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Sindhi Boy Names

  • Abdul Mubdee

    Slave of the originator

  • Abdul Noor

    Slave of the one who Is light.

  • Abdul-Adheem

    Servant of the greatest.

  • Abdul-Baaqi

    Servant of the everlasting

  • Abdul-Hafeedh

    Servant of the preserver

  • Abdul-Mueid

    Servant of the restorer

  • Abdul-Mutaalee

    Servant of the most exalted

  • Abdul-Qaiyoum

    Servant of the self-sustaining

  • Abdur-Raqeeb

    Servant of the watchful

  • Abdur-Rauf

    Servant of the most kind, Allah. Slave of the compassionate

  • Abdus-Sabour

    Servant of the patient and kind.

  • Abdus-Sameei

    Servant of the all-hearing

  • Abdus-Shaheed

    Servant of the witness

  • Abdus-Shakur

    Servant of the appreciative

  • Abdus-Smad

    Slave of the eternal

  • Abt'hi

    One who lives In Abtah, a place near Makkah.

  • Abyad

    The narrator of Hadith

  • Adawi

    Name of Sayyidina Umer's grandson.

  • Adbul-Qawi

    Servant of the most powerful

  • Aduz Zahir

    Slave of the manifest.

  • Afdal

    Better than others, excellent

  • Aidh

    Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran

  • Ajlah

    Bald or hairless. It's the name of a narrator of Hadith.

  • Akbani

    more common as last name or surname

  • Anas

    A group of people, affection, love, pleasant companionship

  • Anasah

    The freed slave of the Prophet had this name.

  • Arshaq

    Handsome, and well proportioned.

  • Asbagh

    Colored animal, huge flood or dyer.

  • Aseed

    Name of a narrator of Hadeeth.

  • Azraq

    The color blue. Also the name of a companion of Prophet Muhammad.

  • Azraqi

    Azraqi was a person of high authority in the history and geography of Makkah.

  • Baghawi

    Residents of Bagh Or Bagshur in Khurasan.

  • Bahhath


  • Bahlawan

    One who is excellent in acrobatics, an acrobat.

  • Bajala

    One who is honored or venerated.

  • Bakhtari

    A narrator of Hadith had this name.

  • Bakkar

    A reciter of Quran had this name.

  • Baleel


  • Barraq

    Shining or glowing

  • Bazam

    It was the name of the Tabiee

  • Bulhut

    Bulhut is the name of narrator of Hadith.

  • Daamin

    Guarantee and surety.

  • Dabbah

    Latch or door Lock.

  • Daghfal

    Name of the first Islamic geologist.

  • Dakhil

    Foreigner, or stranger.

  • Dameer

    Heart or conscience.

  • Damurah

    Sparkle of light, or fire.

  • Dawlah

    Riches, splendor and happiness.

  • Devakumar

    The son of God.

  • Devidas

    Servant of a Goddess

  • Dhiya

    Light and splendour.

  • Dhul

    Name of Prophet Muhammad's sword.

  • Faeq

    One who has the ability to surpass anyone, Excellent.

  • Fakeeh

    A boy with a cheerful disposition.

  • Faqeeh

    Jurist, or scholar of religious laws.

  • Faqih

    An Islamic legal expert.

  • Farafisa

    Name of Prophet's companion.

  • Fujai

    Name of Prophet's companion.

  • Gulabrai

    Gulabrai means the rose flower. It is the mesculine of gulaab name.

  • Hassam


  • Inayat

    Concern or attention

  • Inderlal

    Son of the Supreme lord, Inder.

  • Mukesh

    A name of Lord Shiva. It means cupid

  • Muzaffar

    Victorious or triumphant in a deed or endeavor

  • Nadhir

    The one who gives cautions to others.

  • Nafasat

    The one who is always improving something or someone.

  • Shah Nawaz

    Brave or prince

  • Somdutt

    Variant of 'Som'

  • Sonu

    Beloved or familiar with gold.

  • Suneel

    Dark blue or sapphire

  • Susheel

    A good natured and well behaved man.

  • Umar

    Umar is a variant of 'Omar' and means flourishing.

  • Usman

    Usman is a variant of 'Uthman' and means servant of God

  • Vasudev

    Name of Krishna's father.

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