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Welsh Boy Names

  • Aberforth

    In Gaelic, this name means 'Ëœfrom the river'

  • Aeronwen

    The winner or victor of a battle

  • Aeronwy

    The battle winner

  • Aerowyn

    The victorious person from the battle

  • Aled

    Welsh - A Child, Offspring; A Variant name for Girls is Aledwen

  • Alun

    A stony, fair and handsome being who is in sync with harmony, nobility and peace

  • Alwyn

    Teutonic: Loved by All; German: Friend; English: Noble,Wise Friend; A derivative of name Alwin

  • Andras

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrea

  • Aneurin

    Celtic - High Minded; A variation of name is Aneirin

  • Anyon

    Celtic - Anvil

  • Ardent

    The Ardent

  • Arthyen

    Cornish form of the Welsh name Arthen. It means bear born.

  • Arvel

    Welsh - Wept Over; Arval is a variant of name Arvel

  • Awdrie

    Everlasting inspiration

  • Baines

    The son of Einws

  • Barwyn

    A white mound

  • Berwyn

    Welsh - White Mound; Friend of the harvest; A variant of name Berwin

  • Bevan

    Son Of Evan; Beavan and Beaven are variant names of Bevan

  • Beynon

    Son of Eynon

  • Bowen

    son of 'Owen'

  • Brac


  • Bran

    A raven; a black bird that resembles a crow

  • Breunor

    A brown man

  • Brynlee

    One who came from the hill

  • Brynmor

    One who comes from the great hill

  • Brynn

    A man from the hill

  • Brynne

    He is from the hill

  • Brynner

    A man who lives in the hill

  • Brynnlee

    One who comes from the land of the hills

  • Brynnley

    One from the hil lands

  • Cadan

    A variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.

  • Cade

    To fight in a small battle

  • Cadel

    A great battle

  • Cadell

    One with the battle spirit

  • Cadfael

    The prince of the battle

  • Cadfan

    The peak of the battle

  • Cadmael

    The chieftain of the war

  • Cadmon

    A warrior, soldier in the battle

  • Cadoc

    He who fights the battles

  • Cadog

    To be in the battle

  • Cadogan

    To find honor in the battle

  • Cadwal

    The battle leader, commander

  • Cadwalader

    He will lead us into the battle

  • Cadwaladr

    A battle leader, used as a surname

  • Cadwallader

    He who leads to battle

  • Cadwgan

    The glorious one in the battle

  • Cadwgon

    To have glory in the battle

  • Cadwyn

    One who is chained

  • Caio

    He who brings joy

  • Camea

    His nose is crooked

  • Carantoc

    A man of many virtues

  • Carantorivs

    He has many virtues

  • Caron

    One who loves to love

  • Caronie

    He knows to love

  • Caroun

    He is born to love

  • Carwyn

    A blessed love

  • Carys

    A pure love

  • Cass

    A curly haired person

  • Ceiriog

    A happy-go-lucky, friendly and name of a river

  • Ceiro

    The loved one

  • Ceolwald

    Name of a King; they are beloved

  • Cerda

    Awesome hair

  • Ceredig

    The one who cherishes

  • Ceretic

    The one who cherishes

  • Cinon

    Head; chief; leader; king

  • Colwyn

    A river situated in the country of Wales

  • Cubert

    Legendary son of Daere.

  • Curnow

    A variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.

  • Cynan

    A noble Chief

  • Cyndaf

    An independent person

  • Cyndeyrn

    A well- renowned Lord

  • Cynfael

    Chief prince

  • Cynfarch

    A Chief Horse

  • Cynfran

    The Chief Crow

  • Cynwal

    Defencive; to protect

  • Daafi

    One who prevents

  • Daavid

    A beloved friend

  • Dafydd

    A beloved boy

  • Dai

    A shining individual

  • Dalldav

    A legendary son

  • Davy

    A cherished and precious individual

  • Davyn

    The dear one

  • Dei

    One who is a gift of God

  • Delwin

    Friend of the valley

  • Deverell

    From the river bank.

  • Dilan

    One who is near the sea; healthy

  • Dillan

    A loyal person; one who has calmness and patience

  • Dinas

    A fort in a small city; tall

  • Drystan

    Full of Sorrow

  • Dryw

    Wise; one who understands and learns fast

  • Duane

    A beautiful song; black haired

  • Dyddgu

    A gentle and mild individual

  • Dylann

    The vast sea; humble and nice

  • Dylon

    One who is a loyal Lion

  • Edern

    The legendary son of Nudd

  • Ednowain

    A well born person (brought up)

  • Ednyfed

    Name of a warrior

  • Eilwyn

    An old friend with a white brow

  • Einion

    Anvil; they are very generous

  • Elgan

    One who is high minded and full of compassion

  • Eliot

    An old Welshman

  • Elwy

    this nam means gain or benefit.

  • Elwyn

    this name means a wise old friend.

  • Elwynn

    this name means a wise friend or magical fair white being

  • Emlen

    someone who is eager or industrious.

  • Emlyn

    one who is eager for excellence or highly industrious.

  • Emrys


  • Emyr

    a worthy ruler.

  • Eneas

    it means praise.

  • Erbin

    legendary son of Cushtenhin.

  • Erchambaut

    a British word meaning loved by all.

  • Euddogwy

    a famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.

  • Eudeat

    used to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim.

  • Eudel

    from the yew tree valley.

  • Eudelme

    a grove of yew trees.

  • Eutigirn

    a Welsh name meaning fond of his king.

  • Evan

    god has been gracious or stone or right hander or youth.

  • Evans

    god is good.

  • Everwyn

    He who is a friend of the sea

  • Ffion

    A welsh name meaning Foxglove

  • Gaerwn

    The fortress which reflects in white color.

  • Ganora

    A swelling white wave

  • Garmon

    Overcomer or winner.

  • Garrath

    Welsh meaning is kind person, In German it means the one who can handle the spear strongly.

  • Gawain

    Fair enemy in the battle field.

  • Gawin

    Resembles as a falcon which is white in color.

  • Geraint

    One of the names of the rulers.

  • Gereint

    An old spear holder

  • Gerens

    The one who is boldly fighting with spear.

  • Gerren

    Gerren is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint. It means old.

  • Gerwyn

    Impartial love neutral love.

  • Gethin

    The person who has black or gloomy skin.

  • Gethrude

    A dusky or dark skinned person

  • Gleinguid

    Gleinguid means The One who comes from the Valley

  • Glyndwr

    The neame means Valley Water.

  • Glywys

    The name Glywys means The King from the Valley

  • Gower

    A person who is pure, wise and holly as Reflections on Guru's Words in the literature of Sikh

  • Griff

    Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

  • Griffen

    Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

  • Griffin

    Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

  • Griffith

    Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

  • Griffri

    Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

  • Grifin

    In welsh grifin means the strong faith in God. In Irish and americans this name is used as the surname.

  • Gruff

    Lord, Prince, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

  • Gruffudd

    Lord, Prince, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

  • Gruffydd

    Lord, Prince, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

  • Grummore

    The one with sixth sense, high energy level, senstiveness and possess a high sense of awareness.

  • Gryffen

    Strong Lord, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

  • Gryffyn

    A Cornish form of the Welsh name Griffith. It means lord.

  • Gryffyth

    People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability.

  • Gryphon

    Fighting Chief, Fierceful, The furious Griffin of Greek mythology and medieval legend was an animal with foreparts of a falcon and rump of a lion.

  • Grzegorz

    Confident, unique state of mind with respect to their scholarly abilities. Obviously cheerful, informative and perky, they don't care to discuss themselves and enviously protect their mystery garden.

  • Guabeith

    Guabeith by and large leads and direct others and likes to builds up their individual character.

  • Guto

    A strong chief or a person who have ability to lead a group with management.

  • Gwalather

    The name is derived from Welsh word gwaladr, which means leader.

  • Gwayn

    Gwayn name importance is Hawk utilized as a part of fight, see Gavin

  • Gwern

    They have strong will power, determination, imagination and disciplinced.

  • Gwerydd

    They are independent, friendly and easily approachable. They are always happy to keep happiness for others.

  • Gwidol

    They have clever mind and good decision making power.They will be a good business.

  • Gwilym

    Strong-willed Warrior, To one who will protect the family, nation or public. Who is ready to sacrifice for the nation.

  • Gwinne

    Protection, To one who will protect the family, nation or public. Who is ready to sacrifice for the nation.

  • Gwion

    Fair, Blessed, a person who is devoted or blessed to God or a religious reason; consecrated. Same as his master.

  • Gwladus

    This is the name of success and cooperation. It is a very fortunate name, which will give you an unfair share of advantage against competition.

  • Gwrddogwy

    They are idealistic, impressive, expressive and inspirational but they cannot take the burden of responsibilities.

  • Gwrddylig

    They are idealistic, impressive, expressive and inspirational. Ready to inspire others.

  • Gwrgant

    They are of strong, individual, determined, strong-willed persons.

  • Gwrgenau

    They are calm, stable, responsible and business minded. They get the success in business.

  • Gwrgeneu

    They are calm, stable, responsible and business minded. They get the success in business.

  • Gwrgon

    Humanitarian by nature, with a natural desire to help others

  • Gwrhydvawr

    Of a helping nature, one who is always ready to help others

  • Gwriad

    Ability to attain power, highly skilled man.

  • Gwronwy

    Ability to attain power, hard working man.

  • Gwrthefyr

    Systematic by nature, ability to organize qualities and turning dreams into reality.

  • Gwrwystl

    Man of his words, Man of solid pledge, Committed by nature.

  • Gwyddien

    Determined, adventurous, independent.

  • Gwyddnerth

    Ability to inspire others.

  • Gwydion

    Born of trees

  • Gwyn

    Blessed, fair, white.

  • Gwynfael

    Optimistic, enthusiastic.

  • Harby

    Son of owen, variant of Harbin

  • Haydn


  • Heddwyn

    Welsh - Peaceful; Fair Peace

  • Heilyn

    wine bearer, wine carrier, wine tranporter

  • Helyan

    Hard working Eccentric Light-Hearted Young Adept Nice

  • Hethin

    dark-skinned, swarthy

  • Hillierd

    From the Yard on a Hill

  • Hillock

    From the Small Hill

  • Hillocke

    From the Tiny Hill

  • Hillyerd

    From the Yard on a Hill

  • Hlink

    From the Bank

  • Hlithtun

    From the Hillside Town

  • Hywel

    Welsh - Eminent, Conspicuous; A variant transcription of the name Howell

  • Jabrion

    One who has a bow made of yew wood

  • Jareth

    A gentle one

  • Jeston

    A just and upright person

  • Kai

    The Scottish and American meaning is Fire, The Hawaiian is The Sea, Welsh meaning is Keeper of the keys

  • Kenn

    Kenn means The water is clear

  • Kennan

    The name means Little Ken, The Clear Water

  • Kenwrec

    A Royal leader of a clan or a group

  • Kimble

    Kimble means Warrior Chief

  • Kimblyn

    Kimblyn means Royal Warrior

  • Kraig

    The name means Rock

  • Lewallyn

    a leader, one who leads others

  • Llewellyn

    An image of the leader

  • Llewelydd

    A leader with the bravery like a lion's

  • Lloyd

    A gray man

  • Llwyd

    A gray-haired man

  • Llygad

    A person with gaying hair

  • Llyr

    He came from the sea

  • Llywarch

    A leader of the horses

  • Llywelyn

    A person who projects a leader-like image

  • Llywernog

    A place name from a town Llywernog in Wales

  • Locryn

    Cornish form of Locrinus. It's the name of a region in southeastern Britain.

  • Luellyn

    One who is a Lion like leader

  • Lugh

    The shinig one

  • Lughaidh

    A shining warrior

  • Lyn

    A lion-like leader

  • Macsen

    The greatest one

  • Madern

    One who is lucky and fortunate

  • Madog

    Welsh - Fortunate; Good; Beneficent; Son of Madoc; A variant of Maddox

  • Mael

    Celtic - Disciple; Chief, Prince

  • Maelgwn

    A protector of battle

  • Main

    He who is slender and thin

  • Manawyd

    Welsh word for shoe marker's awl

  • Maredudd

    The great lord

  • Marlais

    Welsh name for blue color

  • Marmaduke

    Celtic - Follower of Maedoc; Welsh - Fortunate; Good;

  • Marven

    A sea friend

  • Marvyn

    One who lives in the sea fortess

  • Medraut

    An uncertain person, an unshure man

  • Meilyr

    The highest authority person in the country, the one who is going to rule the country after the King

  • Meredith

    The one who protects the Ocean.

  • Merefin

    Who belongs from the Mervin, or the sea fortress

  • Merehwit

    An Anglo-Saxon bishop of Wells

  • Meridith

    The caretaker of the deep ocean.

  • Merrick

    The state or quality of being widely honored.

  • Merrion

    The person is from Merion, Wales.

  • Mervan

    The person who is very closer to the Ocean

  • Mervyn

    The oceanic mountain.

  • Merwin

    The one who likes the water of the sea.

  • Mihangel

    who is like the creator of the world

  • Morcan

    One who resides around the sea

  • Morcar

    Welsh - Dwells Near the Sea

  • Morfarch

    A sea-horse or a walrus

  • Morfran

    Welsh - Great Crow; Celtic - Mythical Ugly Demon

  • Morgan

    One who hails from the sea or around the sea

  • Neirin

    Pleasurable and well known.

  • Ninian

    Name of a very famous Saint

  • Nye

    The power of a mother

  • Ofydd

    The person always filled with the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments.

  • Owain

    A youthful individual who has a charismatic personality; Eugene

  • Owaine

    A young person who is noble-born

  • Owein

    A noble- born young individual who is like a Wolf

  • Owen

    A well born, young warrior; noble birth

  • Oweyn

    A noble and well born warrior

  • Pedr

    A solitary and thoughtful natured person

  • Perceval

    One of the Knights; a hero

  • Peredur

    One who is the legendary son of Evrawg

  • Pice

    The one who is son of Rhys; enthusiastic person

  • Powel

    A son of Howell, which means the Sun

  • Powle

    A descendant of the Sun

  • Price

    Old Welsh - Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name Pryce

  • Prvce

    One who is filled with enthusiasm; son of Rhys

  • Pryce

    Old Welsh - Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name Price

  • Pryderi

    Welsh - Caretaker; Variant forms of Pryderi include the names Pryderea, Pryderee, Pryderey, Pryderie, and Prydery.

  • Pwyll

    A male name from the Welsh Mythology, King Pwyll

  • Reece

    A man full of enthusiasm, a fiery one

  • Rees

    A Boy with a fiery personality

  • Rhain

    Welsh - A spear

  • Rheinallt

    A ruling advice

  • Rhiagad

    A great, respected King

  • Rhiryd

    A repulsive, repeling ruler

  • Rhiwallon

    The one who is the most kingly of them all

  • Rhun

    Welsh - Grand; Legendary Son of Beli

  • Rhydderch

    One who is of the reddish brown colour

  • Rhydian

    The crimson, reddish colour

  • Rhyhawd

    A person of crimson colour

  • Rhys

    A reckless, careless person

  • Rhywallon

    One who is the ruler and a king of people

  • Riguallaun

    The most kingly among all men

  • Robers

    A renown and glowing man

  • Romney

    Old Welsh - Curving River; From the broad river

  • Rooney

    A Boy with red, ginger hair

  • Ryn

    A person who is a Ruler

  • Sayre

    Occupational name, carpenter

  • Seisill

    He who is born sixth

  • Seith

    Welsh name meaning seven

  • Selwynne

    One who is fair

  • Sion

    One who is gracious like God

  • Sulwyn

    One fair as the Sun

  • Taffryn

    He who comes from a very tall hill

  • Talfryn

    High hill

  • Taliesin

    Means shining brow; Name of the 6th century poet and bard which later on portrayed as a companion of king arthur

  • Tallwch

    Name from legends

  • Tarant

    Old Welsh name meaning thunder

  • Taren

    Welsh name meaning thunder

  • Tarian

    One who carries a shield

  • Tarrant

    Welsh name meaning thunder

  • Tarren

    He who is from the rigde

  • Tasciovanus

    Name of a historical king

  • Tchad

    One who is a defender and a protector

  • Teilo

    A man who is saint

  • Teyrn

    One who is obsolete

  • Tomos

    One of the twin Boy

  • Torthred

    The red haired baker or tart

  • Trahaearn

    Something very much like iron

  • Trahern

    As strong as the iron, incredibly strong

  • Tramaine

    A person who is from a large town

  • Trayvon

    A small or little person as strong as iron

  • Trefor

    A large village with good person

  • Tremain

    One who is from a big town

  • Tremarli

    One who is from a big town near the woods

  • Trente

    A swift person, one who dwells near the swift stream

  • Trev

    A large village or a goodly town

  • Trevian

    One who is from the town of good people

  • Trevyn

    One who is from the fair town

  • Tristan

    A goof knight.

  • Tristram

    To make noise or to clatter

  • Trynt

    Speed running water in a lake.

  • Tryver

    Large; name for a settlement; a large village

  • Tudor

    Spiritual gift or divine talent.

  • Tudwal

    The monarch who rules the nation.

  • Urien

    Privileged birth.

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