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Spanish Girl Names

  • Abigeal

    The father's rejoice

  • Abrienda

    The opening or the inauguration

  • Acela

    A flower from the God or the ash tree

  • Adalira

    A kind person, noble

  • Addolorata

    Our Lady of the sorrows or grief; Virgin Mary

  • Adoncia

    A sweet girl, sweet like honey

  • Adoracion

    An act of religious worship

  • Aelger

    A bright or merry person

  • Aelina

    Bright shining light, a torch

  • Agueda

    Spanish and Portuguese form of AGATHA.

  • Ahovira

    means in a while, later, or yeah, I'll get to it (eventually)

  • Ahvana

    The capital city of Cuba

  • Aimon


  • Aixa

    Aixa is pronounced as EY-SHaa. Aixa is primarily used in the Spanish language

  • Alatea


  • Allegra

    Joy, delight, joyfulness

  • Allegria

    Happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness

  • Allmira

    From Almeira

  • Amata

    The one meant for love and is immortal just like state of nirvana experienced by Buddha

  • Aminda

    They are protector of mankind who are loved by all

  • An

    The one who is gracious and satisfying

  • Ana

    Gracious and satisfying

  • Anahi

    Uncertain; One form of word for maize in Carib

  • Analilia

    The gracious one who always thinks about others

  • Andeana

    Spanish - Leaving; Combination of Andi and Anna; A variant form is Andeane

  • Annestas


  • Antonina

    The one who is worthy of praise and is priceless

  • Araceli

    A name derived from heaven

  • Aracelia

    An altar formed in heaven

  • Aracely

    A holy altar from heaven

  • Arama

    Another name of Virgin Mary

  • Araseli

    A wonderful treasure

  • Arcadia

    The one who is very simple and happy

  • Argentina

    Silver; Derived from Latin word Argentum

  • Ascencion

    Little Noble one

  • Asuncion

    Spanish - Assumption; Born During the Feast of Assumption; A variation of the name Asuncion

  • Atalaya

    A spanish name meaning guardtower

  • Aureliana

    Golden, unique and creative individuals

  • Aymara

    People of the South Andes

  • Baja

    Lower one; name of a place

  • Bandana


  • Baya

    Berry,a small roundish juicy fruit without a stone

  • Belicia

    Dedicated To God

  • Belinda


  • Belita

    Beautiful, Stunning, Attractive

  • Bethania

    Form of Bethany

  • Blanca


  • Blandina

    Latin name meaning 'charming'

  • Blanka


  • Bonita

    A pretty little woman

  • Brendy

    A sword; a weapon used at the time of wars

  • Bricia

    A very strong woman

  • Brienda

    An open one

  • Brigida

    A strong, firm, healthy woman

  • Brisa

    She is like a breeze

  • Brunilda

    A protector in the battle

  • Buena

    One with good nature

  • Cadelaria

    A woman born in the Candlemas

  • Calvina

    A bald woman

  • Calvine

    A hairless woman

  • Calynda

    She is a beauty

  • Cambrey

    A changing woman

  • Cambri

    She is changing

  • Canciana

    One belonging to Anzio, Italy.

  • Candela

    She burns like a candle

  • Candelaria

    She is like a candle

  • Candelora

    A form of Candelaria, meaning candle.

  • Candess

    A little candle

  • Candi

    One who glows bright

  • Candice

    A sparkling, glowing woman

  • Candila

    Her glow is white

  • Carene

    A little beloved, pure and darling one

  • Cari

    A very dear one

  • Cariana

    A little darling one

  • Caridad

    A very charitable person

  • Carilla

    A mainly woman

  • Carina

    She who is dear

  • Carinda

    A beloved dear girl

  • Carinna

    A lady who is very little and dear

  • Carita

    A beloved, dear, deeply cared for woman

  • Carlita

    A little one who is acting very mainly

  • Carlota

    A strong woman

  • Carlotta

    She has a man's strenght

  • Carlyta

    To be a free woman

  • Carme

    A woman who is like a garden. Also one who harvest

  • Carmelia

    She who has a garden

  • Carmelita

    She is like a beautiful garden

  • Carmella

    A woman of gold

  • Carmelle

    She is made of gold

  • Carmelliana

    A noble golden girl

  • Carmen

    A woman who is like a fruitful garden

  • Carmencita

    A little one who is like a garden

  • Carmerlita

    She is a cute little girl who is like a garden

  • Carmilla

    A woman from the orchard

  • Carmin

    She is like a beautiful song

  • Carmina

    One who is like a song

  • Carminda

    To be like a beautiful song

  • Carmita

    A woman with rosy cheeks

  • Carmya

    A tender song

  • Carolinda

    A pretty and free girl

  • Carrina

    A little darling

  • Carrissa

    A very dear woman

  • Casilda

    A dwelling place

  • Casta

    A woman who is pius and pure

  • Castanea

    A woman with a newfound purity

  • Catalena

    An unsillied woman of pure nature

  • Catalin

    She is a very pure lady

  • Catalina

    A woman of great purity

  • Cataline

    A genuine and pure woman

  • Catalonia

    Name of a region in Spain

  • Catalyn

    She is pure and genuine

  • Caty

    She is Catalina

  • Celerina

    The quick one

  • Celesta

    A heavenly body

  • Cesara

    The one who is long haired

  • Chalina

    Variant of Rosalina

  • Chana

    A favor from almighty God

  • Chanah

    Gracious being

  • Chapa

    Beaver; metal tin

  • Charo

    A Rosary

  • Charvala

    the one who is on God's oath

  • Chaya

    Filled with life and happiness

  • Chela

    A consolation

  • Chelo

    Providing consolation

  • Chica

    A sweet little girl

  • Chiquita

    Little gifted girl

  • Chlarinda

    Bright; clear; dazzling; intense

  • Choncha

    Seashell; an empty shell of an animal usually found on seashores

  • Chrisanne

    Variant of Chrysantus, a golden flower found in North Eastern Queensland

  • Christabel

    Beautiful follower of Lord Jesus, the son of God

  • Christabell

    A Christianityity follower who is beautiful

  • Chrysann

    A variant of Chrysanthus plant

  • Chrysanna

    A variety of the plant Chrysanthus

  • Cielo

    Heaven; the abode of God

  • Clarisa

    Derived from 'Claris', which means bright, clear and attractive

  • Clarissa

    Clear; something that is easy to understand and interpret

  • Claudia

    As mentioned in the New Testament, it is the feminine form of 'Claudius', a 7th century saint

  • Clavel

    Spanish name for carnation, a bright flower

  • Cloe

    A green shoot; a sign of growing or developing

  • Coco

    Spanish meaning is 'To help someone in need'

  • Coloma


  • Concetta

    A reference to Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary in her mother's womb

  • Concha

    Seashell; the outer shell of a marine animal, necessary for its protection

  • Conchita

    Derived from 'Concha', that means seashell in Spanish

  • Consolation

    The title given to Virgin Mary; can also mean solace

  • Constanza

    Abiding, stable and persistent; never changing

  • Consuelo

    Consoling someone at their time of distress

  • Corazon

    Heart; the essential body part that pumps blood throughout the body

  • Corisande

    The flower of the heart; the person closest to the heart

  • Cruzita

    A little cross

  • Cuca

    A gambling woman

  • Dabora

    A Bee

  • Daeja

    Already; strong person

  • Dama

    A noble woman

  • Damita

    A little noble lady

  • Danielan

    God is my judge.

  • Deliz

    Roman empress; one who gives pleasure

  • Delma

    A person who came out of the sea

  • Deloris

    One who is dipped in sorrow

  • Denisa

    Form of Denis; one who works for others

  • Dia

    Daughter of morning; day

  • Digna

    One who is worthy of all the praise

  • Dionisia

    They are the one who spread light; coming from lamp

  • Dita

    One who spoils; a happy warfare

  • Dolora

    Its a derivative of German name Dolores which means 'Sorrow'

  • Dolorea

    Virgin Mary of Sorrows

  • Dolores

    It's derived meaning in Spanish means 'Sorrow'

  • Dominga

    One who is born on the day of the Lord

  • Dores

    Pain and suffering

  • Drina

    One who defends the mankind and is a variant name

  • Ducel

    The one who is filled with sweetness

  • Duena

    Protective Companion; a chaperon

  • Dulce

    It means someone who is sweet by nature.

  • Dulcea

    They are very sweet natured

  • Dulcina

    One who is lovely; creative

  • Dulcinea

    One who has a sweet and lovely nature

  • Earlina

    It means a very strong and noble women.

  • Echa

    To give blessings; to give good things

  • Edelmira

    Princess; one who is great and famous person

  • Edgida

    Made of goat skin shield

  • Edgidia

    Warrior using goat skin shield

  • Edgyth

    A brave and powerful warrior

  • Edita

    They are sucessful in warfare

  • Eider

    Beautiful and pretty haired lady

  • Eilliva

    Independent, noble and faithful being

  • Ekisa

    One who is consecrated to God

  • Elbertina

    One who has a noble heart and mind

  • Eleesha

    A shining and bright individual form of Helen

  • Elodia

    One who is prospeous and rich

  • Elsa

    God who provides satisfaction; truth

  • Elsi

    this means my god is a vow.

  • Elvera

    this name means white or truth.

  • Elvisa

    this name means healthy and safe.

  • Elvita

    this name means truth.

  • Elviva

    this name means trustworthy or alert or white.

  • Ema

    this means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.

  • Emelda

    this name literally means an entire battle.

  • Emeliana

    this name means to continually strive or excel against a rival.

  • Emeloth

    King Arthur's castle during the medieval ages was described by using this name.

  • Emerald

    this is a precious gemstone with the same name.

  • Emilia

    this name means to rival or emulate or excel.

  • Emiliana

    this name means someone who wants to excel or be excellent.

  • Emilyn

    this name means someone who is striving and works hard.

  • Emilynne

    a person who is industrious and strives extremely hard to excel.

  • Emmanuella

    means god with us from the old testament in Biblical verses.

  • Encarnacion

    reference to the incarnation.

  • Enedelia

    nobility or a noble person.

  • Engracia


  • Enriqueta

    a feminized version of the word enrique meaning ruler of the home.

  • Eoduin

    a famous character from a novel; the darkangel trilogy.

  • Ercilia

    a character from Roman mythological legends.

  • Eriella

    a Spanish word for lioness of god.

  • Erizelda

    a battle maiden.

  • Erlina

    a shield or noblewoman or an elfin.

  • Ermenilda

    a powerful warrior.

  • Ermenjart

    a warrior who was extremely powerful.

  • Ernesta

    a Spanish word meaning determined and serious.

  • Esabella

    a person who has been devoted to god for salvation.

  • Esmeralda

    a Spanish word meaning emerald.

  • Esmerelda

    a feminized Spanish word which means the emerald jewel.

  • Estefana

    someone crowned with laurels.

  • Estefani

    a feminized word meaning wealth or crown or honour.

  • Estefania

    a Spanish feminized word which has the ultimate meaning of honour or wealth or glory.

  • Estefany

    crowned or glory or wealth.

  • Estela

    a Spanish word for stars in the sky.

  • Estelia


  • Estelita

    bright sparkling stars.

  • Estella

    a Spanish feminized word meaning stars.

  • Estelle

    illuminating bright sparkling stars in the sky.

  • Estralita

    a Spanish word meaning little star.

  • Estrella

    a feminized word meaning star.

  • Estrellita

    a word which is feminized and has the meaning star.

  • Etelvina

    a noble friend.

  • Eularia

    somebody who is very soft spoken or speaks very sweetly.

  • Euletta

    a soft spoken or swee spoken person.

  • Eulia

    the name of a saint or a soft and sweet spoken person.

  • Evangalista

    good messenger.

  • Evelia

    a Spanish word meaning life,

  • Evita

    Deminutive of Eva, means a mother of all that lives

  • Fabiola

    A girl who grows beans

  • Fabriana

    A woman who is crafty

  • Fantasia

    A fantasy

  • Faustina

    A little lucky woman

  • Fe

    A Spanish name meaning trust

  • Felicidad

    One who is lucky in life

  • Felipa

    Woman who is friends with horses

  • Felisa

    A lucky and successful lady

  • Felise

    She is lucky

  • Felisia

    To have luck in life

  • Felita

    She is blessed with luck

  • Feliz

    She is fortunate

  • Felizia

    She is very lucky

  • Ferdinande

    She who is on a daring journey

  • Fermina

    A woman's strenght

  • Fernandita

    A young and bold voyager

  • Fidella

    A true and faithful woman

  • Fiorenza

    A flower (derived from Latin fiora)

  • Fitz

    Literally meaning 'the son of'; Derived from the Latin 'filius'

  • Flandrina

    A Latin Christian name

  • Flash

    The display of a bright beam of light

  • Florencia

    A modification of the word 'florence' meaning to undergo blooming

  • Florentina

    A version of Florentin; it means 'blossoming' or 'flourishing'

  • Florita

    an altered version of 'Flora', this represents a flower or blossom

  • Fonda

    Something intense and deep-rooted; profound

  • Freira

    Refers to a female sibling; pious sister

  • Galicia

    An ethnic name for someone; philosophical

  • Garcia

    Resembles as one of the animals, bear.

  • Gaspara

    The one who is rich in wealth.

  • Gata

    A cat or a woman have the quality of cat

  • Generosa

    One who is willing to give and share unstintingly.

  • Generys

    The woman who is fair in complexion.

  • Genoveva

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Genevieve (White color wave)

  • Geraldina

    One who is capable to spear fight.

  • Gertrudis

    The person who has the force like a spear.

  • Gezana

    Refers to manifestation or embodiment.

  • Gitana

    The meaning of Gitana is Gypsy, Wanderer

  • Grecia

    They are very energetic,determind and independent.They are very capable and adaptable all these qualities make them wonderfu.

  • Grecie

    They are very energetic,determind and independent.They are very capable and adaptable all these qualities make them wonderfu.

  • Grecil

    They are dynamic,bright and emotional people.They are hypersensitive and love to remain in relationship.

  • Gregoria

    They are very competent,practical and powerful.The have very strong business mind and achieve all goal.

  • Gregorie

    They are very competent,practical and powerful.The have very strong business mind and achieve all goal.

  • Guadalupe

    Guadalupe truly respected in society as a defender of the individuals.

  • Guadelupe

    Guadalupe truly respected in society as a defender of the individuals.

  • Guaidnerth


  • Guillermina

    They are sesitive,charming.They are curious,comunicative and adaptable.

  • Hermosa

    Spanish name meaning Beautiful; A variant spelling is Hermosah

  • Heufemia

    Spanish Girls name

  • Hija


  • Huela

    Fem. A Form Of Hugh

  • Jacinda

    One who is like the hyacinth flower

  • Jacinta

    A woman with hyacinth color eyes

  • Jacynda

    A rejuvenaited woman

  • Jadagrace

    A combination of the names 'Jada' which means beautiful green stone and 'Grace' means good will.

  • Jadalyn

    A combination of name Jada and Lyn and it means a beautiful little spirit

  • Jadie

    A form of the name Jade, which means green gemstone;

  • Jadzia

    Diminutive of Jadwiga, the Polish form of Hedwig; Spanish - Jade;

  • Jaimee

    She is the heelholder

  • Javiera

    Owner of the new house

  • Jessechia

    A Gods gift born in the daylight

  • Jesusa

    In God has my redemption

  • Jimena

    Calm, focused, patient and are complex in nature. People with this name are highly organized and curious to know new things or learn new things in life

  • Jisinia

    Jisinai is a female name and means Flora, Beautiful Flower or Resembling a flower. It is a variation of the name Yesenia and Jesenia. It is of Arabic and Spanish origin.

  • Joaquina

    It is a Spanish female name that originates from Hebrew. It means God will establish and God gives strenght.

  • Jorah

    they are nice and have no bounds to enjoy their enjoy. They know the tactics to communicate with people.

  • Jorality

    it means God precious gift and God has been Gracious. They bring people together and give proper time to their friends. Their joy have no bounds.

  • Jovana

    They inspire others, control and relief the matters of others. They want to make a different and unique world to attract others.

  • Jovanna

    They want to get freedom and want to enjoy the life by availing all the available opportunities.

  • Jovanni

    God is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude.

  • Jovi

    They are of brave personality and always looking for the opportuity to avail the chances for finance.

  • Jovie

    Merry, cheerful and good humoured, These are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.

  • Jovienne

    Merry, cheerful and good humoured, These are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.

  • Jovita

    Merry, cheerful and good humoured, These are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.

  • Jovonna

    Merry, cheerful and good humoured, These are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.

  • Juanetta

    they are nice and have no bounds to enjoy their enjoy. They know the tactics to communicate with people.

  • Juanita

    it means God precious gift and God has been Gracious. They bring people together and give proper time to their friends. Their joy have no bounds.

  • Juliet

    they love their life and have eternal spirit. They have a touching personality ans easily inspire others.

  • Julieta

    they have the most precious smile and set their ideals real high. They have a hidden talent and bring joy wherever they go.

  • Karime

    Karime means The Attractive One

  • Karmen

    Karmen means Fruitful Orchard

  • Karyme

    An extremly attractive person

  • Katalia

    Katalia means Rejoicing, Shinig

  • Kesari

    Kesara means Youthful

  • La cienega

    La cienega means Swarmp

  • Labonita

    Labonita means Beautiful One

  • Laesta

    She who is here, she who is present in the moment

  • Lafonya

    One who is reaching to the great depth of earth

  • Landrada

    The advice giver, counselor

  • Laquinta

    A person who is the fifth one in a row

  • Laray

    The beautiful shine of the Sunrays

  • Lareina

    The Queen, a woman that rules

  • Larena

    The Queen who rules the people and the country

  • Latoya

    The victorious one, from the name Victoria

  • Laura

    Person crowned with laurels

  • Lavada

    An individual who is purified and clensed, of pure soul

  • Leocadia

    Person with splendid brightness

  • Leonor

    Light, a lumous and bright one

  • Leonora

    The light of a compassion

  • Leonorah

    An illuminated and compassionate person

  • Lera

    A an allusion to the Vergin Mary

  • Leticia

    A person who spreads joy and happines

  • Leya

    Spanish name meaning Loyalty

  • Lidia

    A person who is from Lydia, that is a Greek word for a region in Asia

  • Liliosa

    Spanish variant of name Lily

  • Lindie

    A coinage of the Linden tree, also means Beautiful in Spanish

  • Lindy

    A woman with pretty features, an attractive, beutiful lady

  • Litzy

    Spanish name describing joy

  • Lluvia

    Spanish word that means Rain

  • Lluvy

    The soothing sound of the falling rain

  • Lo

    A deminutive of Dolores and means Sorrow

  • Loisa

    Spanish name describing something holy

  • Lola

    Spanish name describing strong woman

  • Lolita

    Form of name Dolores,meaning famous bearer; Sorrow

  • Lolitta

    Spanish name meaning manly

  • Loma

    A small hill

  • Londre

    An escapade, a Lark

  • Lora

    Spanish for Flower

  • Lorah

    A woman who is as beautiful as a flower

  • Lorretta

    She who is pure

  • Lourdes

    Name refering to the Virgin Mary

  • Lucita

    little light

  • Lucrecia

    She who brings light

  • Luiza

    Spanish name for maiden in war

  • Luminosa

    She who is full of light and brightness

  • Lupe

    River of the Wolf

  • Lupita

    Our Lady od Guadalupe

  • Luza

    She is the Lady of the light

  • Luzetta

    Form of Lucy, means Light

  • Luzi

    Derived from Spanish word luz meaning light

  • Luziana

    Our lady of light

  • Lynnda

    Spanish name describing beauty

  • Ma�der

    A place name, one who is from Basque county

  • Maca

    A person who is happy and cultured

  • Macarena

    The blessed one

  • Madia

    A bitter one

  • Madicella

    Insightful, sensitive and energetic individual

  • Madra

    Mother, one who is motherly

  • Madre

    Spanish word for mother

  • Magdalina

    A woman from the tower town

  • Maicean

    One whose hair is the color of the corn

  • Maite

    Spanish name for love

  • Maleta

    Spanish name, meaning suitcase

  • Mandalit

    Spanish girl name

  • Manuella

    Spanish name meaning God is with us

  • Marabella

    A sea of bitterness and sorrow

  • Marbella

    A Spanish place name

  • Marciella

    A young warrior

  • Margaria

    A daisy flower

  • Margarida

    Portuguese word for daisy

  • Margarita

    One who is as beautiful as a pearl

  • Margeria

    A daisy flower

  • Margoria

    Spanish name for Marjorie meaning pearl

  • Mariajose

    A bitterly wanted child

  • Marianela

    One who is rebelious and like a star

  • Maricel

    A warlike girl

  • Maricela

    A combative young girl

  • Maricza

    A bitter woman

  • Marifel

    Combination of Miria-sea of sorrow and Felicity-happiness

  • Mariposa

    One as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly

  • Marisela

    A woman who is warlike and agressive

  • Marisol

    One who is like the sea of solitude

  • Marissa

    A beautiful lady of the sea

  • Mariste

    A young woman of the sea

  • Marites

    A lady of the sea

  • Martini

    A pettite woman who is a soldier of Mars

  • Martita

    A true lady, dame

  • Martta

    She who is a lady, a misstress

  • Massiel

    She came down from the starts

  • Matia

    One who is a gift from God

  • Mauricia

    She who has dark skin

  • Mayla

    A name of the religious gathering

  • Mayte

    One who is easy to love

  • Meche

    One who is full of mercy

  • Melosa

    The person who is very affectionate and loving.

  • Mema

    Latin - Imitating; Rivaling; Work; War Horn; Flatterer, Industrious

  • Meralda

    A transparent and green color piece of precious gem, Emerald.

  • Merce

    Mercy, merciful, referred to Mother Mary

  • Merced

    A disposition to be kind and forgiving, the feeling of motivate compassion

  • Mercedes

    Unlimited grace, recompense of worthy acts, remuneration.

  • Merche

    The one who has a sense of propriety and consideration for others.

  • Meriet

    A woman who is meritorious

  • Mersades

    Virgin Mary; a favour and pity; an honour

  • Mesa

    Table. one of the furniture.

  • Migdalia

    Hebrew - Tower; From a tower; A variant form of Migdal

  • Miguela

    Hebrew - Who is like God; A variation of Michaela

  • Milagra

    The awesome and exceptional thing

  • Milagro

    A miracle, something un-natural

  • Milagros

    A super-natural activity

  • Minadoras

    A gift from the moon or a light of the moon

  • Miosoti

    A small flower or a tiny shrub

  • Mirabelle

    Latin - Lovely; Wonderful; To admire; Of Wondrous Beauty; Variant of Marabelle

  • Mirari

    A miraculous act in Spanish language.

  • Mirasol

    A fully grown beautiful sunflower

  • Mireia

    To admire, a one who is admired

  • Mireya

    Hebrew - God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira

  • Mirinda

    A wonderful person, an admirable person

  • Mitzi

    A rebellion, one who is against wrong

  • Mitzy

    A woman who wished for a child

  • Moa

    Derived from the word 'Mehr' which means someone who is lovable, kind and friendly.

  • Moder

    A term used to refer a Prince from East-Indian Region. Mehtar is referred to a Prince.

  • Modesta

    Mehul is derived from a Sanskrit word 'Meh' which means 'Rain' or 'Cloud'.

  • Molina

    The lady belongs to the mill

  • Montserrat

    A mountain that was cut evenly to make a place to live

  • Mora

    A kind of berry, a mulberry fruit

  • Nahia

    An aspiration to do something

  • Nalleli

    One that have a set of beautiful eyes

  • Nallely

    Who have a pair of good-looking eyes

  • Naolin

    Aztec ancient tribe god of the sun

  • Nayara

    Of the Virgin Mary

  • Neina

    A city by the stream.

  • Nekane

    The hill near Mekkah.

  • Nelida

    The person who is massive in the combat

  • Nena

    Sweet little girl, the favourite great grand daughter.

  • Nerida

    Sea goblin or sea gnome.

  • Nichaela

    A winner or a victorious one

  • Nicolasa

    The people who win the title winner.

  • Nieu

    A pure or spotless girl

  • Nieva

    The one who is spotless and unpolluted.

  • Nieves

    White snow flakes fall from the sky.

  • Nina

    The precious talent from the most high God.

  • Noelia

    Delightful Christmas time.

  • Noemi

    Agreeable nature or enjoyableness.

  • Nohemi

    Lovely or wonderful or enjoyable.

  • Oca

    The splendour or the glory of the most charming King.

  • Odalis

    A french variant of the Moses that means drawn out or born of.

  • Ofelia

    One who supports or help others as a friend

  • Oihane

    In ancient greek it means Blossom or floral. In Hebrew it means Little girl.

  • Olalla

    The person who is having desirable or positive qualities.

  • Olyff

    Have the similarity with Olive tree

  • Olyffe

    Resembles the olive tree

  • On

    The number one, first number

  • Orengia

    Having the sour and sweet quality of orange

  • Orinda

    The one who studies diligently and like to read a lot.

  • Orquidea

    Enjoyable or pleasurable or entertaining.

  • Osana

    The person who is being happy, healthy and prosperous.

  • Pabla

    Latin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of Paula

  • Paca

    One who is a Frenchwoman; a free person

  • Pacca

    Another name of a pussycat; lovely person

  • Paciencia

    Latin - One who endures with courage; Patient

  • Paloma

    Latin - Dove; Peaceful; Derived from Palumbus which means a symbol of peace

  • Palomi

    Latin - Dove; Peaceful; Derived from Palumbus which means a symbol of peace

  • Paquita

    An independent and free person

  • Paulita

    A small and little individual

  • Paz

    One who is a peace loving individual

  • Pazia

    One who is golden

  • Perla

    English - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of Pearl

  • Pervinca

    Name of a plant called periwinkle; Name of a character in Italian book Fairy Oak

  • Piedad

    Latin - Pious; Godly; Honorable

  • Pila

    A pillar, a column of the buildig

  • Pilar

    Spanish - Pillar; Support

  • Pita

    She who is gracious

  • Plesancia

    A place name, one who comes from the city of Plesancia in Western Spain

  • Porca

    A female pig

  • Preciosa

    A valuable, precios baby girl

  • Presencia

    Spanish - Presence

  • Presta

    Spanish - Hurry, Quick

  • Prestha

    Spanish - Hurry, Quick; A variant spelling of Presta

  • Prudencia

    A prudent person

  • Pucela

    A city in Spain that means virgin

  • Puma

    Spanish - Mountain Lion; A variant of Pomo and Pouma

  • Pura

    One with pure, genuine personality

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