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Brazilian Girl Names

  • Abai

    The Nile River

  • Abidemi

    One who was born while the father was away.

  • Aceline

    A woman who is noble.

  • Adalgisa

    Noble hostage

  • Alanza

    Noble estate, or one who is eager.

  • Alatea


  • Alipha

    A term meaning thousand in Brazilian language.

  • Andressa

    A trong and courageous woman.

  • Atiena

    Guardian of the night.

  • Ayiqueo

    One who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.

  • Bathilde


  • Beatrisa

    A variant of Beatrice. It means bringer of joy.

  • Belem

    House of bread; one who is sentimental

  • Benigna

    A woman with kind disposition.

  • Beta

    One who is glorious and intelligent

  • Canciana

    One belonging to Anzio, Italy.

  • Catalonia

    Name of a region in Spain

  • Cayfutray

    A celestial waterfall.

  • Coloma


  • Constancta


  • Dacio

    From Arcy

  • Dagomara

    A glorious day

  • Daiane

    One who is beautiful and smart

  • Danielan

    God is my judge.

  • Desidéria


  • Doanne

    Low and rolling hills.

  • Doroteia

    A variant of Dorothea, meaning gift of God.

  • Edite

    Rich battle

  • Eloa

    Goddess in Brazilian language.

  • Emanuelly

    A variant of Emmanuella, meaning God is with us.

  • Enricua

    Female form of Enrique, meaning all powerful ruler.

  • Fabrizia

    A craftswoman

  • Folade

    The honor arrives.

  • Galenia

    Small, but intelligent one.

  • Galla

    One coming from Gaul.

  • Garabina


  • Gijima

    A swift runner

  • Guia


  • Gulla

    Yellow or divine sea.

  • Heloísa

    A warrior, woman with a warrior spirit.

  • Ibernia

    A woman belonging to Ireland.

  • Idaia

    An active and fragile woman.

  • Ifeya

    Love, a lovable woman.

  • Immaculata

    One who is perfect and immaculate.

  • Iracema

    Honey lips

  • Isabel

    My God is an oath

  • Isabelly

    A variant of Isabella, meaning God is my oath.

  • Isis

    Mother of all lives.

  • Ivone


  • Izabel

    Brazilian version of Isabel, meaning my God is an oath

  • Jacobella

    Feminine form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

  • Jakinda

    One who is beautiful and attractive.

  • Kamilly

    A variant of Camilla, meaning free born or noble.

  • Kiania

    The dawn

  • Kokumo

    This one will not die.

  • Laire


  • Landa

    The white sea bird.

  • Llanquipan

    Solitary lioness

  • Luzmaria

    A combination of Luz and Maria.

  • Machara


  • Marelaine

    A Brazilian name

  • Marquesa

    One who works with a hammer.

  • Meleni

    Brazilian word for Melon.

  • Moema

    The highest authority person in the country, the one who is going to rule the country after the King

  • Mucamutara

    A woman born during the war.

  • Nairna

    Dweller at the alder tree river

  • Niceta

    The victorious one.

  • Odelinda

    Little wealthy one

  • Pamelina

    Honeyed, sweet like honey

  • Pamojan


  • Pedrina


  • Purificacion


  • Querida


  • Rosalice

    A woman noble as a rose

  • Rosalicia

    One with the nobility of a rose

  • Sabelia

    Name of an ancient tribe in Italy.

  • Sassa

    God is beautiful

  • Sauda

    Dark and beautiful

  • Sempronia

    Eternal and everlasting.

  • Somoche

    A distinguished woman.

  • Tallis


  • Tequila

    A kind of liquor

  • Uiara

    The water lady

  • Uxía

    A woman who is wellborn and well fed.

  • Vitória

    A variant of Victoria, meaning victory.

  • Xantina

    Little saint

  • Xoana

    God is gracious

  • Yara

    Water lady

  • Yarah

    A form of Yarah, meaning water lady.

  • Yuliana


  • Yumi

    A beautiful archery bow

  • Zantina

    Little saint

  • Zoie


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