Canadian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Canadian Girl Names

  • Bennu


  • Edrice

    A prosperous ruler

  • Embe

    this name means burnt coal.

  • Ember

    the meaning of this name is coal that is burnt.

  • Emberly

    the meaning of this name is low flame or spark or burning coal.

  • Emberlyn

    this name means as precious as a beautiful jewel.

  • Emberlynn

    the name signifies a precious pretty jewel.

  • Emoni

    this name means faith.

  • Emony

    faith or believe or reliance.

  • Emylyna

    combination of two names emmy and lynn.

  • Evernie

    beyond the other side.

  • Gabela

    A confident and determined woman.

  • Maple

    A tree name, maple tree

  • Maslynn

    Little blooming flower.

  • Mya


  • Nakedra

    One who is smart and beautiful.

  • Natasia

    Canadian version of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.

  • Neleh

    Beautiful light

  • Phalyn

    A loving person

  • Qiana


  • Quiana

    One who lives her life with grace.

  • Ravon

    Black bird

  • Rea

    A flowing stream of water, a brook

  • Shawnita

    Blue diamond

  • Sontee

    A strong woman

  • Tempest


  • Tinble

    Sounds that the bell make.

  • Trinity

    The holy triad.

  • Tyrianne

    The land of prayer

  • Udele


  • Vanessa


  • Verity


  • Verlee

    One who is honest and truthful.

  • Vianca

    Canadian variant of Bianca, meaning white.

  • Vlora

    A brave and bold woman.

  • Wann

    A pale and fair woman.

  • Waynette

    The wagon maker.

  • Welsie

    A woman from the west.

  • Wenona

    The first born daughter.

  • Winter

    Winter season

  • Xantara

    Protector of the earth

  • Xaria

    The gift of love.

  • Yaletha

    A variant of Oletha. It means light or nimble.

  • Yardley

    Of the yard

  • Yvettia

    One who is extremely beautiful.

  • Zadie


  • Zariel

    Lion princess

  • Zavrina

    Variant of Sabrina. It means princess.

  • Zelene


  • Ziarre

    Goddess of the sky.

  • Zoe


  • Zoffany

    Celestial, or a heavenly gift

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