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Finnish Girl Names

  • Aada

    aada has a meaning of noble or a noble one, In Germany word aada means adornment or a first born

  • Aino

    Finnish - The only one; Unique

  • Dagmar

    A mother

  • Eelin

    They are the warrior of intelligence

  • Emese

    this name means mother.

  • Enni

    this is a Finnish feminised form of the word Enna meaning edge of a sword.

  • Enny

    feminised Finnish word for edge of a sword.

  • Erva

    a Finnish word meaning the hay grown after harvesting.

  • Esteri

    a Finnish word which means star.

  • Helmi

    Pearl, precious thing

  • Helmy

    A Gem of the Sea

  • Hilu

    Cloudberry; yearn for life

  • Ilda

    Heroine in the battle.

  • Irma

    Bosnian form of Emma, meaning universal or complete.

  • Jaana

    A sea of bitterness

  • Jakki

    She is the heel grabber

  • Kaarina

    Kaarina means Pure, Chaste

  • Kaille

    The name means Womanly

  • Kjerstin

    Kjerstin means She is the Follower of Christ

  • Kristiina

    Kristiina means Follower of Christ

  • Leppa

    A Finnish name of legends

  • Liina

    A warrior of the army

  • Liisa

    I find my God in an Oath

  • Linnea

    A Girl whose beauty can be compared to a twinflower

  • Loppa

    A famous woman worrior

  • Lumi

    A woman white and cold as Snow

  • Luvia

    A girl who is deeply loved

  • Luvianna

    Woman who is loved honestly

  • Lyyti

    A name who is a great and adorable being

  • Maaria

    The Sea of sorrow

  • Maija

    A woman of rebellious nature

  • Maiuc

    One who is a magical individual; spell bound

  • Majlis

    A noble person who is born i May

  • Marikka

    A woman of turbulent personality

  • Marja

    Finnish name for berry

  • Marjo

    One who has deep inner desires and truths

  • Marjut

    A beloved girl

  • Meri

    The marine, deep ocean.

  • Merja

    The holy mother Mary, virgin Mary

  • Neea

    One of the flowers, Lime tree.

  • Niina

    Exhibiting courtesy and politeness.

  • Orvokki

    Large flowered garden.

  • Otha

    One who is wealthy and fortunate

  • Paiva

    Finnish - Born during day light; God of the Sun

  • Paivi

    A wonderful day; beautiful begining

  • Pilvi

    Finnish - Cloud;

  • Pinja

    Finnish - Stone Pine; Estonian Pine

  • Piritta

    Celtic - Exalted One; Strong and Protective; Old Norse - To help; A variant of Birgit

  • Pirjo

    Celtic - Exalted One; Strong and Protective; Old Norse - To help; A variant of Birgit

  • Pirkko

    Celtic - Exalted One; Strong and Protective; Old Norse - To help; A variant of Birgit

  • Raakel

    Finnish name meaning ewe

  • Raila

    One who is alert or spirited

  • Raili

    An ewe

  • Raita

    Finnish - Goat Willow

  • Rali

    A spirited one

  • Ritva

    The branch of the tree

  • Ros

    A woman with the qualities of a rose

  • Saana

    A place name, the name of the mountain in Finland

  • Siiri

    A deminutive of Sigrid, meaning a fair, beutiful woman who is victorious

  • Silja

    A short for Cecilia, meaning one who is blind

  • Sini

    A poetic name for the color blue

  • Sinikka

    One who is like the color blue

  • Sivia

    One with a hart of a deer

  • Sivya

    One with a hart of a deer

  • Sohvi

    A woman of wisdom

  • Soila

    A glow of the northen polar lights

  • Solja

    A place name, a village in Finland

  • Sovia

    One with great wisdom and skills

  • Sulamit

    Woman of great luck and fortune

  • Suuvi

    A southern child of the summer

  • Suvi

    A summer shild from the south

  • Taika

    A spell, charm, set of words to invoke magical effect

  • Taimi

    Young tree with a slender trunk

  • Taina

    From the house of tatius

  • Teija

    Finnish short from Dorotea, God's gift

  • Tellervo

    Finnish Goddess of the forest

  • Terhi

    Terhi is a short form of Terhenetär. It means mist.

  • Terttu

    A bunch of berries

  • Tetta

    A bunch or a cluster

  • Tiia

    A gift of joy from the God

  • Tippa

    A drop or a drop of any liquid

  • Tuula

    Blowing or monsoon.

  • Tuule

    Estonian form of Tuuli. It means wind.

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