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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Swa

Baby Names Starting With Swa

  • The following names are associated with Aquarius Rashi and Shatabhisha Nakshatra
  • Swaathi Girl

    A Nakshatra, Goddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati

  • Swabhav Boy


  • Swadha Girl

    Lovely, White, Clearness

  • Swadheen Boy

    Dependent on the self, Independent and free

  • Swadhi Girl

    Goddess Durga, Well minded, Thoughtful

  • Swadhin Boy

    Dependent on the self, Independent and free; Independent and Free

  • Swadhyay Boy

    Study of vedic literature

  • Swagat Boy


  • Swagata Girl


  • Swagath Boy


  • Swagatika Girl


  • Swaha Girl

    Wife of Agni, The Lord of the fire; wife of Agni; the lord of the fire

  • Swahan Boy

    Oblation, offering of worship to deity

  • Swajith Boy

    Self victory; Self made Victory

  • Swajitha Girl

    Self victory

  • Swaksh Boy

    Name of Lord Vishnu

  • Swami Boy

    Master; Lord

  • Swaminath Boy

    The Lord almighty, Lord Murugan, Lord of lords; the lord almighty

  • Swaminathan Boy

    The Lord almighty, Lord Murugan

  • Swamy Boy


  • Swanand Boy

    Name of Lord Ganesh

  • Swanik Boy


  • Swankit Boy


  • Swant Boy

    A person who listens to his soul

  • Swapan Boy

    King of dream; dream

  • Swapanthi Girl

    Goddess Lakshmi, Dream like; Goddess Lakshmi

  • Swapinika Boy


  • Swapn Boy

    King of dream

  • Swapna Girl

    Dream; Dream like

  • Swapna Sri Girl

    Dream like

  • Swapnalatha Girl

    So sweet

  • Swapnali Girl

    Dream; dreamlike

  • Swapnasree Boy


  • Swapnasundari Girl

    Woman of dreams; dream girl

  • Swapneeli Girl


  • Swapnesh Boy

    King of dreams

  • Swapnika Girl


  • Swapnil Boy

    Dream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy; Seen in a dream, dreamy

  • Swapriya Girl

    Beloved, Self loving, Beautiful, Loved, An Apsara or celestial

  • Swara Girl

    Tones, Self shining in Sanskrit; Tones or Self shining in Sanskrit

  • Swaraa Boy

    Tones, Self shining in Sanskrit

  • Swaraali Girl

    Voice, Aawaj

  • Swaraj Boy

    Freedom; Liberty, freedom

  • Swarali Girl

    Voice, Aawaj

  • Swaramanjari Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Swaran Boy


  • Swarana Girl

    Prayer of God

  • Swaranjali Girl

    Musical offerings

  • Swaransh Boy

    Half, Quarter of a tone in music

  • Swararanjani Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Swardhuni Girl

    It means the river Dhuni of heaven swar for swarg. these two words combine to form Swardhuni

  • Swargapati Boy

    Lord of heavens

  • Swarit Boy

    Towards heaven

  • Swarith Boy

    Towards heaven

  • Swarna Girl


  • Swarnabha Boy

    Golden rays

  • Swarnalata Girl


  • Swarnamalli Girl

    Name of a Raga

  • Swarnamalya Girl

    Tamil cine star

  • Swarnamugi Girl


  • Swarnaprabha Girl

    Golden light

  • Swarnapurishwara Boy

    Lord of the Golden City

  • Swarni Girl


  • Swarnika Girl


  • Swarnim Boy

    The shining of gold; golden

  • Swarnima Girl


  • Swaroop Boy

    Truth, Lover of beauty

  • Swaroopa Girl

    Beautiful woman, Her own Roop, Truth

  • Swarup Boy

    Truth, Lover of beauty; truth

  • Swarupa Girl

    Beautiful woman; truth

  • Swasthi Girl

    All peace, Name of a star

  • Swasthitha Girl


  • Swasti Girl

    All peace, Name of a star

  • Swastik Boy


  • Swastika Girl


  • Swatantar Boy

    Independent and free, Azad; Independent and Free

  • Swatantra Boy

    Independent and free, Azad

  • Swathi Girl

    A Nakshatra

  • Swathika Girl

    Auspicious beginning

  • Swati Girl

    A Nakshatra, Goddess of learning, Goddess Saraswati; Star

  • Swatik Boy

    Pure, Devotionally pure

  • Swatika Girl

    Auspicious beginning

  • Swayam Boy

    Self, Auto

  • Swayambhi Girl


  • Swayambhu Boy

    Self-manifested, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu; self existent

  • Swayamprabha Girl

    Saintly lady who assisted Lord Hanuman and his companions in Ramayana

  • Swaaha Girl

  • Swaaka Girl

  • Swaarika Girl

  • Swadesh Boy

  • Swaethagi Girl

  • Swaethan Boy

  • Swaethanan Boy

  • Swaethini Girl

  • Swagatha Girl

  • Swahini Girl

  • Swahithan Boy

  • Swaishna Girl

  • Swaisika Girl

  • Swaitha Girl

  • Swaithi Girl

  • Swami Lakshman Boy

  • Swamini Girl

  • Swamy prakash Girl

  • Swaneeka Girl

  • Swangi Girl

  • Swapnapurthi Girl

  • Swarada Girl

  • Swaramalika Girl

  • Swaran Priya Girl

  • Swarangana Girl

  • Swarangi Girl

  • Swarashya Girl

  • Swarda Girl

  • Swareetha Girl

  • Swarhna Girl

  • Swari Girl

  • Swarika Girl

  • Swarjinika Girl

  • Swarla Girl

  • Swarma Girl

  • Swarman Boy

  • Swarmatha Girl

  • Swarmeeka Girl

  • Swarmen Boy

  • Swarmika Girl

  • Swarmikan Boy

  • Swarnaja Girl

  • Swarnajan Boy

  • Swarnamalika Girl

  • Swarnamika Girl

  • Swarnamuhi Girl

  • Swarnan Boy

  • Swarnapadumai Girl

  • Swarneeta Girl

  • Swarnen Boy

  • Swarnita Girl

  • Swarnitha Girl

  • Swarnya Girl

  • Swarshan Boy

  • Swarshana Girl

  • Swarthika Girl

  • Swaruban Boy

  • Swarya Girl

  • Swasa Girl

  • Swasanth Boy

  • Swashika Girl

  • Swasihnan Boy

  • Swasika Girl

  • Swasthic Boy

  • Swasthik Boy

  • Swasthika Girl

  • Swasthishka Girl

  • Swata Girl

  • Swatantrika Girl

  • Swatha Girl

  • Swathagi Girl

  • Swathaka Girl

  • Swathana Girl

  • Swathani Girl

  • Swatheesh Boy

  • Swathiga Girl

  • Swathiksha Girl

  • Swathini Girl

  • Swathisree Girl

  • Swathisri Girl

  • Swathith Boy

  • Swathra Girl

  • Swathy Girl

  • Swayini Girl

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