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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Raa

Baby Names Starting With Raa

  • The following names are associated with Libra Rashi and Chitra Nakshatra
  • Raadha Girl

    Wealth, Success, Lightning, Lord krishnas Love, Intellectual energy, Prosperity, Inspiration

  • Raadhak Boy

    Generous, Liberal

  • Raadhana Girl


  • Raadhani Girl


  • Raadhi Girl

    Achievement, Perfection, Success

  • Raadhik Boy

    Generous, Successful, Wealthy

  • Raadhika Girl

    Goddess Radha, Successful, The beloved of Lord Krishna, Wealthy

  • Raag Boy

    Musical, To bring to life, Love, Beauty, Vigour, Passion, Desire vigour, Melody, King Sun, Moon, A form of Indian classical music

  • Raaga Girl

    Belongs to music terms, Melody, Bringing to life, Emotion, Beauty, Passionate, Desire melody, A form of Indian classical music

  • Raagana Girl


  • Raagav Boy

    Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God

  • Raagavan Boy

    Lord Krishna

  • Raagavarthini Girl

    Goddess Parvathy / Amman, the one who loves melody

  • Raagavi Girl

    Sings with Raaga, God of Raghavendra

  • Raagavy Girl

    A person who loves music

  • Raaghav Boy

    Lord Rama, A descendent of Raghu, A patronymic of Ramachandra

  • Raagini Girl

    A melody, Music, Love, An Apsara or celestial nymph, A form of Indian classical musical, Another name for Lakshmi

  • Raagul Boy

    Refer to Lord Krishna -Raagulan

  • Raahasya Girl

    Keep secret

  • Raahi Girl

    Traveler; Traveller

  • Raahini Girl

    Goddess Saraswathy

  • Raahithya Boy

    Lots of money person

  • Raahul Boy

    Son of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son of Buddha)

  • Raaj Boy


  • Raajaa Boy


  • Raajak Boy

    Radiant Prince, Brilliant, Ruler

  • Raajan Boy

    King, Royal

  • Raajas Boy

    Silvery, Dust, Mist, Passion, Endowed with zest for life and its pleasures

  • Raajeev Boy

    Blue lotus, one who rules all

  • Raajeevalochan Boy

    Who has blue lotus eyes

  • Raajyashree Boy

    Propriety of a king

  • Raaka Girl

    Full Moon

  • Raakaa Boy

    Day of the full moon

  • Raakesh Boy

    Lord of the night

  • Raakhi Girl

    Thread of brother sister bonding, Symbol of protection, Full Moon in the Sravan month; sacred thread, protection

  • Raakin Girl


  • Raam Boy

    Lord Rama, God, supreme spirit

  • Raamaanuj Boy

    Younger brother of Rama

  • Raamdatt Boy

    Gift of Rama

  • Raamsiva Boy

    Devotion to Lord Shiva

  • Raashi Girl

    The sign of the zodiac, Collection

  • Raashini Girl


  • Raasya Girl

    With essence, Sentimental, Full of feelings, Juicy

  • Raathikan Boy

    The one who loves Raathai - wife of Lord Krishna

  • Raavanya Girl

    Refer to the King of Ravana who ruled Lankapuri

  • Raavee Girl


  • Raayini Girl

    Goddess Saraswathy

  • Raaz Boy


  • Raazi Boy

    Thankful of anybody, Satisfied, Contended, Pleased

  • Raaganya Girl

  • Raagashiya Girl

  • Raagasutha Girl

  • Raagasuthan Boy

  • Raagavarshenee Girl

  • Raagaven Boy

  • Raagavendraa Boy

  • Raagavie Girl

  • Raagdeep Boy

  • Raagesh Boy

  • Raageswaran Boy

  • Raageswari Girl

  • Raaghavi Girl

  • Raagitha Girl

  • Raagithan Boy

  • Raagithen Boy

  • Raagulen Boy

  • Raahethan Boy

  • Raahinya Boy

  • Raahith Boy

  • Raahitha Girl

  • Raahithan Boy

  • Raahithyan Boy

  • Raajala Girl

  • Raajalakshmi Girl

  • Raajana Girl

  • Raajeevan Boy

  • Raajena Girl

  • Raaji Girl

  • Raajini Girl

  • Raajish Boy

  • Raakavi Girl

  • Raakulan Boy

  • Raamadaas Boy

  • Raaman Boy

  • Raamanan Boy

  • Raamen Boy

  • Raaniya Girl

  • Raanuja Girl

  • Raashikan Boy

  • Raathai Girl

  • Raathana Girl

  • Raathavi Girl

  • Raatheeban Boy

  • Raatheekan Boy

  • Raatheep Boy

  • Raatheeshan Boy

  • Raathika Girl

  • Raathinee Girl

  • Raathini Girl

  • Raathith Boy

  • Raathooshan Boy

  • Raathula Girl

  • Raathulan Boy

  • Raathura Girl

  • Raathuran Boy

  • Raathuzhan Boy

  • Raavan Boy

  • Raavana Girl

  • Raavanan Boy

  • Raavanen Boy

  • Raavya Girl

  • Raayithan Boy

  • Raayu Boy

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