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Pashto Boy Names

  • Aghala

    A girl with a pleasing personality

  • Amail

    A necklace or a neck adornment

  • Amu

    Amu is the name of a river that encompasses Central Asia.

  • Andam

    Something that lasts forever or till eternity

  • Angar

    Ember or a piece of glowing or burning coal or wood in a dying fire.

  • Armaghan

    Gift or a gift of God

  • Asfand

    Asfand is the Pasto version of Esfandiy?r. It means a king or a brave hero

  • Awalmir

    A person capable of being a prime chief or leader

  • Azmaray

    Azmaray is the Pashto version of Zmaray and means lion.

  • Babrak

    Babrak is the Pashto word of the little basilica flower

  • Bacha

    Bacha, also the name of a famous Pashtun leader, means king

  • Badam

    It is Pashto for almond.

  • Bahramand

    A person who brings happiness wherever he goes, fortunate and thriving

  • Bahrawar

    Someone with a big heart

  • Balach

    One with beautiful locks of hair

  • Balay

    Cornice or a hanging mass of hardened snow at the edge of a mountain or cliff

  • Barlas

    The one born with a strong, powerful and authoritative nature

  • Baryal

    One who grows up to be strong and brave

  • Baseer

    Born with a great vision

  • Batoor

    One who is brave, courageous, valiant and fearless

  • Bazgar

    An occupational name, meaning peasant

  • Beroj

    Beroj is the name of a gemstone found in Kunar, aquamarine

  • Dagar

    A term used for an open space or battlefield in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

  • Darab

    Admiral or the senior most commander of a navy or fleet.

  • Darman

    A medication, medicine or a remedy

  • Darwesh

    In Pashto, Darwesh is a term used for mystics

  • Daryab

    Daryab is a variation of Darya and means river

  • Diyar

    Diyar is a type of wood obtained from Cedrus deodara tree

  • Droon

    One with a respectable personality or heavy or literary

  • Faridun

    One who is three times strong. It's also the name of a character in Shah Nama.

  • Gahez


  • Gedi

    A bunch of beautiful flowers

  • Ghakhtalay

    One who is strong and powerful

  • Ghamay

    Name of a precious stone in Pashto

  • Gharsanay

    One belonging to the mountains

  • Ghatool

    Name of tulip flower in Pashto

  • Ghazan

    Ghazan is Pashto for Ghazi. It's the name of a holy war fighter

  • Ghilji

    Son of mountain. It's the name of the largest Pashtun confederacy

  • Ghorzang

    Long strides or panther's strides

  • Gogal

    One with high vocal cords

  • Gran

    One who is dear and beloved to the heart

  • Jandol

    Jandol is the name of place in Pashtun Khwa.

  • Karwan

    Caravan, a vehicle equipped for living in.

  • Khaan

    Khaan means Ruler, He who is The King

  • Khaghalay

    Also pronounced as Shaghalay, Khaghalay means honorable or noteworthy

  • Khak

    Khak is a Pashto term used to denote humility

  • Khalo

    Black beauty marks or adorned with Khal's

  • Khialay

    One who is smart, wise and intelligent

  • Lajbar

    A Pashto name for a precious stone

  • Lmar

    Pronounced as Almar, Lmar means sun.

  • Mahamadou

    A praiseworthy and admirable individual

  • Malang

    Mystic, saint, someone who is extremely passionate about something

  • Malyar

    An occupational term for gardener

  • Minatbar

    A boy who is grateful and appreciative

  • Nangial

    An honorable and respectable person

  • Noomyalay

    The one destined to be famous

  • Nufail

    Gracious or gracious to the Almighty

  • Olasyar

    People's friend, one with a friendly disposition

  • Pamir

    Pashto term for mountain range

  • Pasoon

    A person who is upright and always stands for defense

  • Patman

    Honorable man. It's derived from the elements 'pat' which means honor and 'man', which means self.

  • Paywastun

    Connection or someone who connects on a deeper level

  • Perzo

    A person who wishes well for everyone, deserving

  • Psarlay

    The name denotes the month of spring

  • Qajeer Gul

    Qajeer means presentable or something that has least degree of negative criticism, Gul means flower, Qajeer Gul is a term of endearment used by mothers to express love for their children

  • Reshteen

    Of truthful nature and character

  • Sabawoon

    A Pashtun term for dawn or morning

  • Sahar Gul

    Morning flower

  • Samsor

    Fresh, ripe, blooming and flourishing

  • Sial

    A man of equal status, or competition

  • Tirich

    A shadow or darkness, A valley from Mulkow

  • Toryal

    A promising sword fighter

  • Wadaan

    A boy destined to be wealthy and prosperous

  • Wakdar

    A man of high authority.

  • Yaqut

    Name of a gem found in Swat

  • Zalaan

    Something that is shining, sparkling, radiant and outstanding

  • Zaram

    A child who is unique or one in thousand

  • Zgard

    One who leads his life without fear

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