Cambodian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Cambodian Girl Names

  • Achariya

    One who is wonderful and marvelous.

  • Arunny

    The morning sun.

  • Bopha


  • Botum

    A princess

  • Boupha

    Like a flower

  • Champei

    Frangipani flowers.

  • Chanlina


  • Chanmony

    One who shines like moon.

  • Channary

    Face resembling the Moon

  • Chanthavy

    A girl as beautiful as the moon.

  • Chantrea

    Moon; filled with light

  • Charaya

    The one who is blue and pink color

  • Chhean


  • Chhorvin

    A glamorous woman.

  • Chivy


  • Chouma

    A woman who is refreshingly beautiful.

  • Daevy


  • Darareaksmey

    A bright star

  • Jorani

    A radiant jewel

  • Kaliyanei

    Beautiful and lovely woman.

  • Kanleakhana

    A woman of character.

  • Kannareth

    A beautiful quality.

  • Kannitha


  • Kesor

    A heavenly woman.

  • Kolab

    A pretty rose flower

  • Kolthida

    A noble-born woman

  • Kunthea

    Sweet smelling or beautiful fragrance.

  • Leakena

    Characteristic and quality

  • Malis

    Name of southeast Asian jasmine.

  • Maly


  • Mealea

    Flower garland

  • Mliss

    Cambodian - Resembling a flower

  • Mony

    A precious stone, gem.

  • Nakry

    Night-blooming flower

  • Nearidei

    White four-leafed flower.

  • Neary

    A gentle girl

  • Nuon

    Soft and tender

  • Peou

    The youngest daughter in the family.

  • Pheakkley

    To have faith.

  • Phhoung


  • Ponnleu

    Light or illumination

  • Punthea

    A gentle spirit.

  • Putrea

    Cambodian word for plum.

  • Rachany


  • Rangsei

    Ray of light

  • Reach

    A beautiful woman.

  • Reaksmey

    Shining and sparkling

  • Rotha

    A beautiful country.

  • Roumduol

    A type of flower

  • Roumjong

    A water plant with bluish flower.

  • Savady

    Thai greeting.

  • Sawatdee

    Thai greeting

  • Shannary

    Like a full moon on the sky

  • Sokhanya

    A peaceful woman.

  • Sonisay

    One who creates a good first impression.

  • Sophea

    She who is a clever and wise one

  • Sopheary

    One who is attractive and beautiful.

  • Sovannah

    He who is made of gold

  • Tevy

    An angel

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