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Persian Boy Names

  • Abdalbari

    true follower of Allah

  • Abdalfattah

    the Servant of the One who Gives Nourishment

  • Abdalhadi

    the Servant of the Leader

  • Abdalhakim

    the Servant of the Wise One

  • Abdalhalim

    the Servant of the Patient One

  • Abdalhamid

    the one who is Servant of the Praiseworthy One

  • Abdaljabbar

    the Servant of the Comforter

  • Abdaljabir

    the servant of the one who helps others

  • Abdaljawwad

    the Servant of the Noble One

  • Abdalkadir

    the Servant of the Capable

  • Abdalkarim

    the Servant of the Generous One

  • Abdallafif

    the one who is a Servant of the Kind One

  • Abdallah

    the Servant of Allah

  • Abdalmajid

    the Servant of the Glorious One

  • Abdalmalik

    the one who is Servant of the King

  • Abdalmatin

    the Servant of the Strong

  • Abdalmufi

    the Servant of the Donor

  • Abdalmuhsin

    the Servant of the Charitable One

  • Abdalqadir

    the one being Servant of the Capable

  • Abdalrahim

    the Servant of the Compassionate

  • Abdalrahman

    being Servant of the Merciful

  • Abdalrashid

    the Servant of the well Guided

  • Abdalrauf

    the servant of sympathetic

  • Abdalraziq

    being Servant of the Provider

  • Abdalrazzaq

    the Servant of the helper

  • Abdalsalam

    the Servant of Peace

  • Abdalsami

    the one who is Servant of the All-hearing

  • Abdalwahab

    the Servant of the Giving

  • Abdelati

    the one being Servant of Allah

  • Abdelfattah

    the one being Servant of the One who treat others with tenderness

  • Abdelgawwad

    the Servant of the Noble One

  • Abdelhadi

    the Servant of the supreme Leader

  • Abdelhakim

    the kind Servant of the Wise One

  • Abdelhalim

    the Servant of the Patient One

  • Abdieso

    Derived from name Abdiel that means my servant

  • Abtin

    One who is of good deeds or with good thoughts

  • Abufiruz

    The father of a triumphant person

  • Abzari

    One who sows, seeds or spices

  • Afrin

    The one who is worthy to be praised and blessed.

  • Afsar

    A man in charge of an armed group.

  • Aftaab

    Aftaab means 'the sun'. A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous and energetic

  • Aftab

    Aftab means 'the sun'. A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous and energetic

  • Aistan


  • Ajmal

    The total, More beautiful,

  • Albazi


  • Amooz

    Teacher, or instructor.

  • Anaar

    Arabic - Light and Radiance; Glow; Bright; A variant of this name is Anar; Persian - Pomegranate

  • Andya

    Persian - Little Angel, Pure Girl; A variant name of Andia

  • Anjuman

    Place of Gathering; Commitee; Council;

  • Anosh

    Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Elixir

  • Anoush

    Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Never Ending

  • Anousha

    Sweet, Joy, Fortunate; It is a Variant of name Anoush

  • Aref

    Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;

  • Arif

    Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;

  • Arsham

    Persian - Very Powerful, Very Strong; Name of Dariush's Grandfather

  • Artin

    Righteous, Pure or Holy -- also a name of a Median king

  • Aryasb

    One who possesses Aryan horse named Kourosh

  • Aryo

    Name of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.

  • Arzhang

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Ashkan

    Name of a Persian dynasty

  • Asman

    The Sky; Highest Heaven nearer to earth

  • Ata

    Arabic - Gift; Fante - One of Twins; Turkish - Ancestor, Predecessor

  • Ataa

    Arabic - Gift; Fante - One of Twins; Turkish - Ancestor, Predecessor

  • Atal

    Hero; Leader; Guide

  • Aurang

    They are full of wisdom, understanding and a watercolor

  • Ayan

    Arabic - Time, Era; Sanskrit - Halting, Name of Lord Ganesh; Urudu - God's Gift; Persian - Inspiration

  • Ayas

    To cause good to somebody; Persian - Morning Breeze

  • Azar

    Persian - Scarlet, Fire; Nineth month in Iranian Calendar; Hebrew - Help

  • Baaz


  • Baddar

    One who's always on time. A punctual man.

  • Badinjan

    Egg Plant

  • Baghish

    Light rain that affects just a small area.

  • Baha al Din

    Beauty of faith or a helper or supporter.

  • Bahauallah

    One who is Quiet,systematic and inventive mind

  • Bahiri

    Variant of Bahirun, meaning a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.

  • Bahirun

    A brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.

  • Bahman

    A person who has a content heart and good spirit

  • Bahnam

    A reputable and honorable person.

  • Bahram

    Name of a Persian King; A Character in Shahnameh;

  • Bakeet

    One who uplifts the mankind

  • Bakhit

    A fortunate and lucky man

  • Bakhshish

    Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

  • Bakhtawar

    One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;

  • Bakhtawer

    One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;

  • Baksheesh

    A divine blessing

  • Bakshish

    Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

  • Baksis

    Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

  • Baksish

    Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

  • Baqer

    Man Of Knowledge

  • Baraz

    Exhalted, high

  • Barbod

    Hero, Guitor

  • Bardia

    The Prince

  • Barid


  • Barzin

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Bedel

    A servant or a messenger of people

  • Behdad

    Excellent Gift; Of Good Birth

  • Behrooz

    Fortunate, Lucky and compassionate being

  • Behruz

    Lucky; Prosperous; Success; Good; A variant name of Behrouz

  • Behzad

    Noble; High Born; Honorable

  • Bejul

    Jewel worn around neck

  • Bejun

    Name of a Persian Boy King

  • Bihjan

    A person who is a hero

  • Bijan

    lonely place

  • Bijann

    He who is considered a hero, a legend among men

  • Bijon

    Persian - Ancient Hero; A vairant of name Bijan

  • Bizhan

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Borna

    He who is a yuthful man

  • Burzin

    An exalted Boy, a praised one

  • Buwayh

    An ancient Persan ruler

  • Cas

    An imperial man

  • Caspar

    A man whou guards the treasure

  • Casper

    One who is a treasurer

  • Cem

    A born leader and a ruler

  • Chadi

    One filled with joy and happiness; a Capricon

  • Chamali

    The one who serves water.

  • Changaz

    An extremely brave man.

  • Changeez

    Adapted from Chengiz khan

  • Changez

    Variant of Chengiz Khan

  • Charlesh

    Chief of the tribe.

  • Chashida

    An experienced man.

  • Chavdar

    Derived from a Persian word meaning leader, dignitary.

  • Chawish

    Leader of the tribe.

  • Chishti

    A Saint from Ajmer

  • Cye

    Sun; majestic and charming

  • Dahra

    Rich individual

  • Dalawar

    One with the heart

  • Dara

    One with many talents

  • Darakhshan

    Bright light

  • Dareh

    A rich person

  • Darioush

    A healthy King

  • Daris

    Very important person

  • Darius

    Rich and Kind

  • Dariush

    Wise King

  • Darrius

    A rich, kind and daring individual

  • Darwish

    Sufi man

  • Daryush

    Wise and noble King

  • Dastagir

    A supporter

  • Dastan

    Form of oral history; art of story-telling

  • Dastgir

    The one who supports and cares; holds hands

  • Dawar

    Judge of character

  • Didar

    One who is gifted with the perfect vision or sight

  • Dil Awar

    One who has a heart; courageous

  • Dil Dar

    A beloved and courageous human being

  • Dilshad

    One who has dreamy eyes and happy heart

  • Džanan

    A variant of Dženan, meaning he who is loved.

  • Dženan

    He who is loved

  • Ebi

    Paternal; A variant of name Eby

  • Elham

    A beautiful inspiration

  • Emad

    this name means support or pillar or confidence.

  • Erach

    Noble; Name of youngest son of King Farridoon; Belonging to Iran;

  • Eranvej

    Land of Aryans; Home of the Aryans; Iranian Expanse

  • Ervad

    Religious Teacher; Spiritual Leader;

  • Esfandyar

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Eskander

    Persian word for Alexander.

  • Faireh

    The bringer of happiness.

  • Farbod

    One who protects the glory

  • Farhad

    A feeling of great happiness

  • Farhang Good

    One of good-breeding

  • Fariborz

    One who possesses a big honor and might

  • Faridoon

    One who is the third

  • Farjaad

    Excellent, or eminent in learning.

  • Farjad

    One who is endowed with wisdom

  • Farnaz

    One who is from hgh status and great

  • Faroqh

    A good and blessed man

  • Farrokhzad

    One who was happily born

  • Farrukh

    An auspicious and fortunate man

  • Farshid

    A spedour bright as a sun

  • Fartash

    A being, an existence

  • Farzaan

    An intelligent wise person

  • Farzad

    One of splendid birth

  • Farzam

    A befitting and worthy man

  • Farzan

    A man with great experience and intelligence

  • Fereydoon

    The third man

  • Finn

    A 'fair' or 'white' person

  • Finneas

    The Oracle; Biblically, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned -- Egyptian

  • Firoj

    A winner, successful person

  • Foroohar

    It means quintessence or intrinsic nature

  • Gasparo

    One who is possessing abundant supply of money.

  • Gauzar

    Parsi - Golden Ox

  • Gharib

    A known, familiar feeling

  • Guebers

    They love adventure,freedom and excitement.They are very active and mind blowing in every task.

  • Gulfam

    A person whose face is like roses. Soft, beautiful and alive face

  • Haabeel

    Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam

  • Hesam

    A sharp sward

  • Homayoun

    Royal; Fortunate; A variant of Homayun, Homayoon, or Homayon

  • Homeira

    A red man

  • Hormoz

    A Character in Shahnameh

  • Hoshmand


  • Hoshyar


  • Hosmundus

    Wise person

  • Houman

    Good Nature; Having a Good Soul; Benevolent; A variant of Hooman

  • Isfandiyar

    The brave king. Also the name of an Iranian king.

  • Issavi

    A Persian term used for Christians.

  • Jaaved

    One who is eternal

  • Jadu

    One who is Magical

  • Jaghan

    Everything in the world

  • Jahandar

    He posseses the world

  • Jahangir

    The World's conqueror

  • Jahangirkhan

    He who conquered the world

  • Jahanshah

    An Emperor of the world

  • Jasper

    One who brings treasure

  • Javaan

    A variant of Javan which means young in Persian; Young Man

  • Javad

    A libera

  • Javaid

    One who is eternal

  • Javana

    Young man; A name derived from Persian word Javan meaning Young

  • Javed

    One who is alive

  • Javeed

    Living Forever; Immortal; Eternal; A variant of Javed

  • Jawed

    The eternal one

  • Jehangir

    The champion of the world.

  • Jihan

    The World; Universe; Land; Name of a river in Iran

  • Jubin

    Honorable; Righteous; A variant form is Zubin which means one who touches the sky

  • Judea

    They are very kind to others, believe in charity, nobel, blessed and honored by others

  • Judee

    The one who is optimistic who grasp the standards of sympathy and pardoning. They are likewise inventive and creative that gives them an aesthetic ability.

  • Judge

    The one with passionate soul and reserved nature, will keep calm, stritct and ambitious throughout the life.

  • Judhail

    the descendant of Goda, The person who lives with and after us, Who will help everyone, keep happy everyone

  • Kaamran

    Prosperous; Successful; Blessed; Fortunate; A variant of name Kamran

  • Kacper

    Kacper means Treasurer

  • Kamran

    Kamran name means Fortunate and Successful

  • Kamshad

    Kamshad means Desire, A wish that is happy

  • Kamyar

    Kamyar means Is Successful

  • Kardar

    Karad means Experienced

  • Kaspar

    Kaspar means Treasuer

  • Kasper

    Kaser means A treasured secret

  • Kava

    Kava name means Hero of Ancient Times

  • Kaveh

    Royal; Ancient Hero; A Character in Shahnameh;

  • Kayan

    Kayan means Important Person

  • Kayvan

    Kayvan means The Universe

  • Keshwar

    A country or a territory, a state, ruled by a king

  • Keyvan

    Keyvan name means Universe

  • Khashar

    The name means brave Boy

  • Khawaja

    Mister; A Spiritual Title; An Iranian title for Master, Lord

  • Khortdad

    The name means Man without a Flaw

  • Khusro

    King; Ruler; A variant of Khusru

  • Khusru

    King; Ruler; A variant of Khusro

  • Khwaja

    Khwaja means a Maser, He Who Owns

  • Kiyan

    The name means Royal One

  • Korosh

    Korosh means Young

  • Kourosh

    First King of Iran; The Sun; Historically translated into English and Latin as 'Cyrus'

  • Ksathra


  • Kurus

    Name of many Persian Kings and Rulers

  • Kushaada

    Having a lot of capacity, capacious

  • Ladarius

    The name means The Upholder og God, The One who Protects

  • Mah wash

    A person with the face pretty as the Moon

  • Mahafuzur

    The one whose heart and love belong to the sea

  • Maihtab

    He whose face shines like a Moon

  • Maisil

    One who is a born warrior; accepting being

  • Masih

    Persian name for Christ. A Person that is blessed

  • Meghdad

    The justice of the Heaven

  • Mehtaar

    One who cleans, a cleaner

  • Melchor

    The monarch of the nation, the one who has higher authorities all over the land.

  • Mihran

    A rain of kindness by Almighty

  • Milad

    In Persian it means the 'Gift of the Sun'. In Arabic it refers to the birth or birth date.

  • Miran

    A Ruler or a leader

  • Mirja

    A highly ranked nobleman

  • Mirsab

    The dear King or the respected ruler

  • Mirza

    A nobleman with the high rank, a respected person

  • Mohammadreza

    Excellent in drawing, highest quality of Art talented person

  • Mohsen

    The person who has a physical appearance of black skin.

  • Mokammel

    A sweet heart, dear, the one who is pleasant and appealing.

  • Morocco

    A land that belongs to the God. Name of an African country

  • Morteza

    The one who is chosen among many

  • Mukhtar

    The chosen one.

  • Mursalin

    Messengers, or message-bearers

  • Naasah

    The one who gives advices about difficulties.

  • Naase

    The one who is chromatically pure.

  • Naasih

    Expert in giving advice to others.

  • Nabibakhsh

    Something given by the Prophet

  • Nabibukhsh

    A portion of the Prophecy

  • Nabibux

    Provided by the Prophet of Almighty

  • Nahro


  • Namdar

    A famous person, known to all

  • Naraiman

    The faith and the brightness

  • Narbir

    Unpleasant stern, rough taste, very difficult to accept or bear

  • Nareeman

    The brightness of the faith

  • Nariman

    The brightness of faith

  • Narin

    Gentle, tender, fresh

  • Naushaad

    The happiest person, very cheerful

  • Niaz

    Talents or skills or gifts from God.

  • Nirmaldharam

    The bright light of something

  • Nirupa

    Bright nimble.

  • Nirvaan

    The child who was born to this world joyfully.

  • Nizamuddin

    One who looks after the religious arrangements

  • Nizamulmulk

    The governor of a country

  • Noorulain

    Concord of eyes or nimble of eyes.

  • Norul

    The bright light of something

  • Nouman

    Flower beds

  • Nouri

    Bright nimble.

  • Noushzad

    The child who was born to this world joyfully.

  • Orang

    One who has wisdom, creative nature and clever

  • Painda

    A wise and intelligent man.

  • Parvage

    One who is born fortunate and always wins

  • Parvaiz

    One who comes out victorious

  • Parveneh

    The one who is like a butterfly

  • Parviz

    Lucky; Fortunate; Victorious;

  • Payam

    One who an interesting message

  • PaÅ¡aga

    Higher rank official in the Ottoman Empire

  • Pedram

    One who is successful in life

  • Pejman

    Desire; Wish; Broken-hearted; Sad; An Islamic surname; A variant of name Pezhman

  • Peyman

    One who has made a promise and an oath

  • Pirzada

    He is son of a saint

  • Poria

    A Persian mythical Warrior's name

  • Pouyan

    To Search; Searcher; To Seek; Seeker; To Run; Runner

  • Ramak

    Delighting; Gratifying; Sporting; Happy; Joyous

  • Ramin

    A Persian name and a variant of name Rameen which means Joyful or tamer

  • Rashan

    One who has good sense of judgement; A variant of Rashn which is the name of the angel of justice in the Pahlavi language

  • Reza

    Arabic word for 'consent, agreement'. One who is content; A variant is Rezah

  • Ronaq

    One who is luminous and fresh

  • Rostam

    A hero fighter from a Persian legend

  • Rustam

    A tall and strong free man

  • Saadee

    The lord or the master

  • Sabghta

    Color given by Allah, true faith,

  • Saeed

    Happy; Fortunate; Felicity; A variant spelling is Sayid

  • Safan

    He who is brave, bold, and courageous,

  • Sahasan

    One who is the finder of Sasani dynasty

  • Sajeel

    Alluring and beautiful person

  • Samsher

    One who is like a sword

  • Shad

    Commanded by aku

  • Shadhan

    A joyfull, happy person

  • Shah

    A surname meaning King

  • Shaheen

    One who is liek a royal falcon

  • Shaheryar

    He is the king

  • Shahjahan

    He is the King of the World

  • Shahkam

    As the King wishes

  • Shahou

    The best and most valuable pearl. A variant of Shahu.

  • Shahpur

    Prince, son of a king.

  • Shahrdad

    He is the town's gift

  • Shahrokh

    One who has a royal face

  • Shahrooz

    One who is like a great river

  • Shahruz

    One who is like a great river

  • Shahryar

    A Kingly person

  • Shahu

    The best and most valuable pearl

  • Shahyar

    A friend of the King

  • Shahzore

    A powerful kingly person with great strenght

  • Shahzuina

    A kingly one

  • Shamshad

    A tree that looks like a pine

  • Shamsher

    His choice of weapon is the Sword

  • Shamshera

    One who choses the Sword

  • Shayan

    A person who is worthy and deserves good things in life

  • Sher

    Persian name meaning lion

  • Siavash

    One who is a keeper of dark horses

  • Siavosh

    A name of the character in Shahnameh

  • Simin

    One who is made of silver

  • Siyamak

    One who enjoys solitary

  • Siyavash

    One who has many black stallions

  • Soheil

    To be on the same level, to be even

  • Sohrab

    One who is a hero, a living legend

  • Soroush

    He who is a happy man

  • Tabnak

    Hot too much appealing

  • Tahib

    Observing someone or something closely

  • Tahmaseb

    Name of character in Shahnameh

  • Tahmores

    Resembling a strong wild dog

  • Taimur

    Iron, as strong as iron.

  • Tajbakhsh

    Protector of the king

  • Tajwar

    King who is crowned, who has the power, the ruler

  • Tamerlan

    A man of iron

  • Tirdad

    Name of a character in Shahnameh

  • Tooraj

    A brave man, founder of Turan, Central Asia from Persian mythology Shahnameh

  • Touran

    The land or Tur, an ancient Persian kingdom

  • Varten

    Rose giver

  • Waaiz

    Preacher, or advisor

  • Warqah

    Name of a dignitary in the Quran.

  • Wuhaib

    A gift or present.

  • Yahya

    The almighty is gracious

  • Yar

    A companion or friend.

  • Zakariya

    God has remembered

  • Zaryab

    Rich, Wealthy; Liquid Gold; Colloidal Gold

  • Zerin


  • Zubeen

    Something that touches the sky.

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