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Sinhala Girl Names

  • Achila

    The feminine form of Achilles or without lips

  • Asheni

    A strict natured, serious and diplomatic person

  • Avanthi

    Name of a historical city

  • Ayomi

    My joy

  • Bandhini


  • Bebi


  • Bhakthi


  • Ceylon

    Name of a place

  • Charuka


  • Chaturi

    She who is clever

  • Chithkala


  • Dayani

    She who is friendly

  • Dilipa

    The one who gives, accepts and protects

  • Dulani


  • Eromi


  • Gayesha


  • Harshani

    Joy or delight

  • Hinni

    God strengthens

  • Isuri

    She who is lucky or fortunate

  • Kalathma

    She who possesses Great Arts

  • Kiyoma

    A good mother

  • Lakmini


  • Lakshani

    She who is nice with everyone.

  • Lakshitha

    She who is distinguished.

  • Liyoni

    The origin of writing.

  • Lochani

    One with bright eyes.

  • Mandari

    The coral tree

  • Minrada

    She who gives wisdom and love

  • Nadeeka


  • Nadesha

    She who was born of a river.

  • Natharie

    Brilliant wisdom, one who is brilliant or wise

  • Nayanadini

    A woman with attractive eyes.

  • Nayanathula

    A woman with a good sight

  • Neja

    Success in Law.

  • Nevindie

    She who enjoys law or abides by law.

  • Nevinka

    She who enjoys law

  • Nihinsa

    One who is innocent

  • Nilmini

    An ambitious woman.

  • Nilukshi

    A self-expressive woman.

  • Nimala

    She who is creative.

  • Nimali

    An independent woman.

  • Nimthaki

    One who is logical and sane.

  • Nipuni

    An intelligent woman

  • Nuveena

    Special and wise leader.

  • Rangani

    She who has an excellent dancing skill.

  • Ranpalee

    A noble leader

  • Ravima


  • Sachith

    A person with good mind and heart

  • Sanuthi

    An intelligent woman or one with good brains.

  • Shehani


  • Sithara


  • Subaja

    A fortunate victor

  • Sukeena

    Leader of comfort

  • Susanthika

    An active girl

  • Tourmaline

    Colored crystals

  • Vidhusahani

    A learned woman or she who finds consolation in science.

  • Vino


  • Yuvani

    Beautiful and youthful

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