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Cambodian Boy Names

  • Anchaly

    Cambodian word for hand.

  • Atith

    Sunny day or Sunday

  • Boran


  • Borey

    Country or great city

  • Bourey

    Country or great city. A variant of the name Borey.

  • Bunroeun


  • Charya

    A man of good character.

  • Chea

    To be well and healthy.

  • Chhay

    An attractive and charming man.

  • Darany


  • Davuth

    Cambodian word for money.

  • Khean

    A type of flute, panpipe.

  • Khemera

    One from Cambodia.

  • Kiry

    Kiry means Mountain

  • Kong-Kea

    The big water.

  • Kosal

    Clever or magical.

  • Leap

    Good fortune, success.

  • Meaker


  • Mittapheap

    Friendship between the nations.

  • Montha

    A charming man.

  • Munny

    A smart man.

  • Narith

    Manly or masculine.

  • Nhean


  • Nimith


  • Nimol


  • Nisay

    Loved from afar.

  • Noreaksey

    Great power.

  • Oudom

    Supreme or magnificent.

  • Phala


  • Phirum

    Peacefulness, serenity

  • Phirun


  • Piseth

    Rare in power or quality.

  • Pisey

    Little darling or beloved

  • Poeu

    The youngest one.

  • Ponleak

    Strength and endurance

  • Ponleu

    Light or illumination

  • Prak


  • Pros

    Boy or man

  • Puthyrith

    Merciful power

  • Rainsey

    Rays of the sun

  • Raksmei

    Ray of light

  • Rangsey

    Seven colors

  • Rathana

    Precious stones, jewels

  • Rathanak

    Precious stones, jewels

  • Rith

    Strength and courage.

  • Rithipol

    Mystical powers

  • Rithisak


  • Rithy

    Powerful strength

  • Rothanak

    Precious stones, jewels

  • Sakngea


  • Samang

    Lucky or fortunate

  • Sambath

    Great wealth or fortune

  • Samlain

    Cambodian word for friend.

  • Samnang

    Good fortune

  • Sangha


  • Sann

    Quiet and comfortable

  • Sathea


  • Sokhem


  • Sokhom

    Sokhom is a variant of Sokhem and means hope.

  • Sokun

    Good smelling.

  • Somnang

    Lucky, fortunate

  • Sonith

    One who has good conduct or manners.

  • Sopath

    One with soft and gentle demeanor.

  • Sophaep

    Intelligence or wisdom

  • Sopheaktra

    One with a gentle face.

  • Sopheara

    A man who is handsome and attractive.

  • Sorya


  • Sothea

    Compassion and purity

  • Sothy

    Scholar or an intelligent person.

  • Sourkeat


  • Sov

    A child born on Saturday.

  • Sovannar

    One who is like gold.

  • Sovannarith

    A golden boy.

  • Sovay

    He is like a gold

  • Sros

    He who is charmingly beautiful.

  • Vanna


  • Vannak

    He who has class.

  • Veasna

    The one who is lucky and fortunate.

  • Veha

    Cambodian word for sky.

  • Vibol

    In abundance

  • Vichear

    Knowledge or education

  • Vireak

    The absence of desire.

  • Vireakboth

    A brave and noble son.

  • Visal

    Large or big

  • Viseth

    Superb or excellent.

  • Visna

    Faith or destiny

  • Visoth

    Heavenly and pure

  • Visothirith

    Heavenly and pure.

  • Vithara

    Something that is spacious and expansive.

  • Vithu

    A wise and intelligent man.

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