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Sanskrit Girl Names

  • Aabha

    Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; Glorious

  • Aagarna

    the word signifies the person having natural, born abilities of music

  • Aalaya

    Home and refuge

  • Aami

    One who is dearly loved

  • Aamodini


  • Aaradhana

    Worship; Reverence; Adoration; Devotion; Adulation; Respect; An act of glorifying God

  • Aaradhya

    To be worshipped; To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be adored and respected

  • Aarna

    this is an another name of Goddess Laxmi

  • Aaryamani

    Belonging to the Sun

  • Abala

    Basic meaning is The Earth; Immovable. This name makes you confident & versatile.

  • Abhati

    Splendid or superlative.

  • Abhijishya

    One who is a liberated girl.

  • Abhijita

    The one who is liberated.

  • Abhijita

    Referring to Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Abhijitha

    Referring to Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Abhijna

    Intelligent or best or talented.

  • Abhiroopa

    One who is beautiful and charming

  • Abhirupa

    A beautiful and charming girl

  • Abhirut

    The delightful weather or season

  • Abhisarika

    One who is engaged in love

  • Abhisarikaa

    The beloved one.

  • Abhisha

    A companion or a Goddess of will

  • Abhishree

    A beauty who is fearless

  • Abhisneha

    An attachment or love or affection

  • Abhita

    A brave or courageous, fearless

  • Abhitha

    A fearless or a courageous woman

  • Abilasha

    The wish or the desires

  • Abilisha

    A wish or desire of a person

  • Abja

    One who is born out of water

  • Abjini

    The pond full of lotuses, numerous lotus flowers

  • Aboli

    A flower that firecracks

  • Acala

    An immovable object, one that cant be moved

  • Achira

    A prompt person, very swift

  • Achiraprabha

    A swift light or the light that is very prompt

  • Achla

    One who is immovable or firm of decision

  • Acira

    One who is quick or prompt

  • Acxa

    Woman with unparalleled beauty

  • Adelika

    Full of concentration in approaching the target

  • Adhaya

    The first creator or the first power

  • Adhika

    The more great or the greatest

  • Adhirukma

    One who wears gold or wearing gold

  • Adhiti

    One who is free or boundless

  • Adhrushta

    One who is fortunate, good luck

  • Adiputeri

    First daughter or princess

  • Adishakti

    The primary power, the Goddess of Supreme power

  • Adita

    One who belongs to the Sun

  • Adithi

    The Hindu deity of sky and fertility

  • Adrinandini

    The daughter of mountain; Goddess Parvati

  • Adrisuta

    An offspring of the mountain

  • Adrita

    A respected woman, loved by all

  • Adritanaya

    Mountain's daughter; Goddess Parvati

  • Adusita

    One who is not impure, without any impurity

  • Adveka

    A unique world or earth

  • Advika

    A unique girl, no copy or duality

  • Adwita

    who has no other like her

  • Agya

    Someone who has no knowledge in standard scriptures; An ignorant person

  • Ahana

    Strong willed like steel, inner light, inner happiness

  • Ahara

    inspiration, Ahara, drawing in breath

  • Ahimsa

    not to injure and compassion

  • Ahsa

    Life, Hope of Future

  • Aishwa

    Prosperity, wealth in Sanskrit

  • Aishwariya

    Prosperity, Richness. A famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  • Aishwarya

    Richness. An Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  • Akalka

    Moonlight, free from impurity. One being individualistic, focus and showing leadership drive

  • Akashleena


  • Akshara

    Letter; Syllable; Sound; Unalterable; Not perishable; One of many names of Lord Vishnu; Name of Lord Brahma

  • Akshaya

    The name came from akshay which means indestructible or forever Aakshaya also means The seventh day of lunar month which which happens to fall on a Sunday or Monday

  • Aleesha

    Germanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant spelling is Alisha

  • Alishia

    Germanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant spelling is Aleesha

  • Alisia

    Germanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of Alisha

  • Aliska

    Germanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of Alisha

  • Almas

    Sanskrit - A Diamond; Adamant; Brightness; A variant transcription is Almaas

  • Alysha

    Germanic - Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit - Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of Alisha

  • Amia

    Hebrew - People of God; Latin - Beloved; Sanskrit - Delight

  • Ananda

    Worthy Of Love; Bliss; Happiness;

  • Angee

    Fire; A variant spelling of Agni

  • Anjali

    Offering with devotion to God; A mode of worship by joining hands

  • Anjani

    A Title of the Mother of Hanuman; Name of Lord Hanuman's mother

  • Antara

    Within; Soul; Heart; Related

  • Antarpreet

    One who Loves the Light Within; Deep; Inner Love; One who loves the soul within

  • Anu

    An Atom; Smallest particle which is origin of everything

  • Anugraha

    Request; Desire; Blessing; Wishes

  • Anusha

    Following Desires; Beautiful Morning; The name of A star;

  • Aparna

    One without Prana (Leaf); From the Sanskrit for 'leafless.' Aparna is a name Goddess Parvathi

  • Apsara

    Celestial Maiden; Heavenly Maiden;

  • Aruni

    Dawn; Rising Sun; Morning; One of many names of Sun God; A Feminine form of the name Arun

  • Arusi

    Sanskrit - Sun; Swahili- Born at the wedding time

  • Asha


  • Ashakiran

    Ray of hope

  • Ashalata

    Seedling of hope

  • Ashani


  • Ashesha

    Constellation of stars

  • Ashiah

    Alive, desire, hope; charming one

  • Ashmini

    One who is the possessor of the horses

  • Asitabha

    Surrounded by the light or with unrestrained glory

  • Asruta

    One which is heard

  • Badarika

    Oriya word for jujube fruit.

  • Baruna

    Wife of the Lord of the Sea

  • Baruni

    Goddess Durga

  • Braahmi

    female energy of Bramha

  • Brhadbala

    The great lady or young woman

  • Brhadkaya

    The great structure

  • Cahaya

    Light or radiance.

  • Cancala

    One who is always moving, an inconstant one

  • Cempaka

    Frangipani flower

  • Chhean


  • Chhorvin

    A glamorous woman.

  • Chivy


  • Chouma

    A woman who is refreshingly beautiful.

  • Daevy


  • Darareaksmey

    A bright star

  • Daxa

    One who is clever.

  • Delima

    Ruby or pomegranate

  • Devna

    Godly or divine.

  • Dewi

    The Goddess

  • Dexa

    To teach

  • Dhanya

    Thankful or lucky

  • Dhanyata

    Success or fulfilment

  • Dhatri


  • Druhi

    Nepalese word, meaning daughter.

  • Dulari

    It means the loved one in sanskrit.

  • Eeshvi


  • Eravati

    daughter of the ocean.

  • Eshani

    it usually means a wish or a desire.

  • Eshanika

    means to fulfill one's desires.

  • Eshanka

    goddess Parvati or Shiva's wife.

  • Eshita

    one who desires.

  • Eshma

    lucky or whom luck favours.

  • Eshna

    a wish.

  • Eshnaa

    it means someone who is a wish.

  • Eshwari

    supreme goddess or most powerful.

  • Esita

    a desired human being.

  • Eswari

    wife of lord Shiva; a name used in India.

  • Eswary

    a feminized Indian name which means Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva.

  • Eta

    a feminized word meaning shining.

  • Eti

    it means ending or conclusion.

  • Etisha

    Beginning after the end.

  • Fullara

    Name of Kalketu's wife.

  • Gatha

    Refers to melody or hymn or a tale

  • Gaurangi

    Pretty one and charming person like a holy cow.

  • Gavya

    Garden of God

  • Geetika

    Very tiny melodious song.

  • Geetu

    Someone who's very special.

  • Girija

    The meaning of Giriija is Born of The Mountain

  • Gnapika

    An intelligent woman.

  • Gourangi

    Gaurangi is a composition of two words. Gau which means cow and rangi which means color. Gaurangi means a girl whos color is like cow.

  • Gouri

    Gauri means the girl with milk white color. A sign of beauty.

  • Govindi

    The persons with this name loves the beauty of nature, creativity and responsibility. Ready to do the sacrifice.

  • Griva

    A woman with a beautiful singing voice.

  • Gurmeeta

    The one who will be adventures and independent. Love the leadership and guide others.

  • Gurnamaskar

    They are of idealistic nature with a desire to help others. The initiative often causes them to be the first to act when you see a need

  • Gurneesh

    This is the name of knowledge and generosity, which will get the popularity and fame.

  • Gurneet

    They are physically strong personalities but can never be fully satisfied with anyone.

  • Haima

    Persistance in love, Snow, Goddess Parvati

  • Haimantika

    Growing in the winter

  • Hanit

    A beautiful diamond.

  • Hanka

    Grace or favor

  • Haral

    Time after the sunset.

  • Hasri

    One who is always happy and joyful.

  • Havya

    To be invoked

  • Hetvi


  • Hinal

    Goddess of beauty and wealth

  • Hitu

    Well wisher

  • Idha


  • Iditri

    One who praises

  • Iha


  • Ihina


  • Ihita


  • Ijaya


  • Ikroop

    One beauteous form.

  • Iksha


  • Ila

    Ila was the name of Manu's daughter. It means earth.

  • Indrakshi

    The one with beautiful eyes

  • Indu


  • Indukala

    The moonlight

  • Indulala


  • Induma

    Malayali term for moon.

  • Indumukhi

    A woman with a moon like face.

  • Iniya


  • Ishya

    The season spring.

  • Izna


  • Jagacitra

    Wonder of the Universe; In Sanskrit it literally means universe taken as a picture

  • Jalaadhi

    Sanskrit name meaning Ocean; The Sea; Living in Water; A Crocodile

  • Jayasree

    Goddess of victory

  • Jayna

    Bringer of victory

  • Jinisha

    it means superior. Girls with this name are strong, intelligent and independent. They never compromise about their work and have curiosity to learn new things.

  • Jolene

    the name is combination of two words Jo and elene. Such people have excellent judgemental and analyzing understanding and usually are introverts.

  • Jorani

    A radiant jewel

  • Kali

    The name Kali means The Black One

  • Kalindee

    Yamuna river

  • Kaliyanei

    Beautiful and lovely woman.

  • Kamma

    Sanskrit meaning of the name is Love, and the Arabic meaning is Perfect

  • Kanankuntala

    A woman who have dense hair like dense forest

  • Kandula

    Kandula name means Itching

  • Kaneila

    Beautiful like a rose.

  • Kankanjali

    An offering of Gold, or one who is a precious offering as gold

  • Kanleakhana

    A woman of character.

  • Kannareth

    A beautiful quality.

  • Kannitha


  • Kapila

    Tawny; Reddish Brown; Derived from the Sanskrit word Kapi which means monkey

  • Karisma

    Favor; Gift; Carisma; A variant spelling of Karishma which means miracle in Sanskrit

  • Kavia

    Poetry in motion, poem

  • Kavisha

    Lord of poets, a small poem

  • Keshi

    A woman with long hairs, or a long haired woman

  • Kesor

    A heavenly woman.

  • Khevna


  • Khyana

    Light or deity

  • Kimisha

    A question form asking about the desires of a person

  • Kolab

    A pretty rose flower

  • Kolthida

    A noble-born woman

  • Kunthea

    Sweet smelling or beautiful fragrance.

  • Kusa

    The sacred grass

  • Kwina


  • Lakia

    One who is born on Tuesday

  • Laylah

    A person who is born in a nighttime

  • Leakena

    Characteristic and quality

  • Leelamayee

    One who is playful who plays amorous sport

  • Liniksha

    A lovable woman.

  • Liswini

    A beautiful woman.

  • Logaratchagi

    A woman with bright eyes.

  • Lopika


  • Lubania


  • Maanasa

    The unity of mind and soul

  • Mahua

    A name of the flowering tree

  • Mala

    A rosary or a gland of flowers

  • Malis

    Name of southeast Asian jasmine.

  • Maly


  • Manashi

    A deeply spiritual person

  • Manasija

    One who is born of the mind

  • Manavi

    A primal woman

  • Maniman

    A girl who is like a necklace of jewels

  • Manini

    Self respected; Strong minded; A lady who is strong and powerful in her deeds

  • Manorma


  • Matali

    A woman known for her friendship, for being a good friend

  • Mayawati

    Full of Illusion

  • Mealea

    Flower garland

  • Medhas

    An intelligent young girl

  • Medini

    A dame of the earth

  • Meena

    A Sanskrit name for a Fish

  • Meera

    A prosperous woman

  • Mekhla

    Slope of a mountain; Belt, dress; A variant spelling is Mekhala

  • Melapaka

    The person who makes unity or accord among the community or society.

  • Menika

    One who is born of the mind, A fairy

  • Menka

    Innate of the concentration, born of the awareness

  • Merutunga

    A tall person, one who has a tall height

  • Minakshi

    The one having the beautiful fish-liked eyes

  • Minalaya

    A place where fishes are kept or found.

  • Minisha

    The Goddess of fish, also the devotee of Lord Krishna

  • Mira

    In Latin It means A wonderful person. In Slavic it stands for peace. In Sanskrit it means the sea or an ocean

  • Mishika

    The person with the sweetness of sugar

  • Mital

    The friendship or the companionship

  • Mitali

    The friendly person, a good friend

  • Mithal

    The close companion or a dear friend

  • Mittali

    A close person, closer than friend

  • Mittu

    The close dear friend

  • Mittul

    A beloved friendship

  • Mitula

    A moderate person, an average one, pleasant

  • Modin

    A beautiful girl, the gracious one. Also refers to a tiny and sweet fruit 'The Plum'

  • Mohana

    The girdle or belt which strengthens the dress around the waist

  • Mohik

    Active, hard working person, a fawner.

  • Mohisha

    A bee, honey bun, sugar bunch, sweetie

  • Mohita

    The Male sovereign, ruler of a kingdom.

  • Mokshita

    The women to wants to be free or liberated

  • Moksin

    The one who is free from any kind of attachment

  • Mony

    A precious stone, gem.

  • Mranalini

    The bunch of lotus flowers

  • Mrida

    A form of Lord Durga

  • Mridhah

    One who kill the enemies; Lord Durga

  • Mridula

    A soft person, a tender one

  • Mriga

    The antelope or a deer

  • Mriganayani

    One who have the beautiful eyes as an antelope

  • Mrigmada

    The female antelope

  • Mrinala

    The collection of lotus flower

  • Mrinali

    The stem of the lotus flower

  • Mrinalika

    The stalk of the lotus

  • Mrinmoy

    Something made out of earth

  • Mritheya

    one who have a numerous friends

  • Nagmani

    The gem of the serpents

  • Naika

    The female chief or the leader

  • Nain

    The eyes, from where one can see

  • Naina

    The two beautiful eyes

  • Nainappan

    One own's eyes or the eyes of the own

  • Naindeep

    The lamp of the eyes

  • Nainika

    The one who has attractive and shining eyes.

  • Nairiti

    Who belongs to the south-west

  • Nakry

    Night-blooming flower

  • Nalika

    The stem of Lotus flower

  • Nalin

    The beautiful lotus flower

  • Nalina

    The flower grown in water

  • Nalinaksh

    Who have the eyes as graceful as lotus

  • Nalinaksha

    The lotus-like eyes

  • Nalini

    The water-lily or the lotus

  • Namita

    One who bestow in humbleness

  • Namrata

    Humbleness, nobleness

  • Namrita

    The most humble or a modest person

  • Nandana

    One who is enjoying the happiness

  • Nandar

    Rejoice or happiness

  • Nandha

    Jo of peace and comfort

  • Nandhika

    A Girl who is very happy. Goddess Laxmi

  • Nandhini

    The Goddess of Luck. Goddess Laxmi

  • Nandika

    Water vessel made up of clay

  • Nandita

    One who is at ease and joyous

  • Nandna

    A baby girl or a daughter

  • Nayannandana

    The joy or happiness of the eyes

  • Nayanranjana

    The delight of the eyes

  • Nayna

    The beautiful eyes

  • Nearidei

    White four-leafed flower.

  • Neela

    Bluish shaded color.

  • Neer

    The clean fresh drinking water

  • Neeranjana

    A woman who is without any bad qualities

  • Nilam

    Resembling the color of light shade of blue.

  • Nilambari

    The pleasant blue sky

  • Ninarika

    The God's Angel

  • Niradhara

    The one who is a self starter, not in need of help from others.

  • Niranjani

    Personification of warmth or temperature.

  • Nirargala

    The one who is not prevented or slowed.

  • Nishkalanka

    A honest and pure person

  • Nishkama

    The honest work without selfishness

  • Nishkarana

    Self-less reason

  • Nishtha

    Devotion or faith towards God

  • Nistula

    One who cant be compared

  • Nitara

    One who have the deep roots

  • Nithya

    The ethical path

  • Nithyan

    The right or ethical path

  • Nupoor

    An anklet that gives a pleasant sound while walking

  • Nupur

    The one who wears the anklet around her ankle.

  • Nupura

    The one who wears anklet.

  • Nushi

    Sweetened or sugary.

  • Ojasvee

    A decent and noble king. A Kind hearted ruler.

  • Ojaswini

    A female who is the protector or defender of the wealth.

  • Ojaswita

    A person who is a noble winner or a noble victory.

  • Omana

    Ladyship or female sex or feminine.

  • Omkareshwari

    Another name of holy Parvathi.

  • Oneta

    Full of mercy or grace, favourable

  • Onika

    A courageous soldier

  • Ooma

    In Hindi it means Tranquillity, In Hebrew it means Nation

  • Oorja

    The energy or the power

  • Oormi

    The waves of water

  • Oormila

    The waves of passion, passionate girl

  • Paru

    Master, furnished

  • Pertiwi

    The earth

  • Phhoung


  • Pinal

    God of child

  • Ponnleu

    Light or illumination

  • Pramda

    A young, joyful woman

  • Prathysha

    A woman beautiful as a dawn, one who is like the sunrise

  • Priti

    One who brings pleasure, love and joy

  • Pritika

    A darling, beloved and dear little girl

  • Pritikana

    She is an atom of love

  • Punthea

    A gentle spirit.

  • Purala

    Name of the Goddess Durga

  • Pushpavathi

    Something that is flower decorated

  • Puskarini

    A lake where the lotus flowers grow

  • Puspamala

    A garland made of flowers

  • Puspawati

    Female flower

  • Puteri

    Daughter or princess

  • Puti

    A woman of great purity

  • Putrea

    Cambodian word for plum.

  • Raadhi

    Achievement or success.

  • Rabani


  • Rachany


  • Ramila


  • Rangsei

    Ray of light

  • Ratanaporn

    Crystal blessing

  • Ratih

    The Goddess of beauty

  • Reach

    A beautiful woman.

  • Rekha

    One who is like a line

  • Rina

    Greens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolved

  • Rupamanjari

    Made of silver

  • Rupina

    A beautiful woman

  • Saagnika

    Fiery, passionate, or with fire

  • Saahana


  • Saahithi


  • Saarya

    Name of a pious woman

  • Saavini

    The name refers to the month of Saavan.

  • Sadhvi

    A virtuous girl

  • Sagara

    A woman who is like the ocean

  • Sahaja


  • Sajni

    A dearly and deeply loved person

  • Sakhi

    A good companion and loyal friend

  • Salmavati

    She who is peaceful

  • Salmee

    A woman with calm disposition.

  • Sameeksha

    A woman with understanding nature

  • Samta


  • Sandar


  • Sanjiya

    Love, beauty and brilliance.

  • Sanjona

    The creator.

  • Santati

    A name of Goddess Durga. It means granter of wishes.

  • Satha

    Faith, one who is faithful

  • Savara

    The tone or the tunes, self shining

  • Seetha

    A furrow, or the Goddess of Harvest

  • Shanta

    Peaceful, durga

  • Shashikala

    Phases of Moon, crescent, moon's arc

  • Shreeya

    A name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means lucky.

  • Shrejal

    A beautiful name, meaning best, first or foremost.

  • Shrena

    A name of Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Sreva

    A good natured woman.

  • Srutayudha

    The glorious battle or war

  • Suriani


  • Suriawati

    Female sun

  • Swapnasundari

    A woman of dreams

  • Swapnika


  • Swara

    Tones or self shining

  • Swetambari

    An angel dressed in white

  • Taalika

    Calm or nightingale.

  • Taamraparnee

    Copper leaves

  • Taaraka

    Star or meteor

  • Taarini

    Taarini is one of the name of Goddess Durga. It means she who frees.

  • Taiunaya

    Absorbed in or identical.

  • Tajah

    Crown worn by rulers; Feminine version of taj

  • Tajia

    Feminine version of taj which means one who is crowned

  • Talika

    A person of a specified kind or character

  • Tamarai

    Lotus flower, beautiful or great.

  • Tapani

    The river Godavari

  • Teertah

    A holy place

  • Teja

    Bright and radiant.

  • Thamanna

    One who is desired

  • Thawda


  • Thooya

    Pure, a pure soul.

  • Tisya


  • Tivri


  • Tokini

    A bird

  • Treena

    One who is piercing something

  • Triana

    In Sanskrit it means one who is piercing. In Spanish it means Third

  • Tribeni

    The meeting point of three sacred rivers

  • Tribhuvaneshwari

    The Lord of one who has the knowledge of three worlds

  • Trilochoni

    One who have three eyes; Goddess Durga

  • Trinesha

    Flower opening on the third day.

  • Trishana

    Thirst, aspiration, carving for something

  • Trushna


  • Tungabhadra

    A highly auspicious or blessed, Name of an Indian river

  • Ubika


  • Uchimakali

    Name of one of the Hindu goddess.

  • Udakanjali


  • Udantika


  • Udaranga

    A woman with a beautiful body.

  • Udaya

    The feminine version of Uday, meaning dawn.

  • Udbala


  • Udbala

    Strong, a strong woman

  • Udichi

    One who grows with prosperity.

  • Udipti

    On fire

  • Uditi


  • Udvita

    A river filled with lotus flowers.

  • Udyati


  • Ujala

    Light; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; Luminant

  • Ujas

    Bright or shining.

  • Ujhala

    Light or bright

  • Ujjayini

    Ujjayini is the name of an ancient city. It means rising.

  • Ujjwala

    Bright or lustrous. A woman with a bright personality.

  • Ulka

    Ulka is a traditional Malayalam name, meaning meteorite.

  • Uma

    Uma is one of the names of Goddess Parvati. It means splendor or tranquility.

  • Umika

    One of the names of Goddess Parvati.

  • Upama

    Comparison or commonplace

  • Urja

    One with high levels of energy

  • Urmi

    Wave of the sea.

  • Urvasi

    The most beautiful of all the apsaras or angels.

  • Ushadevi

    Goddess of morning or dawn

  • Ushakiran

    Rays of the morning sun.

  • Usharvi

    Raga in the morning

  • Ushashi


  • Ushmi

    Heat or energy

  • Usri

    Name of a river.

  • Utpalini

    A lotus pond.

  • Utsaah

    Encourage or excitement

  • Uttara

    A star, or north direction.

  • Uttara

    A star, or north direction.

  • Uttarika

    Crossing river

  • Uttarika

    Crossing river

  • Vaagdevi

    The Goddess of learning.

  • Vaagdevi

    The Goddess of learning.

  • Vaagiswari

    A name of Goddess Saraswati.

  • Vaagiswari

    A name of Goddess Saraswati.

  • Vaanya

    Name of the Hindu deity of forests.

  • Vaanya

    Name of the Hindu deity of forests.

  • Vaarahi

    One who rides on varaah. Also, one of the matrikas. A group of eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.

  • Vaarahi

    One who rides on varaah. Also, one of the matrikas. A group of eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.

  • Vaarida


  • Vaarida


  • Vaasanthi

    Name of the spring goddess.

  • Vaasanthi

    Name of the spring goddess.

  • Vadhana

    Bright star

  • Vadhana

    Bright star

  • Vaijayantimala

    Lord Vishnu's garland

  • Vajra

    Diamond, a precious gemstone.

  • Vajra

    Diamond, a precious gemstone.

  • Valini


  • Valini


  • Vallabha


  • Vallabha


  • Vallari

    Name of Goddess Sita

  • Vallari

    Name of Goddess Sita

  • Valli


  • Valli


  • Vallika

    Malayali for creeper.

  • Vallika

    Malayali for creeper.

  • Vamil

    Beautiful, a beautiful woman

  • Vamil

    Beautiful, a beautiful woman

  • Vamshi


  • Vamshi


  • Vani

    A name of Goddess Saraswati. It means 'eloquent in words'.

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