Assyrian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Assyrian Girl Names

  • Adorina

    One who helps

  • Arbella

    Assyrian city in northern Iraq meaning four gods.

  • Arram

    High or high place

  • Ashurina

    Female form of Ashur. It means God of war.

  • Athra


  • Bagiyeh

    Name of a famous Assyrian girl.

  • Baileet

    One of the Assyrian goddess.

  • Brula


  • Damrina


  • Diyana

    Name of an Assyrian village in Iraq

  • Doreena

    Name of an Assyrian village in Iraq

  • Dwura

    A form of Deborah. It means bee.

  • Emmita

    Sweet mother

  • Euphrates

    The great river

  • Ghezalle


  • Hanuno

    A lovely woman.

  • Hazail

    Seen by God.

  • Ishtar

    Name of an Assyrian Goddess.

  • Istir

    Assyrian form of Esther. It means bright star.

  • Izla

    Name of a river.

  • Khannah

    A merciful woman.

  • Khawa

    A form of Eve, meaning life.

  • Lawita

    Protect by keeping a close watch

  • Layah

    A form of Leah, meaning cow.

  • Lilis

    Of the night

  • Lwita

    Friend or companion.

  • Marbita


  • Mardina

    She who is righteous and just.

  • Marjanita

    Daughter of the sea.

  • Marnita

    To put in front of one's eyes

  • Milta

    Talk or conversation.

  • Nahrin


  • Ninson

    Name of Gilgamesh's mother.

  • Ninwa

    Capital of Assyria

  • Oshana

    Palm tree

  • Rdita

    She who is beautiful by her deeds

  • Rebqah

    Assyrian form of Rebecca. It means to bind or connect.

  • Shafira

    A nice and well behaved woman.

  • Shahen


  • Shamiram

    Name of the first Assyrian queen

  • Shamura


  • Shapira


  • Shapirta


  • Sharukina

    Female version of Sharukin. It means true king.

  • Shefrin

    A well behaved woman.

  • Shirat


  • Shooshan

    Assyrian form of Susan. It means lily.

  • Simta

    A box to save money.

  • Walita


  • Wardiya


  • Yaeeta

    She who is beautiful.

  • Yayota

    A beautiful woman

  • Yonita


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