of Gaelic origin. The meaning of the name Gilmor is Devoted.

  • Gilson

    Gilson is more used as a surname than a first name and means The Bright Pledge.

  • Glen

    The meaning of the name Glen is From The Valley

  • Graer

    Gray Hiared man. In simple word it means a very intelligent person.

  • Gruaidh

    It means the Red king, from words ruadh (red-coloured hair or complexion) and rígh (ie - king). It is mostly used in Ireland and Scottish. It has many forms, such as Ruairi, Ruairidh and the most common Rory. This was the name of the last high king of Ir

  • Healy


  • Heurle

    A tide of the sea

  • Holcombe

    A Surname in old British

  • Kael

    Kael means Mighty Warrior

  • Kale

    Kale means Affectionate, Calm

  • Kalen

    The name Kalen means Slender Man

  • Kalin

    Kalin name means a Slender, Fair man.

  • Kamren

    Kamren name means Crooked Nose

  • Kamron

    Kamrn means He has a Crooked Nose

  • Kamryn

    The name means His Nose is Crooked

  • Kamrynn

    Kamrynn means The One whose nose is Crooked

  • Karolus

    Karolus means Champion.Strong

  • Keefe

    Keefe means He who is Cherised

  • Keefer

    The name means He is Very Gentle and Noble

  • Keegan

    Keegan name means A thinker, Small Fire

  • Keenan

    Keenan means Acient, The Descendant of the Brave one

  • Keene

    Keene means He who is Tall, Handsome and Sharp

  • Keenen

    Keenen means Acient Gavin

  • Kehyrdius

    The name means Being Slender

  • Keighan

    Keighan means Small Flames

  • Kellin

    Kellin means Slender, Little

  • Kendon

    Kendon means The Brave Chief, The Brave Ruler

  • Kendric

    Kendric means Brave and Fearless Chief

  • Kendrick

    The name means He is a Brave Leader

  • Kendriek

    Kendriek means Royal Chieftain

  • Kendrix

    Kendrix means Royal Leader of the Clan

  • Kendryck

    Kendryck means Son of Hary, A Brave Lader of Tribe

  • Kendryk

    Kendryk menas Son a Hary, Chief

  • Kendul

    Kendul means Chief is Brave

  • Kennan

    The name means Little Ken, The Clear Water

  • Kennard

    Kennard mens Bold and Brave Leader

  • Kenneth

    Kenneth means He is born from the Fiery Flames

  • Kennett

    Kennett means Born from Fire and Flames

  • Kenney

    The name means Flame Born

  • Kenyon

    Kenyon means Blonde, White haired

  • Key

    Key name means He is made of Fire

  • Keyne

    The name means Keen Wit

  • Keyona

    Keyona means He Who is Leading the People

  • Kiel

    Kiel name means Narrow

  • Kolin

    Kolim means The Victorious People

  • Korey

    Korey means A Spear

  • Kori

    The meaning of the name is Dweller in a hollow

  • Korie

    Korie means a Seething Pool

  • Kruse

    The name means Person with a Curly Hair

  • Lamonte

    One who practices law and justice, man of law

  • Leannan

    Gaelic word for little cloak

  • Lirkin

    Decsendant of Lorcan; one who is crowned with laurel

  • Loch

    A Gaelic word for a Lake

  • Lon

    Person as fierce as a Lion

  • Lonn

    A strong, firce person

  • Macarthur

    Gaelic - Son of Arthur;

  • Mackenzi

    Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;

  • Mackinney

    God has heard me; Celtic - Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic - Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;

  • Mael

    Celtic - Disciple; Chief, Prince

  • Malchom

    A servant or devotee of Saint Columbia

  • Malise

    A servant of Jesus

  • Maloney

    Gaelic - Devoted to God; One who serves St. John; St. John's follower

  • Marcaeus

    A man who is like the hammer

  • Marcus

    A shining hammer

  • Matherson

    The some of the one who is like a bear

  • Miach

    The medical practitioner in the armed forces.

  • Mikenzi

    A Gaelic word that means Son of Kenneth.

  • Monahan

    A servant of the monastery

  • Morven

    Gaelic - Child of the Sea; Mariner; Big Peak; Big Gap; Great; Fair Skinned

  • Naoise

    A beloved person who is a King; a hunter

  • Neal

    Zealous, adoring, zealous, fervent.

  • Nigel

    Victor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk.

  • Nygel

    A Hebrew word of something came out of the water.

  • Oran

    Dull color or dim color or mostly in white color.

  • Orin

    The additional name for Lord Mailar Lingappa.

  • Orren

    Short in colors or deficient in colors.

  • Orrin

    The color which is highly diluted with white.

  • Pharrell

    A superior and heroic man

  • Phelan

    One who is like a wolf

  • Quin

    One who is intelligent and wise

  • Quinn

    Intelligent man

  • Rafer

    Irish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A pet form of Rafferty

  • Rafferty

    Irish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A variant name is Rafer

  • Ranald

    Form of Ronale, one who rules with counsel

  • Ronell

    To rule people by advise

  • Ronn

    He who will rule with his counsel

  • Royan

    Those whose hair is red

  • Rusk

    Spanish - Twisted Bread; Habitational name from Gaelic riasg Marsh or Bog; A variant of Ruske

  • Ry

    A little king

  • Sayre

    Occupational name, carpenter

  • Scully

    A town crier

  • Seoras

    An occupational name, farmer

  • Sheridon

    He who is untamed

  • Sherrod

    A wild man

  • Sholto

    Old Gaelic name meaning a Teal Duck

  • Sloan

    One with the nature of a warrior, a fighter in heart

  • Sloane

    He is a warrior in heart

  • Tad


  • Teague

    A handsome poet

  • Tearlach

    A strong man

  • Tennille

    The light

  • Tioboid

    The brave people, or brave race

  • Tomas

    The twin, one of a born twin

  • Torian

    The chief, or the head, leader

  • Torphin

    A male descendant of Thor

  • Torres

    A habitational name of a person belongs from the city of towers

  • Tosh

    A chief or a leader

  • Trinian

    A Gaelic variant of Saint Ninian from Scottish

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