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American Boy Names

  • Aace

    The word aace in America means Unity, it also implies to luck and excellence

  • Aby

    Father of multitude or masses

  • Acalan

    A small narrow and long rowing boat

  • Acamapichtli

    A handful of reeds or long grass

  • Addisyn

    The son of Addie or Adam

  • Aj

    Combination of Letters A and J; powerful and complete

  • Allston

    Noble One's Settlement

  • Almanzo

    The explanation given by Laura Ingalls Wilder for her husband, Almanzo's, name is that it was derived from an Arabian benefactor to his ancestors by the name of Al-Mansour, meaning 'the victorious'. An alternative derivation is of Old German origin, meani

  • Alvin

    A noble companion and friend loved by all having a independent, resourceful and practical attitude

  • Angelos

    They are charming angels of God sent from heaven

  • Anson

    The son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearer

  • Armando

    Great warrior and a happy army man

  • Arnold

    Strong like an eagle

  • Arvin

    Friend to all; a friend of the Eagle

  • Auner

    An adventurous; they are sophisticated beings

  • Austen

    One who has a great and magnificient personality

  • Aydan

    One who is born out of fire; impusive

  • Ayden

    Determined; one who is bron out of fire

  • Bailei

    A warrant officer of a judge

  • Banner

    A colonial origin, Banner meaning 'Flag'

  • Banning

    Small and Fair; One who Reads the Banns; Blond Child; Small Fair One or Son of the Fair One

  • Bard

    Poet; Minstrel; A Singer-poet; One who Sings Ballads

  • Bardalph

    Ax Wolf

  • Bardan

    Lives Near the Boar's Den; From the

  • Barden

    Lives Near the Boar's Den; Boar's Den

  • Bardene

    From the Boar Valley

  • Bardo

    Variant of Bartholomew; Son of the Earth

  • Bardolf


  • Bardolph


  • Bardon

    Minstrel; Singer-poet; Barley Valley

  • Barlow

    Lives on the Bare Hill; Place Name; The Bare Hillside

  • Barnet

    Of Honorable Birth; From the Land That was Burned

  • Barnett

    Leader; From the Land That was Burned; Noble Man

  • Barnum

    From the Nobleman's Home

  • Barret

    Brave as a Bear; Variant of Barnett; Bear-strength

  • Barric

    Grain Farm

  • Barrick

    Grain Farm,A barley farm

  • Barrie

    Lives at the Barrier; Fair-haired; From the Land That was Burned; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strength

  • Barron

    Warrior; The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name; From the Land That was Burned

  • Bartel

    From the Barley Farm; Farmer's Son; Son of Talmai

  • Barthram

    Illustrious; Glorious Raven

  • Bartleah

    From Bart's Meadow

  • Bartleigh

    From Bart's Meadow

  • Bartley

    From the Birch Tree Meadows; Son of Talmai; Son of the One who Abounds in Furrows

  • Bartram

    Glorious Raven; Bright Raven

  • Barwolf

    Ax Wolf

  • Bates

    Variant of Bartholomew

  • Beacher

    Lives by the Beech Tree

  • Beachy

    Diminutive of Beacher

  • Beal

    Attractive, good looking, beautiful

  • Beale

    Handsome, attractive, fine looking

  • Beall

    Good-looking, beautiful

  • Beaman

    Beekeeper, From a beautiful hill

  • Beamer

    Trumpet Player

  • Beceere

    Lives by the Beech Tree

  • Bede

    Prayer; Name of a Historian

  • Beecher

    Lives by the Beech Tree; Place Name

  • Bek


  • Beldan

    Lives in the Beautiful Glen

  • Beldane

    Lives in the Beautiful Valley

  • Beldene

    Lives in the Most Beautiful Valley

  • Beldon

    Lives in the Beautiful Glen; Child of the Unspoiled Glen; Place Name; Pretty Valley

  • Bemelle

    Strong as a Bear

  • Benecroft

    From the Bean Field

  • Benjamen

    Son of the Right Hand

  • Benjen

    Benjen is Created Name

  • Benjiman

    Son of the Right Hand

  • Benn

    Born of the Right Hand; Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict; Son

  • Bennet

    Blessed; Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict; Happy

  • Benon


  • Beomann


  • Beore

    Birch Tree

  • Bercleah

    Lives at the Birch Tree Meadow

  • Beresford

    Ford Where Barley Grows

  • Beretun

    From the Barley Farm

  • Berford

    From the Barley Ford

  • Beric

    Grain Farm

  • Berk

    From the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow; From the Fortified Settlement; Solid; Firm; Strong

  • Berkeley

    From the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow

  • Berkley

    From the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow

  • Bertin

    Bright; Industrious

  • Berton

    From the Fortified Town; Place Name; Bright Settlement; Glorious Ruler; Bright Raven

  • Bertrand

    Intelligent; Glorious Raven; Introduced to Britain During the Norman Conquest; Bright Shield; Wise Person

  • Berwick

    From the Barley Grange

  • Berwyk

    From the Barley Grange

  • Bick

    From the Hewer's Ford

  • Bickford

    From the Hewer's Ford; Axe-man's Ford

  • Bink

    Lives at the Bank

  • Birche


  • Birde


  • Birdhil

    From the Bird Hill

  • Birdhill

    From the Bird Hill

  • Birk

    Place Name; Where Birch Trees Grow; From the Fortified Settlement; From a Birch Tree; Bright; Shining

  • Birkett

    Lives at the Birch Headland

  • Birkey

    From the Birch Tree Island

  • Birley

    From the Cattle Shed on the Meadow

  • Birney

    Lives on the Brook Island; Island with a Brook

  • Biron

    Surname Used as a Given Name; Place Name; Barn for Cows

  • Birtel

    From the Bird Hill

  • Birtle

    From the Bird Hill; Hill of Birds

  • Bixby

    A place name, one who comes from the Bixby town in America

  • Blac

    a dark-skinned-man, Blac is a derivative of the name Black

  • Black

    Dark; Dark Skinned

  • Blakey

    Dark Complexioned; Blond

  • Blandford

    From the Gray Ford; Gray Man's Ford

  • Blaney

    Slender; Thin; Variant of Blaine

  • Blanford

    From the Gray Ford; Gray Man's Ford

  • Blanket

    Michael Jackson: It's an expression I use with my family and my employees. I say, 'You should blanket me or you should blanket her,' meaning like a blanket is a blessing. It's a way of showing love and caring.

  • Blayne

    Slender; Thin; Variant of Blaine

  • Blayze

    Phonetic spelling variant of Blaise.

  • Bostyn

    One who is name after the city of Boston, Massachusetts

  • Branddun

    One who hails from the beacon hill

  • Brayan

    noble and virtuous

  • Braychan

    One who lives on the hillside

  • Braylen

    From a broad or wide hillside

  • Breneon

    A mountain peak; the peak of a mountain

  • Brennen

    One who is brave and unafraid

  • Brent

    A place located at a height

  • Brentin

    The peak or top of a hill or a mountain top

  • Brenton

    A hilltop or the top of a mountain

  • Bryant

    He who ascends to hights

  • Bubba

    A family member, a Borther

  • Buddie

    A nickname meaning buddy

  • Buddy

    A nickname, a borther, a buddy

  • Buster

    A modern nickname with no meaning to it, used by Buster Keaton

  • Buzz

    One who lives in the village in the woods

  • Caden

    An invented name with no meaning

  • Caeden

    A modern made up name

  • Carroll

    A mainly champion, a man

  • Cayden

    He is a fighter and a warrior

  • Cayse

    A good prophet nam treba

  • Chad

    A saint; they protect and are defender

  • Chapelle

    The one who lived by a Church

  • Chaperel

    Dry land covered with bushes

  • Charsian

    A Christian free individual

  • Chatania

    Consciousness; state of good feeling

  • Chauncey

    The one who gambles; a chancellor

  • Chaz

    Variant of Charles; free man

  • Che

    God will multiply

  • Chesten

    A camp

  • Choncey

    Fortune; a gamble; variant of Chauncey

  • Chord

    A group of notes or strings sounded together

  • Chrisopher

    Bearer of Lord Jesus, the son of God

  • Christan

    One who is a Christianity by religion and believes that Jesus is the son of God

  • Cimarron

    One who is wild and free-spirited; one who cannot be controlled or tamed by anyone

  • Cinwell

    One who lives in his king's good books; one who always makes his king happy

  • Claiborn

    A stream flowing by a claybed; one who hails from the claybrook

  • Clauda

    A bad, deplorable voice, that expresses grief

  • Claudas

    Derived from the name of a famous king

  • Cleeve

    A short term for Cleveland; a city in the U.S

  • Cody

    One who helps others in need; helpful; also means cushion in American

  • Cole

    The victory or rejoice of the people; winning in a competition

  • Colin

    The triumph or victory of the people against the enemy

  • Collin

    A child; a little more than a baby; a small Boy,girl

  • Colvert

    Seaman, one who is fond of seas and lives near it

  • Corbin

    A black bird resembling crow; Raven

  • Corey

    A boiling, frothing, foaming pool

  • Cortel

    An alliance of enterprices

  • Crue

    A certain group of people

  • Cullen

    Handsome boy

  • Dakan

    Exalted one

  • Damarion

    The one who is of the sea

  • Dandre

    A strong man

  • Darold

    An army ruler

  • Darrick

    Strong one

  • Daryle

    The one who is open

  • Davin

    A precious being

  • Dayshaun

    God's gift for the normal people

  • Dedrik

    One who is a gifted and the most powerful ruler

  • Deeg

    Black-haired person; top ranking officer

  • Dejon

    A gracious being; pleasing and charming

  • Dejuan

    A gracious and all-loving God

  • Denny

    Name of wealthy God of wine

  • Dillian

    A worshipped one; a worthy person

  • Dinella

    A creative, light hearted individual

  • Dionte

    Dionysius; a King of mercy

  • Dirk

    They rule people; they are practical

  • Doctor

    Teacher,A person who has a desire to express himself.

  • Dodiya

    It means as white as milk

  • Donald

    A great chief who rules the world

  • Donnel

    Great Chief; one who is mighty and strong

  • Donnell

    A detailed person; a great chief

  • Dontell

    They are enduring beings who help those in need

  • Dorwin

    Darling or beloved

  • Dow

    A dark haired individual; has a happy heart

  • Dudeman

    Cow Boy; one who is cool tempered

  • Duel

    Combat; a mature and responsible being

  • Duwayne

    One who is dark brown colored

  • Dwain

    One who dark colored complexion

  • Dwaine

    A dark colored individual

  • Dwane

    One who is dark or black

  • Dwayne

    A melodious song; dark or black

  • Dylan

    One who is born near the sea and is son of sea

  • Dylen

    One who leaves an influence; sea

  • Dyllan

    An influencial person; sea

  • Eadward

    Guardian; The derived meaning from German is 'Strong as a boar' indicating a strong personality.

  • Eadwiella

    It means 'From the Old Spring'

  • Eadwyn

    It means a valued friend

  • Earl

    It means king,warrior or chief in different languages.

  • Eastan

    Derived from the word easton it means 'From the East'.

  • Easton

    It means 'From the East Town'.

  • Edge

    An end of surface; a tendsetter

  • Edmark

    The very famous tragedy

  • Eldrian

    A wise counselor of the battle

  • Elemer

    A honourable and dignified individual

  • Elgin

    A white and noble person

  • Elgine

    They are noble and white

  • Eliott

    Jehovah is the God; loving and caring

  • Eljah

    God is all-powerful and and mighty

  • Elmer

    One who is noble and famous

  • Elvis

    this name means sage or elf or wise friend.

  • Elwyn

    this name means a wise old friend.

  • Emile

    it means excellence.

  • Emmanuel

    a word used for the Messiah in the old testament which also means god is with us.

  • Emmeton

    a person born out of power.

  • Emmett

    somebody who has a lot of power and is brave.

  • Emmot

    powerful and strong.

  • Emmota

    this is a name which signifies someone who is strong and extremely powerful.

  • Emms

    it means someone who is a son of the universe.

  • Enabarr

    this name means birdhead.

  • Enabarri

    a birdhead is signified by this name.

  • Enrique

    ruler of an estate.

  • Eored

    cavalry or band or troop.

  • Eorkonweald

    a group of horse mounted riders of Rohirrim.

  • Eorl

    a nobleman or chief of a tribe.

  • Eorland

    a noblemen's land.

  • Eorlland

    a land belonging to noblemen.

  • Eorlson

    a nobleman's son.

  • Eormenburh

    people belonging to noblemen's land

  • Eormengard

    a strong person from a nobleman's land.

  • Eormengild

    it means public pledge.

  • Eric

    ever or eternal ruler.

  • Erich

    ruler of the people.

  • Erick

    a word which means someone who rules the people.

  • Erix

    island ruler or eternal ruler.

  • Erling

    heir of clanchief.

  • Ernestino

    an earnest and determined effort.

  • Eulyses

    wrathful or hater.

  • Eumer

    somebody who hates.

  • Eumir

    a person who is wrathful or hates a lot.

  • Evans

    god is good.

  • Ezell

    A noble-born person

  • Fatih

    A confidence from the trust an belief

  • Fulton

    Field near town

  • Gannon

    The god of silence

  • Gar

    A short form of gareth

  • Garrad

    A form of Garrett, Gerald

  • Garrman

    Person who is having the spear in his hands.

  • Garson

    Son of gar

  • Garvin

    Comrade in battle

  • Geffrey

    A form of Geoffrey

  • Geniinewab

    The one who is resembling an eagle by his habits or attitudes.

  • Geoff

    A short from of geoffrey

  • Glein

    Glein means From the Valley

  • Grosvenor

    Great Hunter, The one who loves adventure and independence. Guide, lead and direct others to help them.

  • Grove

    Hunter, The one who will be adventures and independent. Love the leadership .

  • Grover

    People with this name will dedicate their lives to serve others but on the other hand they are also low temperred.

  • Gurgen

    Gotten from Middle Persian gurg 'wolf' joined with a humble postfix.

  • Gussie

    A , Augustina, Augustine, or Augustus.

  • Harfford

    the crossing place of the deer, Place name

  • Harrick

    an American former basketball coach

  • Hasain

    Different version of Hussian used in USA

  • Haymitch

    Mentor character in The Hunger Games novels and film

  • Hervise

    Rick Ross give Harvey a new name Hervise

  • Hofa

    An American union leader and Auther

  • Honey

    Sweet Liquid

  • Hopeton

    Town of Hope

  • Humility

    someone to feel less important or proud

  • Hummer

    high strength multipurpose automobile

  • Humvee

    high class multi purpose vehicle

  • Hwita

    The life, existence

  • Jaice

    My salvation is in the Lord

  • Jaicee

    To find salvation in God

  • Jaida

    One with great knowledge

  • Jaidan

    One who is like a jade, like a green gemstone

  • Jaidee

    He is like a gree gem stone

  • Jaiden

    God has heard him

  • Jaimarie

    One who is sour victor

  • Jajuan

    A God-loving person

  • Jakey

    To seize by the heel

  • Jamaar

    The handsome one

  • Jamareon

    One who has strong will

  • Jamari

    A good looking man

  • Jamaun

    The right hand of favor

  • Janison

    Jane's son

  • Jasiah

    American Boy name

  • Javes

    American created name

  • Jawan

    God is gracious

  • Jaxton

    American created name

  • Jaycob

    Holder of heel; a supplanter

  • Jaylan

    Referring to a kind of fowl, Jay bird.

  • Jaylen

    The one who can heal the sicknesses.

  • Jayvon

    Man from greece, in the bible noah

  • Jecori

    Cheerful and high spirited.

  • Jerard

    Refers to honourable and the one who can handle a spear very well.

  • Jerel

    A form similar to gerald

  • Jeren

    Spear rule, a holy name

  • Jero

    One who is much cheerful or delighted

  • Jerric

    City of fragrance

  • Jerricho

    A City in Palestine near the West Bank.

  • Jerryl

    Open-minded person; Jerold and darell combination

  • Jervis

    A form of Jarvis

  • Jery

    A person who is a spear ruler

  • Jevan

    Son of japheth, the son of noah in the old testament

  • Jevonte

    Son of japtheh

  • Jhett

    A wild spirit

  • Jimbo

    colorful and overexcited persons who are dynamic and are aspire by freedom. They have good observation skills and are intelligent. Posess the loving personality.

  • Jimmy

    people with this name are cautious in every step and experience of their life. They have good control on themselves. It means Supplanter

  • Jon

    it means God is Gracious. They are generous and love to help people. noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family .

  • Jonah

    it means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.

  • Jonathan

    it means gift of God. They are agreeable. Treasure , natural and loving persons. They spread the harmony and are simple.

  • Jonathon

    in the bible the name of son of King who was famous and known for courage and manly behaviour. Such persons are generous and unselfish. Soft spoken and kind hearted person who easily forgive others even at fault.

  • Joosua

    God is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude.

  • Juan

    God is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude.

  • Juelz

    Juelz name means Jewels

  • Jyler

    Jyler menas Son of John, Yohwe is Gracious

  • Kaden

    Kaden means Fighter

  • Kalel

    Kalel is an invented 'Kryphtonian' name and means The Voice of God

  • Kash

    To have money

  • Katet

    Katet means A Group Joined By Destiny

  • Kayson

    Kayson means Healer

  • Kelin

    Kelin means Slender Boy

  • Kenny

    Kenny means Beautiful, Handome, Fair

  • Kentavious

    The name is a created American name, originats from the Welsh word White

  • Kenyon

    Kenyon means Blonde, White haired

  • Kerttu

    Kert means Simple Pleasure

  • Keshav

    The name means God is Gracious

  • Kesley

    Kesler means Independandt and Energetic

  • Kevan

    Kevan means He is a Gentle Child

  • Kevani

    Kevani means A Gentle Child

  • Keven

    Keven means Beautiful Child

  • Kevon

    Kevon means This Child is Handsome

  • Kevyn

    Kevyn means Attractive One

  • Khalon

    Khalon means Strong Warrior

  • Kharlie

    One who is very manly

  • Kyan

    The name means Ancient

  • Kyden

    Kyden means Narrow Little Fire

  • Lakin

    He lives by the Lake

  • Lance

    God-like; Servant

  • Lando

    Someone who is famous throughout the land; Bright Sun

  • Larnell

    A modern American coinage of the names Larry-meaning laurel and Darnell-meaning grass

  • Larry

    Distinction, Honor and Fame given for achivements

  • Laurance

    From the place of the laurel leaves

  • Laurean

    From the place of laurel trees

  • Laurence

    Person from the place of the laurel trees

  • Lavonte

    A white skinned individual with a pale complexion

  • Lawerence

    One who came from the place of Honor and Fame

  • Lawrence

    He who came from the ancient Italian Laurentum

  • Laythan

    A name that is created combing various other names

  • Lenard

    He who has the Blood of the Lion

  • Leon

    Name meaning Lion

  • Leonerd

    American version of the name Leonard

  • Lerin

    A song that belongs to me, a song that is mine

  • Levar

    He who is soft-spoken

  • Lewis

    Famous in war

  • Lexon

    A name for a fortified place; sensitive

  • Lincoin

    A settlement by the pool

  • Lol

    An inspirational and expressive human being

  • Lon

    Person as fierce as a Lion

  • Magar

    An American name meaning Attendant

  • Mairt�n

    One who is a leader; Roman god of war

  • Maison

    Occupational name, stoneworker; French word for home

  • Mannie

    God is with us

  • Markel

    The god of war

  • Martez

    Mostly used as a surname, means 'From the God Mars'

  • Martyn

    A warrior, a soldier of God Mars

  • Maverick

    An indenpendent person who is a nonconformist

  • Menawa

    The bold combatant, valiant fighter, noble wrestler.

  • Merv

    A vast peer of the realm.

  • Migl

    One who shares joy and remains united

  • Mikasi

    A American native name that means Coyote, a canine specie

  • Minnota

    It means Minisota; cloudy water

  • Minowa

    A voice that moves the others, mesmerising voice

  • Missouri

    A town of narrow boat, muddy water

  • Moctezuma

    Mehry derives from the word 'Mehr' that means 'The Sun'. It also means someone who is kind and lovable.

  • Molimo

    A walking bear under trees

  • Nanook

    Resembles as Polar bear which lives in snowy places.

  • Nantai

    Leader or guider.

  • Napeu

    Mankind or male or masculine.

  • Neka

    The person who is very closer to the Ocean

  • Nequiel

    The triumph of the people.

  • Newell

    The fresh gallery or room.

  • Nibaw

    The one stands above all in height.

  • Nisaa

    One who has excellent knowledge in all matters.

  • Nodin

    The windy season or blowing.

  • Nowy

    One who has excellent knowledge in all matters.

  • Nshan

    A public display of a message.

  • Odakota

    The white sea or a fair sea.

  • Ohanzee

    Means, the organ of sight, eye, good discernment.

  • Ohitika

    Attractive and good-looking human.

  • Oklahoma

    It means God is my light of the soul.

  • Omarion

    The mixture of name Omar (Powerful or fluent orator) and ion.

  • Opus

    Melodious word or Harmonious name

  • Orvil

    The person who has the powerful strength in handling the spear.

  • Osmaer

    A name of a famous person who has god-like fame

  • Ossie

    One who is as sharp as a God's spear; a gift

  • Oxnaleah

    A practical person who is from ox enclosure

  • Patri

    Name of a noble patrician

  • Percival

    Name of a Knight; from the valley

  • Percivale

    The one who pierces the valley

  • Percy

    One who pierces the valley

  • Pernell

    A clear sighted and is like a little rock

  • Pershing

    A peach colored individual; a grower

  • Pete

    The one who is like a stone

  • Porter

    One who guards the gates

  • Qeshaun

    God is merciful

  • Quinton

    He who is born fifth

  • Raekwon

    One who is gifted with words

  • Ranell

    One who gives good advice

  • Rangle

    A cowBoy

  • Rayshawn

    A blend of names Ray, which means Grace and name Shawn that means Yahweh is gracious

  • Rayvon

    Combination of name Ray and Von, means the grace of hope

  • Reegan

    A little king

  • Reegen

    He who is considered a little king

  • Regan

    A little reagal one

  • Rex

    A mighty counselor who is also a ruler

  • Rickey

    A ruler who is kind, loved and powerful. One who is a complete ruler

  • Rockefeller

    One who comes from the Rockenfeld in Germany

  • Roel

    A stony person who is like a rock

  • Romello

    A Roman person

  • Roshon

    A male name of Anglo-American origin, a made up name

  • Roslan

    A Boy who looks like a rose flower

  • Ruven

    One who beholds a son

  • Ryatt

    A friendly and approachable human being; riot

  • Ryder

    An American name meaning knight

  • Sabastian

    The vulnerable one

  • Sage

    One known for his wisdom

  • Sahak

    The one who laughs and rejoices

  • Samwise

    Character from Lord of the Rings; from samwis means, half-wise or simple, natural and pure

  • Scooter

    One who is from Scottish

  • Seanix

    American modern invented name

  • Seger

    Sea spear, sea warrior

  • Semaj

    James spelled backwards

  • Sewell

    Sea wall

  • Shaquita


  • Shawinook

    The most fierce winds from the South

  • Sheadon

    Modern American combination name of names Shay and Don

  • Shereef


  • Shiloah

    One who is Lor's gift

  • Shyheim

    A gift of Jehovah

  • Simky

    One who is an amazing listener and orator

  • Skip

    One who is the captain of the sea

  • Slate

    A fine-grained gray, blueish or green rock

  • Spike

    Ear of grain, long nail

  • Stan

    A short form of stanley

  • Starls

    A person who is a star

  • Stash

    He who is of the sunrays

  • Step

    One who is crowned with a laurel crown

  • Stephenson

    Son of stephen

  • Studs

    An American name meaning House

  • Swain

    Herdsman, knights attendant

  • Syler

    He is a scholar and loves the knoledge

  • Tacoma

    From the snowy mountain peak

  • Tahoe

    Edge of the lake

  • Tallon

    A form of talon

  • Tameron

    A crooked nosed twin. This name is a combination of two names and is a modern name

  • Tavorian

    Misfortunate one

  • Tayden

    Modern American name, combination of Taylor and Aiden

  • Taylen

    American invented name

  • Tayne

    Variant of Tane, Polynesian God of the sky

  • Tayton

    He who brings happiness

  • Tennessee

    A meeting place

  • Terance

    A tender and gentle person

  • Terrel

    He who is stuborn

  • Tevaughn

    He who resembles a tiger

  • Timmie

    One who honour God or fear from God

  • Tiriaq

    Wearing a weasel or a fur

  • Tizoc

    An ancient Aztec ruler

  • Tizocicatzin

    An ancient king of Aztec empire

  • Tkalis

    The sun or the light

  • Tlaloc

    American God of rain and fertility

  • Tocho

    A lion from the mountains

  • Todros

    The God's graceful gift

  • Tokala

    A fox, an animal fox

  • Toltecatl

    An artist or a creative person

  • Torr


  • Trapper

    One who traps the birds, a trapper

  • Trevin

    From the fair town

  • Trevion

    Fair town

  • Treyton

    The third-born child

  • Tripp

    A traveler

  • Tuari

    Baby eagle or child eagle.

  • Tucson

    Who comes from the town of Arizona.

  • Tupac

    Refers to majestic or imperial.

  • Twain

    Divided in two

  • Ty

    A short form of tyler

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