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Canadian Boy Names

  • Bashiri

    One who can foretell the future.

  • Benaim

    Son of the right hand.

  • Berhan

    Light or illumination

  • Chioke

    Gift of God

  • Derward

    The deer keeper

  • Enabarr

    this name means birdhead.

  • Enabarri

    a birdhead is signified by this name.

  • Eremias

    God will uplift

  • Flurry

    Flourishing, blooming

  • Gezan

    The one in charge

  • Gowon


  • Hemison

    A river name in Quebec, Canada

  • Iben


  • Ontario

    Beautiful lake of water

  • Pendle


  • Searlus


  • Seignour

    Lord of the manor

  • Sennet

    Wise and sagacious man.

  • Suthley

    The one from the South meadow

  • Swindel

    Valley of the swine.

  • Symington

    The one from Simon's estate

  • Tanner

    A leather worker.

  • Tieler

    A variant of Tyler, meaning tile maker.

  • Tristan

    A goof knight.

  • Tye

    Short form of the name Tyler. It means the tile maker.

  • Tyler

    The tile maker.

  • Tyson

    Son of a German

  • Varden

    A green slope.

  • Wacian


  • Wacleah

    From Wake's meadow.

  • Wadsworth

    From Wade's estate.

  • Waerheall

    From the true man's manor.

  • Wakefield

    The wet land.

  • Walcot

    One living in the Welshman's cottage.

  • Waldo

    God's power

  • Watkins

    Army ruler or general.

  • Weylin

    The land by the road.

  • Wiloughby

    A willow farm worker

  • Wright

    The wagon maker

  • Wyatt

    The little warrior

  • Yates


  • Yeoman


  • Yoman

    The retainer

  • Yule

    Of Christmas time.

  • Zayne

    Variation of the names Zane or John. It means Jehovah has been gracious.

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