Polynesian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Polynesian Girl Names

  • Amanaki


  • Amipa

    Tonga word for amber stone.

  • Avoca

    Sweet valley

  • Emeni

    Tonga word for Amen.

  • Eponi

    Ebony or black

  • Hahau


  • Hiva


  • Huelo

    Ray of light

  • Huhulu

    The one who glows

  • Ilisapesi

    The blessed one.

  • Kahoa


  • Kalasia

    Grace, a graceful woman.

  • Kalauni


  • Kiupita

    Cupid or love angel

  • Laaka

    Carefree, or the lark bird.

  • Lami

    Hidden, Out of Sight

  • Langi

    Tongan word for heaven.

  • Lautoka


  • Laveni

    Tongan word for the lavender shrub.

  • Lavenita

    The lavender scent.

  • Lekeleka

    Of the moon

  • Liliko


  • Loa

    Storm clouds

  • Longo


  • Lopini

    Tongan word for the robin bird

  • Lose

    Tongan word for rose.

  • Lotu

    One who is admired.

  • Lovai

    She who is loved or heavy rains

  • Maili

    Polynesian name describing a gentle breeze

  • Melino


  • Musika

    Tongan word for music.

  • Okalani

    A person who is the protector of nobility. One who carries the nobility with dignity.

  • Oketa

    Tongan word for orchid.

  • Onike

    The onyx gem

  • Opeli

    Opal gem

  • Paame

    The palm tree

  • Panisi

    The pansy flower

  • Papahi

    She who is mischievously smart.

  • Rewa

    A slim, slender, elegant woman

  • Safaia

    The sapphire stone or the color blue

  • Salato


  • Samena


  • Siale

    A flowering bush.

  • Siete

    Tongan word of jet stone, or the color black.

  • Sikota

    The kingfisher bird.

  • Sikueli

    Tongan word for squirrel.

  • Silafi

    Tongan word for giraffe.

  • Sinitalela

    Little one from the ashes.

  • Siola'a


  • Ta'ahine

    Young woman.

  • Tafotila

    The daffodil flower

  • Tahi

    Sea water.

  • Taimani


  • Takaniko

    Halo, or one who is angelic.

  • Takina

    To be carried away.

  • Talanoa


  • Taula

    Tongan word for priestess.

  • Tavake

    A white sea bird with black spots.

  • Tiulipe

    The tulip flower

  • Toa

    A brave-hearted lady

  • Toakase

    Woman of the sea

  • Uha


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