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Croatian Boy Names

  • AljoÅ¡a

    Slovene form of Alyosha, meaning helper or defender

  • Alojz

    Famous Warrior

  • Alojzije

    A famous warrior.

  • Andreja

    Croatian form of Andrew, meaning manly or masculine.

  • Andrija

    Croatian form of Andrew, meaning warrior or manly.

  • Antonijo

    Croatian form of Antonio, meaning worthy of praise.

  • Antun

    One who is invaluable.

  • Baldo

    Ba'al protect the king.

  • Bartol

    Croatian form of Bartholomew meaning son of Talmai.

  • Bartolomej

    Croatian form of Bartholomew, meaning ploughman.

  • Blago

    A gentle, mild and blessed boy.

  • Blagoje

    Variant of Blago, meaning a mild, gentle and blessed boy.

  • Borislav

    Battle glory.

  • Dalmat

    Croatian word for sheep.

  • Damjan

    Croatian form of Damian, meaning to tame.

  • Danaboth

    Valley or a person from Denmark.

  • Darijo

    Croatian form of Darius, meaning to possess.

  • Davorin

    A mythological name, meaning god of war.

  • Deniel

    A variant of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.

  • Dinko

    Sovereign, lord, patron or organizer.

  • Dmitar

    The one who loves the earth.

  • Domagoj

    Domagoj is derived from the Slavic elements domu, which means home and gojiti, which means grow, heal, and nurture.

  • Dorijan

    Croatian form of Dorian, meaning child of the sea.

  • Draen

    One who is clever.

  • Dragutin

    One who is dear and precious.

  • Drevan

    Dear and beloved one.

  • Dubravko

    Grove or tree.

  • Duko

    Duko is derived from Doede, meaning a famous wolf.

  • Emerik


  • Frane

    Croatian form of Francis, meaning freeman.

  • Franjo

    Croatian form of Frances, meaning free man.

  • Gabrijel

    Croatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

  • Grga

    One who is watchful and alert.

  • Grgur

    A watchful and vigilant man.

  • Hrvoje

    'Derived from the Croatian word Hrvat meaning 'Croat'

  • Ilija

    Croatian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh.

  • Ime

    A miracle

  • Imun

    One who is clean and immune.

  • Ivano

    A form of John, meaning God is gracious.

  • Ivica

    Graced by Yahweh

  • Ivor

    Bow of the warrior.

  • Jadran

    One who is named after the Adriatic sea

  • Jadranko

    A man who belongs to Hadria, or from Hadria.

  • Jadranko

    One coming from the city Hadria.

  • Jadrian

    One who is like the Adriatic sea

  • Javor

    Maple tree

  • Jerko

    A diminutive of Jeromin.

  • Jeronim

    One who is saved from the harm, a holy name.

  • Jozo

    Croatian version of Joseph, meaning God will add.

  • Jure

    Croatian version of George, meaning farmer or earth worker.

  • Jurica

    Croatian form of Simon, meaning farmer.

  • Karlo

    Karlo means Man with Armor

  • Keften

    It means a chestnut; naughty and nurturing

  • Kesten

    Croatian word for chestnut.

  • Kreo

    I create or the creator.

  • Kristijan

    Croatian form of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.

  • Kristofor

    The worshipper of Christ

  • Krsto


  • Kruno

    Short form of Krunoslav. It means glory to the crown.

  • Krunoslav

    Glory to the crown.

  • Ljubo

    Peace and love.

  • Ljubomir

    One who loves peace.

  • Lovre

    Short form of Lovrenco. It means from Laurentum.

  • Lovrenco

    Croatian form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.

  • Lovro

    Short form of Lovrenc.

  • Lucijan

    One who is born into light.

  • Mario

    A sad, bitter person

  • Matej

    One considered a God's Gift

  • Matija

    Croatian form of Matthias, meaning gift of God.

  • Matko

    Diminutive of Matthias, meaning gift of Yahweh.

  • Miho

    Croatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God.

  • Mihovil

    Croatian form of Michael, meaning who is like God.

  • Mislav

    The thought of glory.

  • Pavao

    Croatian form of Paul, meaning small or humble.

  • Roko

    Croatian form of Rocco, meaning rest.

  • Sebastijan

    Slovene form of Sebastianus, meaning 'from Sebaste'.

  • Slavco

    One who brings glory to the family.

  • Srecko

    Luck, a lucky and fortunate man.

  • Stipe

    Croatian diminutive of Stjepan. It means crown.

  • Tin

    In Croatian a suffix name that means a Saint. In Vietnamese it means a thinker

  • Tomislav

    Tomislav is derived from the Slavic element tomiti, which means torture combined with slava meaning glory.

  • Tvrtko


  • Vanja

    Croatian form of John, meaning God is gracious.

  • Vedran

    Clear and cheerful

  • Velimir

    Great peace

  • Vid

    Croatian form of Wido, meaning wood.

  • Viktor

    Viktor is a form of Victor and means Victoria.

  • Vinko

    Conquering, a man with conquering and leadership qualities.

  • Vito

    Croatian form of Vitus, meaning life.

  • Vjeko

    Glory of the ages.

  • Vjekoslav

    Glory of the ages.

  • Vlaho

    One who talks with a lisp.

  • Zelimir

    One who desires peace.

  • Zeljko

    One who desires peace.

  • Zlatan

    A golden haired man.

  • Zlatko

    One who is golden haired.

  • Zunich


  • Zvonimir

    The sound of peace.

  • Å ime

    Croatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.

  • Å imun

    Croatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.

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