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Assyrian Boy Names

  • Abrohom

    Assyrian form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude.

  • Aho

    Assyrian term for brother.

  • Ahrun

    Assyrian form of Aaron, meaning exalted.

  • Akkara

    Occupational name for a farmer.

  • Albazi


  • Alqasnona

    A form of Jonah. It means dove.

  • Ammanuel

    Assyrian variant of Emmanuel. It means God is with us.

  • Aram

    A curse; They are high and exalted one

  • Arbilaya

    From Arbil

  • Ashur

    Assyrian - God of War; Islamic Month; Biblical - Who is happy; Hebrew - Warlike

  • Ashur-Akh-Iddina

    Ashur has given a brother.

  • Asmaro


  • Asu

    The east

  • Asur

    A Turkish term used for Assyrians.

  • Baaz


  • Barsawme

    Son of Sawme

  • Bartulme

    Assyrian form of Bartholomew, meaning son of Tulme.

  • Batnaya

    House of mud

  • Caifas

    A man of little energy.

  • Cheikho

    Assyrian form of Sheikh. It means leader of Islam or chief.

  • Daniyel

    A form of Daniel. It means God is my judge.

  • Eesho

    A form of Jesus, meaning son of God.

  • Eliyah

    A form of Elijah. It means my God is Yahweh.

  • Elqosh

    God's power or God's arrow.

  • Eshai

    A form of Jesse, meaning God exists.

  • Gabbara


  • Garsa

    Occupational name for a barber.

  • Gewargis

    A form of George. It means farmer.

  • Goriel

    A form of Gabriel. It means God is my strength.

  • Hormuzd

    Name of a Persian king.

  • Ishaia

    God is salvation.

  • Iskhaq

    A form of Isaac. It means he laughs.

  • Issavi

    A Persian term used for Christians.

  • Khoshaba


  • Kushi

    A Kushite

  • Luqa

    A form of Luke. It means light.

  • Malko


  • Malkuno

    Little prince

  • Man'nah

    Angel's food.

  • Moushe

    A form of Moses, meaning to draw out water.

  • Munirsuarta

    Name of the king of the Araziasai.

  • Muska

    Possessor or one who runs about.

  • Nahro


  • Nuhro

    Holy light

  • Nukh

    Assyrian variant of Noah, meaning comfort.

  • Palakh

    A worker

  • Palkha


  • Pirayou


  • Pithyou

    Form of Anthony, meaning highly praiseworthy.

  • Polous

    Assyrian form of Paul. It means small or humble.

  • Qanaya

    A blacksmith

  • Rabbu

    The almighty

  • Rume


  • Saliba

    Assyrian word meaning cross.

  • Sawuah


  • Seena


  • Seni

    Name of the king of Dayani.

  • Shabeh

    A week

  • Shalimoon

    Assyrian form of Solomon, meaning peace.

  • Shamash

    The sun

  • Shamoun

    A form of Simon. It means he has heard.

  • Sharro

    A man in a high religious position.

  • Sharukin

    True king

  • Shimmokeen

    A man of good reputation.

  • Shimta

    All the time.

  • Shlemun

    Assyrian form of Solomon, meaning peace.

  • Shnina

    Sharp edge

  • Simela

    Name of an Assyrian city

  • Sohdo


  • Sorishu

    Hope of Jesus

  • Tagara

    A merchant

  • Takhana

    A miller

  • Tamraz

    A strong dog.

  • Tamuza

    Name of a Sumerian god. It means July.

  • Touma

    Assyrian form of Thomas. It means twin.

  • Turgal

    Great chief

  • Turgal

    A storm God.

  • Udaki

    Name of the king of Minni.

  • Ukubu


  • Uras

    The God of light.

  • Yadgar


  • Yaghoub

    Assyrian form of Jacob, meaning to heel.

  • Yav

    The Inundator

  • Yokhanna

    Jehovah has been gracious.

  • Yomadan

    Given by God

  • Yonandam

    Jehovah has given. It is a form of Jonathan.

  • Yosep

    Assyrian form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.

  • Youel

    A form of Joel. It means Yah is God.

  • Younan

    Assyrian form of Jonah. It means dove.

  • Yusef

    A form of Joseph. It means God will increase.

  • Zabel

    Name of a king of the country of the Dimamai.

  • Zaia


  • Zamar


  • Zaya

    An Assyrian saint name

  • Zayno


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