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Romanian Girl Names

  • Agrapina

    A girl who is born feet first.

  • Agripina

    A variant of Agrapina, meaning one who is born feet first.

  • Alexandreina

    A variant of Alexandra, meaning man's defender.

  • Andrada

    Romanian version of Andrea, meaning 'man'.

  • Angelika

    Like an angel.

  • Anicuta

    A variant of Ana, meaning God is gracious.

  • Antanasia

    One who will be reborn, immortal.

  • Arsenie

    Arsenie is a variation of Arsenia and means virile.

  • Brândusa


  • Byni

    A Roman cognomen meaning Sabine

  • Catina

    A chaste and innocent girl

  • Cici

    One born at day break.

  • Cipriana

    A woman from Cyprus.

  • Crina

    Lily flower

  • Daciana

    Roman name; full of strength

  • DeLorean

    DeLorean represents the transferred use of the surname as a given name.

  • Delorian

    Delorian is a variant of DeLorean.

  • Dol

    A variant of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.

  • Dorotthea

    A spelling variation of Dorothea, meaning gift of God.

  • Dumitra

    From Demeter.

  • Elenuta

    Elenuta is a variant of Helen, meaning shining or bright one.

  • Elisabeta

    Elisabeta is the Romanian form of Elizabeth, meaning God is my oath.

  • Elisabeta

    They are masters of gorgeous personalities

  • Enrieta

    Enrieta is a variant of Henrietta and means state ruler'.

  • Fisseha

    Blissfulness and mirthful joy

  • Fitrat

    The inherent temparament and basic nature of a person

  • Francise

    Francise is a derivative of the English Frances and means free man.

  • Georgeta

    Refers to grower or rancher.

  • Ihrin


  • Ilinca

    Feminine form of Romanian Ilie, meaning the Lord is my God.

  • Imanuela

    God is among us.

  • Ioana

    God Is gracious

  • Iolanda

    Romanian form of Yolanda, meaning violet.

  • Irini

    A variant of Irene, meaning peaceful.

  • Iudita

    Iudita is a derivative of Judith and means woman from Judea.

  • Iulia

    Young or youthful.

  • Ivona

    Gift from God

  • Izabela

    A variant of Isabella, meaning devoted to God.

  • Juliani

    they focus on their physical appearance and posess many capabilities. They are noble, generous and kind.

  • Lacramioara

    Lily of the Valley

  • Lacrima


  • Lenuta

    A mild natured woman.

  • Lerae

    Strong and brave person, from the name Valerius

  • Lipa

    A lover of horses, or friend of horses.

  • Luminita

    Little light.

  • Maricara

    A sea of bitterness, or rebelliousness.

  • Marioara

    A wished child

  • Mariutza

    A dark-skinned woman.

  • Minodora

    A variant of Menodora, meaning gift.

  • Miriana

    A variant of Mira, meaning wonderful.

  • Nicoleta

    Title winner of the nation.

  • Oana

    A very fascinating light, a light full of charm.

  • Odeta

    Blue sea

  • Petronela

    Petronela is the Romanian version of Petronilla and means rock.

  • Queena


  • Relia

    A variant of Aurelia, meaning gold.

  • Rodica

    A fertile woman

  • Romanitza

    One from Rome.

  • Ruxandra

    A variant of Roxana, meaning bright or dawn.

  • Shimeka

    A beautiful princess

  • Silviana

    She is a girl of the forest

  • Silviea

    Silviea is a form of Silvia and means woman of the woods.

  • Simona

    A woman who listens

  • Soreana

    Strict and stern.

  • Soreena

    Soreena is a form Romanian name Sorina and means strict of stern.

  • Sorina

    A Sun-like woman

  • Sorinah

    Sorinah is a variation of Sorina and means strict or stern.

  • Starlene

    A star

  • Stefana


  • Tait

    One who brings joy.

  • Talyssa

    Consecrated to God.

  • Tassa

    Tassa is a short form of Natasha, meaning born at Christmas.

  • Tatum

    One who brings joy.

  • Taydem

    One who is light hearted and cheerful.

  • Teagan

    One who is good looking.

  • Terika

    Abbreviation of Teresa, meaning to harvest.

  • Trandafira

    Rose or rosebush

  • Tyna

    A variant of Tyne, meaning river.

  • Tyne


  • Uldwyna

    A special friend.

  • Una

    Romanian word for one.

  • Ursule

    Ursule is a variant of Ursula and means little bear cub.

  • Vanda

    A warrior

  • Velouette

    A soft spoken woman.

  • Viorica

    Romanian form of the name Friederike, meaning tranquil leader.

  • Virginia

    A virgin

  • Viviana

    One who is full of life.

  • Voctorita

    Romanian variant of Victoria, meaning victory.

  • Waleis

    One belonging from Wales.

  • Wanetta

    A pale and fair woman.

  • Willa

    One who is firm and resolute.

  • Withypoll

    The twighead.

  • Yedda

    A woman with a beautiful voice.

  • Yessenia

    A flower

  • Yetta

    A generous woman.

  • Ylenia


  • Zabrina

    A form of Sabrina, meaning princess.

  • Zandra

    A variant of Alizandra, meaning defender of mankind.

  • Zelma

    Zelma is the diminutive of Anselma and means protected by God.

  • Zenobia

    Life of Zeus

  • Zenovia

    A variant of Zenobia, meaning life of Zeus.

  • Zerenity

    Romanian form of Serenity, meaning calm.

  • Zina

    A welcoming and hospitable woman.

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