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Roman Girl Names

  • Acilia

    The women of fire, one who is made of fire

  • Aelia

    The female form or Aelius; Sun

  • Aemilia

    Excel or emulate like sun

  • Aemilie

    Estonian form of Emily. It means work.

  • Agrippa

    Roman cognomen of unknown meaning

  • Antoonia

    Estonian form of Antonia. It means highly praiseworthy.

  • Barbora

    form of Barbara used in Czech and Slovak

  • Ceres

    Goddess of growth and agriculture

  • Cessily

    It means blind; they are the sixth one

  • Claritia

    Bright, attention gainer and clear

  • Concordia

    Harmony, peace, tranquil and amity

  • Cybele

    Mythical Goddess

  • Delphina

    One who came out of womb; a blessed one

  • Di

    Goddess of moon; huntress

  • Dian

    Divine lady; filled with beauty and brains

  • Diana

    A divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirth

  • Dianne

    A huntress who is also a Goddess

  • Dido

    Virgin queen of a land

  • Dominica

    One who is very close to Lord

  • Ecaterina

    An affectionate, innocent and pure chaste being

  • Esilia

    wife of Romulus in Roman mythology.

  • Florence

    One which means to blossom and bloom

  • Florene

    A variant form of 'florence' to signify blooming or blossoming

  • Florentia

    A tailored form of 'Florence' which means 'to blossom'

  • Janne

    From old Roman mythology, wife of Janus

  • Kamila

    Kamila name means a Youth Employed in Religious Sevices

  • Laelia

    A name of the special Flower type that resambles an Orchid

  • Lorica

    Body armor of a Roman soldiers

  • Marcella

    A woman with the character of the warrior

  • Marcelle

    A woman who is a warrior at heart

  • Palmyra

    Name of city filled with Palm trees

  • Perpetua

    One who has a continuous personality

  • Petronius

    Yokel; One with an interesting personality

  • Proserpina

    Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Persephone; Latin - To emerge

  • Prosper

    Fortune; Roman Goddess

  • Prudentia

    To have a good judgement

  • Quintella

    Female derivative of Quintus, meaning fifth.

  • Romanitza

    One from Rome.

  • Sabyn

    A person from the Sabine tribe, from central Italy

  • Tionna

    From the clan of Roman empire

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