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Brazilian Boy Names

  • Abilo

    One who is skill and proficient in whatever he does.

  • Abrahan

    Brazilian version of Abraham, meaning father of multitudes.

  • Alanyo

    His parents are apart.

  • Aleixo

    Aleixo is the Brazilian version of Alexander and means defender of mankind.

  • Ankoma

    A name used for the last born child.

  • Atília

    The height of grace.

  • Babatunji

    The father returns again.

  • Bartolmeu

    The son of Talmai.

  • Batte

    A Brazilian tribe name, meaning totem is an elephant.

  • Benison

    Blessing or benediction.

  • Bieito

    Blessed, a man with the blessings of the Almighty.

  • Bolade

    Honor will come.

  • Bras

    A boy who talks with a lisp.

  • Breno

    Brazilian word for king.

  • Chukwueneka

    God is kind to us.

  • Damiáo

    Tame or subdued.

  • Dyke

    Dike or ditch

  • Emerico

    The power of work.

  • Ermenegildo

    Immense tribute

  • Estevo

    Brazilian form of Steve, meaning crown.

  • Ferrão

    A man who is ardent for peace.

  • Fethee


  • Ganimedes

    A beautiful mortal

  • Gencio

    One who loves his family.

  • Goncalo

    A man who is a genius in battles.

  • Goredenna

    Black cloud

  • Grau

    A brave spearman

  • Herculano

    Of the God Hercules.

  • Hermenegildo

    A tribute of gold

  • Horado


  • Idogbe

    One who is born after twins.

  • Inacio

    Internal fire

  • Indíbil

    One who is very dark-skinned.

  • Isadoro

    Gift of the goddess Isis

  • Januario

    Devoted to Janus, a variation of January.

  • Jordão

    Descend, flow down

  • Joseantonio

    A combination of Jose and Antonio.

  • Kadonkechi

    A bitter soup.

  • Kaua

    Sensitive, one who is sensitive by nature.

  • Keyton

    A place where the hawks fly.

  • Kito

    A precious stone.

  • Kondo

    A warrior

  • Ligongo

    A Brazilian term meaning who is this.

  • Macerio

    A blessed soul.

  • Mancio

    A soothsayer or one who foretells the future.

  • Manoel

    Manoel is the Brazilian version of Manuel, meaning God is with us.

  • Marcario

    Bless, blessed by God

  • Marouane

    A solid stone from marou that was used to make fire in ancient times.

  • Martese

    War like or martial

  • Mbwana

    Master in Brazilian language.

  • Mpasa

    Brazilian word for mat.

  • Musaazi

    A man who likes joking with others.

  • Nayland

    The island dweller

  • Nicolau

    Brazilian variant of Nicholas, meaning victory of people.

  • Oalo


  • Okorie

    Born on Oryo market day

  • Olavo

    Elf army

  • Oleos

    The holy oil used in the church.

  • Onyait

    Born on the grassland.

  • Oson


  • Pascoal

    A variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.

  • Quim

    Established by God.

  • Raymundo

    A smart protector of people

  • Rejinaldo

    One who rules with the counsel

  • Rwakaikara

    God of the Banyoro people

  • Salomão

    One who likes peace, peaceable

  • Tacito


  • Tadeu

    Given by God.

  • Tristao

    A variant of Tristan, meaning tumult or outcry.

  • Ulisses

    Angry or to hate

  • Umoja

    Unity or harmony

  • Uxío

    A man who is well born and well fed

  • Valentim

    Brazilian variant of Valentine, meaning strong and healthy.

  • Veríssimo

    Very true

  • Virgilio

    Staff bearer

  • Xesús

    God is salvation

  • Xoán

    Brazilian form of Juan, meaning God is gracious.

  • Xurxo


  • Yafeu

    A bold and strong man.

  • Zé

    God's son

  • Zeferino

    West wind

  • Zula

    Name of a port town in Eritrea.

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