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Scandinavian Boy Names

  • Aaren

    the name has several meanings In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Aaren is: Lofty or inspired. it also means high mountain

  • Alrik

    A person who is a noble, gracious universal ruler

  • Anker

    A manly harvester who is strong and very brave

  • Ansfrid

    Protected by God

  • Ansgar

    Old Norse - God Spear; Gentle Friend; A variant name of Oscar

  • Anshelm

    German - Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel

  • Asbjorn

    Old Norse - Divine Bear

  • Asmund

    Cognate of Osmond; gold which is the protector

  • Astor

    One who is looking for a prey; Hawk and thunder

  • Ax

    One who like peaceful condition

  • Axill

    They are the one who spread peace; kind of father

  • Axl

    They are the father of peace

  • Aymer

    A noble and generous human being

  • Beorhthelm

    A protector of light

  • Bertelot

    A man who is light and bright

  • Bjorn


  • Bode

    Scandinavian - Sheltered; A variation of name Bodi; A contraction of name Boden

  • Boden

    One who takes shelter

  • Bodie

    One who is sheltered

  • Bodine

    To find shelter

  • Boe

    A very handsome admirer

  • Booth

    He who lives in a hut

  • Borge

    A helping person

  • Borghild

    A war in the fortifications

  • Borgny

    One who gladly helps

  • Bori

    One who is a father of the warrior

  • Brage

    A famous, shining and popular king

  • Britt

    One of strenght

  • Broder

    To be someone's brother

  • Brynklie

    A woman with an armour

  • Burr

    A beautiful youth

  • Cajetan

    A rejoiced man

  • Canute

    To tie in a knot

  • Dag

    Day; Present

  • Dagen

    The one who is dark-haired

  • Dain

    The one who is from Denmark

  • Daube

    Name of a bird called Dove

  • Denby

    One who is from Danish settlement

  • Ebbe

    It means Brave like a Boar.

  • Edzard

    Strong egde

  • Eggert

    Hardy and has a lot of potential

  • Eilif

    An immortal person who is born to do great things

  • Erik

    a ruler of the world.

  • Erikson

    son or Erik; ruler of the people.

  • Erle

    a leader or nobleman or warrior or prince.

  • Erlend

    a stranger.

  • Erwinek

    friend at sea.

  • Esben

    a divine bear.

  • Euddogwy

    a famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.

  • Eudeat

    used to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim.

  • Eudel

    from the yew tree valley.

  • Eudelme

    a grove of yew trees.

  • Fridtjof

    The one who stoles the harmony.

  • Hannes

    God is Gracious; loving and quick minded

  • Hanson

    Son of Hans

  • Havard

    High guardian

  • Hendrick

    Rules his household

  • Jakoby

    One who will supplant

  • Janson

    Son of Jan

  • Jensen

    Scandinavian - Son of Jens; Son of Jan; A variant of Janson

  • Jeppe

    The person who illegally holds the place of another person.

  • Jerk

    Old Norse - Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of Eric

  • Jerker

    Old Norse - Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of Eric

  • Jokith

    Icelandic name meaning Glacier of ice

  • Josef

    Hebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph

  • Kaj

    Kaj name means in Greek Earth, in Latin Rejoice

  • Kare

    Kare means means Enormous, Big

  • Kasper

    Kaser means A treasured secret

  • Kasyn

    Kasyn name means He is Chaste

  • Khristos

    Khristos means Christ

  • Klaus

    Klaus means The People's VIctory

  • Kristian

    Kristian means Christian

  • Kristoffer

    Bearing Christ; Carrier of Christ; A variant form of Christopher and Kristopher

  • Kristyan

    He who is of Christian religion

  • Lars

    A thriumphant, victorius one

  • Larsen

    One who achived a great Victory

  • Larson

    Son of a victorious, triumphant man

  • Lassen

    A Son of Lars. A son of a honorable and famous one

  • Latham

    A person who resides a lot in the barns, or works in a barn

  • Lief

    A person first in the line of ancestry, a heir

  • Ludvigs

    Fame or war.

  • Lullede

    Legendary warrior

  • Makaiden

    One who is known as a famous warrior

  • Marten

    A soldier of the God of War

  • Melton

    City in the mid of villages, urban in the central of parishes.

  • Mimir

    The wise person, one who remembers easily

  • Nanne

    Mercy or caring or passionate.

  • Nansen

    The son of Nan (grace)

  • Nels

    The over come people.

  • Nilsson

    Son of Nell or son of Neil.

  • Olov

    The fruitlets of olive tree.

  • Olsen

    The born son of Olaf.

  • Olson

    The born son to Ole.

  • Olva

    Down hill of the families.

  • Osburne

    The period of heartiest prosperity or productivity.

  • Osca

    heavenly combatant who always battle for God's sake.

  • Osmin

    A person who is under God's protection

  • Oswin

    Name given to a God's friend

  • Oswine

    A God's best friend

  • Oswinn

    Name given to the friend of God

  • Oswy

    A God's friend; optimistic and caring

  • Peer

    Another name of Peter; a rock

  • Per

    The person who is like a rock or stone

  • Quirinus

    Swedish name meaning spear

  • Raul

    The councel of the wolves

  • Raulin

    A little wise wolf, mostly used as a surnme

  • Raum

    A big person

  • Rorik

    A man who is red

  • Rosco

    A heathland of the deer

  • Sigered

    He who gives a counsel that brings victory

  • Sigurd

    A victorious protectror

  • Soeren

    One who is a good, stern warrior

  • Somerled

    One who goes traveling in the summer

  • Stofn

    To be crowned

  • Svein

    One who is young in age and spirit

  • Swaine

    A Boyish person, young in spirit

  • Syver

    One who defeted others, one who is a victor

  • Tassilo

    A fearless protector

  • Tem

    A famous man

  • Thoralf

    A thunder

  • Toralf

    Supernatural powers of the thunder God

  • Tord

    The Thunder God

  • Torold

    The rule of thunder God

  • Torsten

    The stone of the thunder God

  • Toyah

    A toy, a baby girl as a toy to keep house-members busy

  • Trallonus

    The male servant or surfer

  • Truls

    Resembles as the arrow of Thor.

  • Ture

    Variant of Tore (God of thunder)

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