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Slavic Boy Names

  • Aleko

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alec and Alexander

  • Aleksander

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

  • Andro

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andreas

  • Ante

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Anto

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antone

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Blagoy

    One who is sweet, pleasant, blessed.

  • Boian

    One who is soldier or a warrior.

  • Boris

    One who is a snow lepard

  • Borislaw

    A variant of Borislav, meaning famous battle.

  • Boryslav

    One who likes fighting for fame.

  • Casar

    A ruler, an imperial person

  • Casimer

    A bringer of the peace

  • Casimiro

    He proclaims peace

  • Casmir

    He brought us peace

  • Caz

    One who famously destroyes the peace

  • Cezar

    They are hairy

  • Checo

    A small child

  • Dalibor

    To fight

  • Davor

    God of war; one who has conqured joys and sorrows

  • Dimas

    A compassionate and good thief who died with Jesus

  • Dimitri

    Earth lover of Demeter; never ending

  • Dimitrios

    Earth lover; they are a compassionate person

  • Dragan

    A dear and beloved person; precious person

  • Dragomir

    One who likes to care about peace

  • Dusan

    A content soul; satisfied

  • Emond

    this means someone who is the protector.

  • Fedir

    Gift from above

  • Feodor

    A heavenly gift

  • Gavril

    The trust in God or hope in God.

  • Gavrilio

    God is my power and strong point.

  • Jans

    Slavic - God has been gracious; God is merciful; God has shown favour

  • Jarek

    One who is strong and fierce

  • Jarick

    A strong, fierce one

  • Jarmil

    One who is fierce

  • Jaromil

    A strong one

  • Jaromir

    One who is both fierce and peaceful

  • Jaroslav

    One who is gloriously energetic

  • Jaroslaw

    Fierce and glorious

  • Jarrick

    A fierce and dear one

  • Jonco

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

  • Josip

    Hebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph

  • Juraj

    Juraj is a Slavic name meaning handy, quick

  • Jurij

    Jurij means handy

  • Jurji

    One who is a handy person

  • Karel

    Karel name means Strong, Manly, Masculine

  • Kasimier

    Kasimier means He Enforces Peace

  • Kasimir

    Kasimir means Enforser of the Peace

  • Kolar

    Occupational name derived from the Slavic kolar meaning 'cartwright'; Wheelwright

  • Kole

    Kole means Victory of the People

  • Kristjan

    A follower of Christ

  • Kryレtof

    The name means Bearing Christ

  • Laciann

    Laciann means The Famous Ruler

  • Lech

    From the name of Slavic tribe Lendians

  • Lel

    The one who takes what he wants

  • Lyubomir

    Bulgarian form of Lubomir, meaning loving and world.

  • Matvey

    Slavic name for Boy given by God

  • Mieszko

    well known gentel man.

  • Milen

    Slavic - Gracious; Favor; Grace; Fame; Glory; A variant of Milan

  • Milo

    A merciful soldier

  • Miloh

    one who forgives easily

  • Mirek

    A peaceful nature, ambassador of peace

  • Miroslav

    The one who is glorified through the peace

  • Miroslava

    The person whose glory spread because of his peaceful nature

  • Miroslawa

    A calm person, a glorified peaceful person

  • Mislav

    The thought of glory.

  • Plamen

    Slavic - Flames; Fire; Fiery

  • PrzemysÅ‚aw

    One who is Clever or Ingenious; Derived from another Polish name Przemyst

  • Radek

    One who is happy

  • Radomil

    Graciously willing

  • Radomir

    One who is peaceful

  • Radoslaw

    He who loves peace

  • Radu

    The happy one

  • Reija

    One who has wings

  • Rostislav

    One whose glory grows

  • Rostyslav

    To increase glory

  • Rudolf

    He is legendary like a wolf

  • Sagan

    The one who is a wise person

  • Sashmir

    A peaceful defender

  • Savaric

    The powerful old or aged ruler

  • Shathar

    A man who workis in the mines

  • Slavko


  • Stanislas

    A man who achieves glory

  • Stanislaus

    A person who became glorious and famous

  • Stanko

    Diminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.

  • Stannes

    He who achives glory in military

  • Stanway

    One who becomes himself along the way

  • Stanweg

    To live next to a stony road

  • Teodor

    A gift of God

  • Tihomir

    Derived from the Slavic elements tih, which means quiet and mir, which peace.

  • Tomislaw

    Suppress or torture, a Croatian king

  • Vadim


  • Veselin

    Cheerful and happy soul.

  • Vlad

    Old short form of Slavic names beginning with the vladeti. It means rule

  • Volodya

    Ruler of the world

  • Vova

    Ruler of the world

  • Yaromir

    Man of peace

  • Yavor

    Bulgarian form of Javor, meaning maple tree.

  • Zdravko

    Derived from Slavic zdrav meaning healthy.

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