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Biblical Boy Names

  • Aarron

    the one who is Enlightened it also means to sing

  • Abimael

    Father who is sent from God

  • Abrams

    An exalted father or high father

  • Abramson

    The son of an exalted father

  • Abrohom

    Assyrian form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude.

  • Achar

    To disturb or to trouble

  • Adami

    My Man; Red; Earthy; Human

  • Adamo

    Son of Red Earth; First man to come to life

  • Adamson

    Son of Adam; A derivative from Adam

  • Adank

    Adank is Swiss variant of Adam and means earth

  • Addam

    Son of the Red Earth; A variant of name Adam

  • Addis

    Son of Adam; Son of the Red Earth; A derivative of name Adam

  • Addney

    Lives on the Noble's Island; A variant of Adney

  • Adelais


  • Adir

    Describing God a s strong and mighty

  • Adison

    A Variant of name Addison, Son of Adam

  • Adisson

    Son of Adam

  • Adken

    Oaken; A variant of Adkin which means Man in Hebrew

  • Adkins

    Son of Aiken; A variant of Adam

  • Adkyn

    Oaken; A variant of Adkin which means Man in Hebrew

  • Adlee

    In Biblical it means One who is judged by God. In Turkic it means just or fair

  • Adleigh

    The god is my judge

  • Adna

    The pleasure or delight, pleasureful

  • Adnah

    A small or delightful or pleasurable

  • Adoni

    The Lord of lightening, or the lightening Lord

  • Adoniah

    The Lord is my Yahweh

  • Adonias

    The Lord is my ruler

  • Adoniram

    My Lord is of high esteem and honour

  • Aenon

    A spring or natural fountain

  • Agag

    Roof; Upper Floor

  • Agur

    Hebrew - Compiler; Biblical - Stranger; Gathered Together

  • Ahijah

    Brother of the Lord

  • Ain

    English: Merciful; Biblical - An Hour, eye, Fountain

  • Aisaih

    The salvation of the Lord

  • Alexej

    Alexej is a form of Alexander and means defender of mankind.

  • Alian

    High; Supreme; Great; One who climbs upwards

  • Amad

    Name of Prophet Muhammad; a highly praised individual who is the love of god

  • Ammanuel

    Assyrian variant of Emmanuel. It means God is with us.

  • Anej

    Slovene form of Aeneas, meaning praise.

  • Aniam

    A People; The Strength; Sorrow of People

  • Ararat

    Sacred Land or High Land

  • Ariel

    Lion of God

  • Arpad

    The Light of Redemption; Wanderer

  • Ayal

    A male Deer; they are strong

  • Balthis

    Swiss form of Balthazar, meaning Baal protects the King.

  • Bartol

    Croatian form of Bartholomew meaning son of Talmai.

  • Bartolomìj

    A form of Bartholomew, meaning son of Talmai.

  • Bedoich

    A peaceful ruler

  • Bedrisek

    A form of Bedoich, meaning peaceful ruler

  • Benes

    He who is blessed.

  • Braham

    One who is considered as the father of many

  • Cabbrieli

    Sicilian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

  • Calah

    One with many opptrunities

  • Canaan

    He is a merchant and a trader

  • Carmel

    One who does the harvest

  • Cephas

    A stone or a rock

  • Cephus

    A stone or a rock

  • Chanait

    A graceful person

  • Chanak

    Graceful young man

  • Cherith

    Slaying; to kill

  • Chilion

    The perfect one

  • Costache

    Romanian form of Constantin, meaning constant, steadfast.

  • Crescens

    To get bigger, Develop; Sprout

  • Crescenzo

    Italian form of 'Crescentius'; To develop; To sprout; Grow

  • Crispus

    Roman cognomen which means 'Curly haired'

  • Crist

    Abbreviation of the name 'Christianity'

  • Cristiane

    French form of the name 'Christianity' meaning disciple of Christ

  • Cristiano

    Italian and Portuguese form of Christianity. A famous bearer is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (1985); Follower of Christ

  • Cristo

    Spanish,Italian and Portuguese form of 'Christopher'; Follower of Christ; Also means Productive and efficient

  • Cristobal

    Derived from the name 'Christ' and the French suffix 'bal' meaning 'to dance' which implies 'Dance of Christ'; also implies to someone who holds Christ in their heart.

  • Cristofer

    Literally means 'with Christ inside'

  • Cristoforo

    Derived from the name 'Christopher'; Christ bearer,Someone who holds Christ in their heart

  • Cristopher

    English and Spanish Variant of the name 'Christopher'; Bearing,carrying Christ in your heart

  • Croix

    The cross which signifies Christianityity; Also the French cognate of 'Cruz'; 'Holy Cross' in Spanish

  • Crosbey

    Implies 'By the cross'; invariant to 'Crosby'

  • Crosby

    Someone who resides by the sign of the cross

  • Cyprus

    The fair one

  • Cyrene

    Cold floor

  • Dan

    Under God's justice

  • Danail

    God is a judge

  • Danan

    Under god's rule

  • Daniels

    Variant of Daniel. It means God is my judge.

  • Daniyel

    A form of Daniel. It means God is my judge.

  • Darah

    Shepherd's home

  • Dauid

    Another form of David; efficient person

  • Dawoud

    Prophet's name which means a beloved individual

  • Demas

    A very popular person

  • Dionysius

    They are the God of Wine; fertile; touched by divinely

  • Dishan

    One who focus on large topic; a threshing

  • Dobromil

    Kind, gracious

  • Domenic

    Belong to God or The Master

  • Dominikus

    Of the Lord; Belonging to God; Lord; Variant of name Dominicus

  • Drahomír

    Precious peace

  • Drahoslav

    Precious glory

  • Dusanek

    Soul, spirit

  • Easau

    The acts; a hairy individual

  • Eesho

    A form of Jesus, meaning son of God.

  • Eker

    A barren land; root strong

  • Elah

    A curse made; an oak tree

  • Elhanan

    God is very good and is gracious

  • Eliada

    One who has the knowledge of God

  • Eliakim

    God is going to develop

  • Eliam

    one who is the personal people of the Lords

  • Eliezer

    God who never fails in providing help and support

  • Eliezor

    One who asks God for help

  • Elihu

    One who has found a thoughtful God

  • Elijah

    Name of a very famous King and a Prophet

  • Elimelech

    God is the ultimate King

  • Eliphalet

    God who delivers; they are filled with love

  • Elisheba

    One who provides salvation; a God

  • Elkanah

    One who is created and purchased by God

  • Emanual

    this name means lord almighty be with us.

  • Emanuel

    this name means god is with us.

  • Ethan

    strong or gift of the island.

  • Finias

    The Oracle; the son of Eli; Dark-skinned

  • Folcheorht

    A Biblical masculine name; a strong soldier

  • Gabrijel

    Croatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

  • Goliath

    Biblical -Revolution; Heap; Exile; Passage

  • Goriel

    A form of Gabriel. It means God is my strength.

  • Habakkuk

    Wrestler, he who embraces

  • Hadad

    Clamor, joy, noise

  • Haran

    Mountain, Hill

  • Harim

    Destroyed, dedicated to God, Companion (Arabic)

  • Hebron

    Society, friendship

  • Henoch

    Disciplined, Dedicated,

  • Hermon

    Devoted to destruction

  • Hezekiah

    God gives strength, Strength of the Lord

  • Hilel

    Joly, Smilling

  • Honza

    God is gracious

  • Hoshea


  • Hur

    A man of liberty and whiteness

  • Ishmael

    God will Hear

  • Israfel

    Name of the angel who blows the horn signaling Judgment Day. It means 'the burning one'.

  • Jaagup

    Estonian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

  • Jaala

    A little goat who is ascending

  • Jadon

    Hebrew - Thankful; A biblical name derived from the element 'yadown' which means thankful.

  • Jah

    The everlasting one, he is forever

  • Jahzeel

    A hastheth of God

  • Jakin

    Name of pillar in the front of Solomon's Temple

  • Jedaiah

    Knowing Yahweh; The hand of the Lord, confessing the Lord

  • Jedidiah

    Beloved of the Lord. Friend of the Lord. Beloved of Jehovah

  • Jerad

    One who is descending

  • Joash

    Joash is a male name and means He who despairs or burns. It is a name of Biblical origin and comes from Hebrew name Yoash.

  • Job

    Job is a male name og Biblical origin. The meaning of the name is Persecuted, hated. Comes from the Hebrew name Iyyov.

  • Jonas

    it means Dove. People with this name are very soft spoken and kind hearted. They love helping others and providing advice to family and friends.

  • Jorden

    the praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet. They can keep your secret for a long time. Profession :dancer, actor or singer

  • Judah

    the praise of God or confessing something. People with this name are unique and discreet. They can keep your secret for a long time. Profession :dancer, actor or singer

  • Judas

    To praise

  • Khristo

    Bulgarian variant of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.

  • Kornel

    Kornel means a Man with Horns

  • Kristaps

    Bearer of Christ

  • Kryレtof

    The name means Bearing Christ

  • Krystof

    A form of Kristoff, meaning follower of Christ.

  • Lashon

    To feel the mercy of God

  • Leks

    Short form of Leksik. It means defender of men.

  • Leksik

    Estonian form of Alexander. It means defender of men

  • Lubin

    A heart of the sea

  • Luciu

    A form of Lucius, meaning illumination or light.

  • Luqa

    A form of Luke. It means light.

  • Lystra

    A destroyer, a disolver

  • Macedonia

    Adoration or burning

  • Magdalena

    Woman from Magdala a village on the Sea of Galilee

  • Massa

    A Burden; Prophecy; An Italian habitational Place name

  • Massey

    A variant of Massa; A Burden; Prophecy; A French habitational Place name

  • Matek

    A form of Matthew, meaning gift.

  • Mathei

    Gift from God. It's a form of Matthew.

  • Medan

    Resolving Quarrel and Fight; Judgement Process

  • Melchia

    God is my only king, God is my king

  • Melchisedec

    My king is the God of Justice

  • Methuselah

    To bring death; Biblical - His death shall bring

  • Michaiah

    A humble person, down to earth

  • Miha

    Miha is the short form of Mihael and means 'Who is like God?'

  • Mikkli

    Who is like God? Estonian form of Michael

  • Mishael

    Who is asked for or lent; Who is like God; Derived from Michel

  • Mitcbel

    Who is asked for or lent; Who is like God; Derived from Michel; A Scottish Surname

  • Moda

    Limited; Relative or Kinsman

  • Naham

    One who console others

  • Nahshon

    The one who fore-tells the future

  • Nazarat

    A separated or sanctified

  • Oded

    The fire of salvation within oneself.

  • Ormar

    One who is an eloquent speaker

  • Ozi

    A strong and patient individual

  • Paran

    Beauty; Glory; Ornament; Life

  • Patara

    One who is trodden under foot

  • Pauls

    A small and little being

  • Peleg

    A division or a channel; a little river

  • Percia

    A nail or like a horseman

  • Perez

    A Spanish surname meaning Son of Pero, Pedro, or Peter; Spanish equivalent of Peter; Divided

  • Pers

    One who is born to honour god

  • Persia

    One who cuts or divides

  • Pharaoh

    One who spoils; a great hose or a palace

  • Pithyou

    Form of Anthony, meaning highly praiseworthy.

  • Polous

    Assyrian form of Paul. It means small or humble.

  • Pontius

    The fifth one

  • Pul

    A bean that destructs

  • Reuban

    Behold the son

  • Reuben

    To behold a male child

  • Reubin

    To see the son

  • Reuel

    The shepard who is the God's friend

  • Reuven

    One who sees the son

  • Rimmon

    A praised, exalted, elevated man

  • Rufus

    A red haired male

  • Samson

    One who is like a Sun

  • Seemannus

    The God has heard

  • Shamoun

    A form of Simon. It means he has heard.

  • Sharukin

    True king

  • Shemuel

    He who is appointed by God

  • Sorishu

    Hope of Jesus

  • Syman

    A form of Simon, meaning listen.

  • Tekoa

    A trumpet

  • Teman

    The right hand

  • Terah

    To breathe in a scent

  • Tertius

    Third child in the family

  • Tikvah

    A gathering of faithful people, hope

  • Titusz

    The title of honour

  • Toi

    One who wanders, a wanderer

  • Toomis

    Toomis is Estonian form of Thomas and means twin.

  • Touma

    Assyrian form of Thomas. It means twin.

  • Yanni

    A form of John, meaning God is gracious.

  • Yasuf

    A form of Yusuf, meaning he will increase.

  • Yokhanna

    Jehovah has been gracious.

  • Yonandam

    Jehovah has given. It is a form of Jonathan.

  • Å ime

    Croatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.

  • Å imun

    Croatian form of Simon, meaning he has heard.

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