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Finnish Boy Names

  • Aapo

    Finnish form of ABRAHAM or being father of multitude

  • Aari

    Mountain of Strength

  • Aimo

    Finnish - Generous Amount; Fair-sized; Proper; Good;

  • Akki

    Finished pet form; name for the happy irrigator

  • Aksu

    Defender of Man; A variant of name Alexander and Akse

  • Anselmi

    German - Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel

  • Antero

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrew

  • Antti

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrew and Andreas

  • Armas

    Finnish - Dear; Beloved

  • Arto

    Celtic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name Arthur

  • Artturi

    Celtic - Stone, Bear; Germanic - Thor, The Eagle; A variant of name Arthur

  • Arvo

    Finnish - Value; Worth

  • Assi

    A beautiful and fair god or goddess

  • Atto

    Goddess of Irrationality

  • Atto

    Goddess of Irrationality

  • Auli

    Joy; Happiness; Short form of Aulikki

  • Calle

    A man who is free

  • Caspian

    One from the Caspian Sea

  • Eelis

    A saying which means My god is Yahweh

  • Eemil

    They are one who are like the Elves

  • Eero

    One who is an eternal ruler

  • Eevi

    Finnish form of Edwin; rich friend

  • Eki

    They are the one who change time

  • Ekke

    A peaceful ruler of the island

  • Eljas

    Where Yahweh is the God

  • Ensio

    it means first.

  • Eppo

    a Finnish word for a character of a Shakespearean play Comedy of Errors.

  • Erkki

    Finnish word meaning ruler of all.

  • Erno

    a Finnish word meaning serious and determined.

  • Esa

    someone for whom god is the ultimate salvation.

  • Hansi

    God is Cordial

  • Haraldus

    Army ruler

  • Heimericus

    One who is a pat of the tribe

  • Heimo

    A finnish word for tribe

  • Hermo

    Army Staff

  • Hesekiel

    God's Strengthens, God Will Strengthen

  • Jaani

    He is a gift of God

  • Jakke

    May He protect

  • Jensynn

    Junior Johannes or son of Johannes (God is gracious)

  • Jere

    Diminutive of name Jeremiah (May the Lord's name will be exalted).

  • Jupiter

    Light; Diety; Father; The name was borne in Roman mythology by Jupiter, the supreme god

  • Kal

    The name Kal means The Strong One

  • Kalle

    Kalle name means Strong and Manly

  • Kalva

    Heroine; A variant spelling of Kalwa

  • Keijo

    Keijo means Elf

  • Kimmo

    One who is raised by God

  • Kivi

    Kivi means Stone

  • Lari

    A person with superior reputation and luerel

  • Lempi

    A Finnish word that means To love someone

  • Levo

    Finnish version of name Leo

  • Linne

    A person named after the twinflower

  • Linnel

    He who is like a twonflower

  • Luukas

    To be from Lucania, souther Itanly

  • Lydian

    He who is from Lydia town in Asia Minor

  • Markku

    Finnish variation of the name Mark

  • Martti

    Dedicated to Mars; Like Mars; War Like

  • Matteus

    A god's gift

  • Miika

    who looks like God, who is like unto the powerful God.

  • Minttu

    Finnish variant of Mint, a cool persona

  • Nante

    Confidence or self assurance.

  • Nantia

    A confident leader or guide

  • Niky

    Who can be equal to God.

  • Nillo

    The crowd of success or triumph.

  • Nooa

    The lady of the sun.

  • Oiva

    A noble and brave person.

  • Oja

    Vitality; A habitational name from a farm; A short form of Ojala

  • Okko

    The color of Blue. The blue-colored person

  • Olavi

    The people who always prove as superiors

  • Onni

    Windfall, godsend, cheerfulness, pleasure

  • Oskari

    A jumping and leaping warrior

  • Osmo

    A young and energetic name

  • Ossian

    Fawn; a trusted and happy individual

  • Pekko

    One with a sensitive and practical nature

  • Raimo

    Protector of advice

  • Raitis

    A sober man

  • Rammi

    A high father

  • Reijo

    An alert and always watchful person

  • Reimo

    A man who gives advices

  • Reino

    A wise ruler of men

  • Reko

    A person who is very watchful and careful

  • Rikkard

    A very strong one who rules men

  • Roope

    A bright fames person

  • Rotri

    One who is famous wolf

  • Runo

    A man of secret lore

  • Sakki

    The God remembers all

  • Sampo

    A God's temple

  • Samuli

    The God's name

  • Sepi

    Occupational name, smith

  • Soppa

    A woman with knowledge or wisom

  • Sulo

    He of grace and charm

  • Tanel

    God is my judge

  • Tapio

    One who rules the forest

  • Tarmo

    One who is energy driven

  • Tarvo

    Wild aurchs

  • Tauno

    A modest man

  • Teemu

    People of victory

  • Tero

    A manly warrior

  • Teuvo

    A gift of God

  • Toivo

    the faith or trust or promise

  • Topias

    A jewel that is precious

  • Tuomas

    Two babies born at the same time from the same pregnancy.

  • Tuomo

    Form of Thomas (twin)

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