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Croatian Girl Names

  • Adrijana

    Croatian variant of Adriana, meaning from Adria.

  • Aklina

    Adoration, Admiration, high regard, worship

  • Andela

    Croatian form of Angela, meaning angel.

  • Antea

    Feminine form of Antaeus, meaning rival.

  • Antonela

    Croatian form of Antonella, meaning worthy of praise.

  • Basia

    Foreign woman

  • Biserka


  • Bozica

    A Goddess. It is a diminutive for the name 'Bozena'

  • Branimira

    Feminine form of Branimir, meaning peaceful world.

  • Branka

    The term used for protection of glory

  • Bura

    She is like a sea storm

  • Capeka

    A little stork.

  • Dejana

    God is combining.

  • Dijana


  • Dinora

    A form of Hebrew name Dinah, meaning avenged.

  • Dubravka

    An oak grove.

  • Dusana


  • Elizabetha

    God is a satisfaction provider

  • Gabrijela

    A variant of Gabrielle, meaning Woman of God.

  • Ivana

    The gift of Yahweh.

  • Ivona

    Croatian form of Yvonne, meaning yew.

  • Jadranka

    A woman named after the Adriatic sea

  • Jadrien

    She has eyes the color of the Adriatic sea

  • Jaka

    A very strong woman

  • Jelka

    Torch or moon

  • Josipa

    Croatian form of Josephine, meaning he will add.

  • Klaudija

    Klaudija means She is Lame and Crippled

  • Klimentina

    Klementina means Kind and Sparing

  • Krasna

    A beautiful woman.

  • Ljuba

    A Slavic word that means Love

  • Mirjana

    Beloved one.

  • Mirna

    A calm and tender person

  • Mirta

    An evergreen shrub or a small tree

  • Mojca

    The beloved one.

  • Patricija

    Croatian form of Patricia, meaning noble.

  • Radenka

    To work.

  • Radmila

    A sweet happiness

  • Rijeka


  • Safranka

    Saffron flower.

  • Sajonara


  • Sanela


  • Sarlota

    Croatian variant of Caroline, meaning strong.

  • Seada

    One who is happy and cheerful.

  • Seka


  • Senada

    One who is graceful and heavenly.

  • Sesila

    Croatian form of Cecilia, meaning blind.

  • Sibila

    Name of a Greek prophetess. It means oracle.

  • Simunka

    To hear, to be heard

  • Slatka

    Sweet or sweetly flavored.

  • Slavenka

    A Slavic woman.

  • Slobodanka


  • Snjezana

    The snow woman.

  • Sonora


  • Spasenka

    Rescue or save

  • Spomenka

    Croatian name for forget-me-not flower.

  • Stefa

    A woman with the crown

  • Stela

    Croatian form of Stella, meaning star.

  • Stjepana

    Female of Stephan, meaning crown.

  • Studena

    Cold or chill.

  • Suncana

    Sun or sunny

  • Svjetlana

    Croatian form of Svetlana, meaning light.

  • Tadeja

    Gift from God

  • Tajana

    To keep secret.

  • Terezija

    Croatian form of Teresa, meaning reaper.

  • Tihana

    A quiet person, a saint

  • Tihomira

    Female form of Tihomir. It means quiet and peace world.

  • Tonka

    Croatian form of Antonia. It means worthy of praise.

  • Trpimira

    The name is derived from elements trpi endure, bear, suffer and mir meaning peace or world.

  • Ulrika

    A female ruler.

  • Urma

    Date fruit

  • Valerija


  • Valpurga

    Female master of the tower.

  • Vanesa

    Croatian form of Vanessa. It means butterfly.

  • Vasilija

    Feminine form of Basil, meaning king.

  • Vatroslava

    Fire or flame.

  • Vedrana

    One who is jolly and merry.

  • Venera

    Honorable and beloved

  • Veronika

    Croatian form of Veronica. It means true and honest.

  • Veselka

    One who's always happy and cheerful.

  • Vesna


  • Vigora

    Feminine form of Vigor, meaning strength and power.

  • Viktoria

    Croatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.

  • Viktorija

    Croatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.

  • Vincencija

    Female form of Vincent, meaning to conquer.

  • Vinea


  • Visnja

    Croatian word for cherry.

  • Vita

    Feminine form of Vitus, meaning life.

  • Vitomira

    Female of Vitomir, meaning lord of the peaceful world.

  • Vjekoslava

    Glory of the ages.

  • Vjera


  • Vladimira

    Female of Vladimir, meaning rule.

  • Vlasta

    Spear or stalk.

  • Vlatka

    Rule or to rule. A form of Vladmira.

  • Zagorka

    Behind the mountain.

  • Zaklina

    A version of Jakov, meaning God will add.

  • Zana

    A variant of Ivana, meaning the gift of Yahweh.

  • Zdenka

    To build or create.

  • Zdravka

    Health and wellness.

  • Zelimirka

    One who desires.

  • Zeljka

    Wish or desire.

  • Zita

    Girl or maiden.

  • Ziva

    A lively woman.

  • Zlata


  • Zlatica


  • Zora


  • Zorica


  • Zvezdana


  • Zvjezdana


  • Zvonimira

    Sound of peace

  • Å tefanija

    Slovene and Croatian feminine form of Stephanie. It means crown.

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