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Biblical Girl Names

  • Abbie

    Being Father of joy; rejoiced

  • Abby

    God is joy

  • Abigael

    The father's joy, or rejoice

  • Abigaia

    My father's rejoice

  • Abigail(abigal)

    My father's happiness or joy

  • Abigaill

    The joy of my father

  • Abigaille

    The rejoice of my father

  • Abigale

    The Yahweh's rejoice

  • Abigayle

    The joy or happiness of Yahweh

  • Abigeal

    The father's rejoice

  • Abihail

    The rejoice of my Yahweh

  • Abilee

    The land of mourning

  • Abilena

    The father of a mourning person

  • Achsah

    One who have been decorated

  • Adaliah

    One who draws poverty or water or cloud

  • Ahinoam

    literally meaning brother of pleasantness, thus meaning pleasant

  • Ahlai

    beautiful adornmen, She was the mother of Zabad, one of David's mighty men

  • Aholibamah

    the daughter of Anah of Zibeon the Hivite. Her maternal grandfather was Zibeon the Hivite son of Seir the Horite.

  • Alžbìta

    A form of Elizabeth, meaning consecrated to God.

  • Alžbeta

    Consecrated to God

  • Asenath

    Belongs to her father; peril or misfortune

  • Aseneth

    Wife of Egypt's Joseph, the mother of Manasseh and Ephraim

  • Athaliah

    The holy time of the Lord

  • Avigayil

    One who is a happy father and provides joy

  • Avital

    One who has a lot of power and passion

  • Bethshaya

    A poised and gracious individual

  • Chana

    A favor from almighty God

  • Chanah

    Gracious being

  • Crescence

    Growing; Increasing; Developing; French form of 'Crescentia'.

  • Crescencia

    'To grow' in French

  • Crescentia

    To Sprout; Grow; Feminine form of 'Crescentius'

  • Cresence

    French form of 'Crescentia'; To Grow; Get bigger; Develop

  • Crestian

    Derived from the Biblical name 'Christianity'; Follower of Christ

  • Crissa

    Could be an elaboration of 'Cris'; Invariant of Cressa; Disciple of Christ

  • Crissie

    Diminutive of 'Christine'; Follower of Christ

  • Crissy

    Abbreviation of 'Christine'; Disciple of Christ

  • Crista

    Spanish and Femine form of the name 'Christianity'; Also means 'appointed one'.

  • Cristabel

    Combination of 'Christina' and the suffix 'bel'; a beautiful Christianity

  • Cristel

    Invariant form of the Greek name 'Crystal'; Follower of Christ; Ice

  • Cristela

    Derivation from the Greek name 'Crystal'; Ice; Clear; Follower of Christ

  • Cristiana

    Italian, Portuguese and feminine form of the name 'Christianity'; Follower of Christ

  • Cristiania

    Variant of the name 'Christina' which means follower of Christ

  • Cristie

    Diminutive of 'Christine'; Believer of Christ

  • Cristin

    Short for 'Christine'; Servant of Christ

  • Cristina

    Diminutive of 'Christine'; Follower and believer of Christ

  • Cristine

    Italian and Spanish form of 'Christine'; Follower of Christ

  • Cristy

    A variant form of 'Christine' meaning 'anointed'; Follower of Christ

  • Cristyn

    English variant of the name 'Christine'; Disciple of Christ

  • Crosbie

    A variant of 'Crosby'; By the cross

  • Dalila

    A desired individual

  • Debera

    One who is as busy as a Bee

  • Debi

    One who writes victory songs

  • Deborah

    A prophetess of the Biblical times

  • Debra

    Bee; a song writer

  • Debrah

    Queen Bee; a prophetess

  • Debroah

    Bee; a victory song

  • Delilah

    One who has enormous mental and physical strength

  • Dinah

    A vindicated being; Jacob's daughter

  • Dwura

    A form of Deborah. It means bee.

  • Elinah

    Shining light

  • Elizabegh

    God who protection and satisfaction

  • Elizabeta

    Dedicated to God

  • Elizabeth

    One who provides satisfaction and fullness

  • Elizabez

    One who has new desires and expectations

  • Elysabeth

    this means the god of plenty or mother goddess of oath.

  • Eua

    to breathe.

  • Eucabeth

    One who is great.

  • Eve

    the first woman on earth.

  • Galatia

    Pure white as milk.

  • Hege

    Meditation; Word; Separation; A variant of name Helga

  • Helah

    Rusted, Tarnished

  • Hilen

    A Window; Grief

  • Hiliard

    from the enclosure on the hill

  • Istir

    Assyrian form of Esther. It means bright star.

  • Itria

    Obtained from the title of the Virgin Mary Maria Santissima d'Itria

  • Ivanka

    God is gracious

  • Jaenbert

    The bright follower of God

  • Jaila

    Hebrew - Mountain Goat; A variant of Jael

  • Janna

    Who speaks or answers, afflicted, poor

  • Jožica

    Slovene feminine form of Joseph, meaning he will add.

  • Keilah

    Keliah means A Citadel, Forest

  • Khawa

    A form of Eve, meaning life.

  • Khloe

    Khloe means Greenery

  • Khloee

    Khloee means Blooming

  • Khloei

    Khloei Green Shoot

  • Kornelia

    Kornelia means Horns

  • Kreszentia

    The name means To Grow

  • Kristýna

    Follower of Christ.

  • Layah

    A form of Leah, meaning cow.

  • Leah

    Weary, tired person

  • Libni

    Whiteness, Paleness, a colour White

  • Liesa

    My loyalty lies with God

  • Liesbet

    God is in an oath I made

  • Liesbeth

    I find God in a pledge I made to him

  • Lieschen

    The perfection can be found only in God

  • Liese

    My God is abundance

  • Liesei

    Abundance can be found in God

  • Liesel

    I find abundance in my God

  • Liesi

    A person who finds God in the Oath

  • Liesl

    One who finds God in an Oath, Promise or a Pledge

  • Liezel

    My God is bountiful, My God is in my Oath

  • Liezl

    A bounty, a pledge, an oath made to a God

  • Magda

    A maiden from the tower

  • Magdalene

    A maiden of Magdala

  • Magdalina

    A woman from the tower town

  • Magdalini

    A woman of Magdala

  • Magdalone

    She who is from town Magdala, that means towers

  • Magdalyn

    From the town on the coast of the sea of Galiee

  • Magdeline

    She comes from the town Magdala of Galiee

  • Magola

    A woman from the tower town in Galilee

  • Maiken

    A wished for child

  • Makayla

    A name from the Bible, Who is like a God?

  • Makaylah

    A question 'Who is like a God?'

  • Many

    Mainland; English - Many; Father of many

  • Marah

    One who is full of bitterness

  • Maralyne

    One who drowns in the sea of bitterness

  • Merima

    Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea'.

  • Merjem

    A form of Mary, meaning bitterness.

  • Merjema

    Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea'.

  • Miriam

    Hebrew - Sea of Bitternes; Rebelliousness; Wished for child; To swell; A variant form of Mary

  • Nastasja

    Risen by baptism to new life

  • Neriah

    The shining light of the most high God.

  • Neshama

    Life force or inner self.

  • Obed

    The people from the flint places. One of American Tribes.

  • Orpah

    The bony skeleton of the head of vertebrates.

  • Penina

    One who resembles pearl

  • Phoenicia

    Red; Purple; Crimson; A variant of Phionix

  • Poiema

    Something made by God; Masterpiece of Art; God's passionate Poem

  • Raelinn

    A variant of Rachel, meaning beautiful lamb.

  • Rahab

    Biblical - Proud; Quarrelsome; Broad; Large

  • Ravyn

    Hebrew - Black Bird; Orgin raven bird

  • Rayven

    Hebrew - Black Bird; Orgin raven bird

  • Rebqah

    Assyrian form of Rebecca. It means to bind or connect.

  • Retta

    Germanic - House Owner; Lord of the manor; Latin - Lover; Beloved; A variant of Rhetta

  • Reveka

    An absolutely captivating woman

  • Sajra

    A form of Sara, meaning princess.

  • Saloomeh

    She who rewards

  • Shooshan

    Assyrian form of Susan. It means lily.

  • Syntyche

    The person wit sweet fragrance and is intoxicating

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