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Pakistani Boy Names

  • Atfat

    Affection, compassion.

  • Atheel

    One who is high in status or nobility.

  • Attaf

    Protector of the weak and oppressed.

  • Auraq

    Dust colored, or sand colored

  • Awadil

    Justice and fairness, one who is fair and just.

  • Awamil

    Active, effective, or one who has a role.

  • Awamiri


  • Awan

    Moment, or time

  • Awani

    Helper, or supporter

  • Awj

    Height, pinnacle, top

  • Awlya

    Good friend and companion.

  • Awmar

    Long-lived, one who has a long life

  • Awrad

    Rose colored, or rosy, one with healthy and youthful looking skin.

  • Ayamin

    One who is blessed, the blessed one.

  • Aysar

    One who is better off, or living better.

  • Ayyubi

    One who is like prophet Ayyub, patient, humble and virtuous.

  • Azban

    Fresh and sweet. A variant of Azeeb.

  • Azeeb

    Fresh and sweet

  • Baashir

    One known for his bravery and loyalty.

  • Badawi

    Bringer of good news or good tidings

  • Bairbel

    Precious gem stones.

  • Bambad

    Early morning.

  • Berezat


  • Birousk

    Light or radiance.

  • Bizhan

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Buraid

    A noble man.

  • Chamali

    The one who serves water.

  • Changaz

    An extremely brave man.

  • Charlesh

    Chief of the tribe.

  • Chashida

    An experienced man.

  • Chawish

    Leader of the tribe.

  • Cheragh


  • Darain


  • Dastageer

    Helper or supporter

  • Dayyaan

    A mighty ruler, judge , protector,

  • Durab

    A big door.

  • Ejlaal

    To honor, To exalt

  • Elaf

    Safety, or security

  • Esfandyar

    Name of a character in Shahnameh.

  • Etizaaz

    To become mighty, to become honored.

  • Fahmi

    An understanding man.

  • Fazli

    Kind, and graceful man.

  • Fidvi

    One who is ready to sacrifice himself.

  • Ghazanfer

    A brave man.

  • Gulfaam

    One who is rose faced.

  • Guney


  • Harnail

    One who comes from Harnai, a coty of Pakistan

  • Hazeem

    A wise and intelligent man.

  • Kachela

    A Surname for Samma Tribe people found along banks of Indus River in Pakistan

  • Khaan

    Khaan means Ruler, He who is The King

  • Mizhir

    A place that is filled with flowers.

  • Mourib

    One who is fluent and eloquent.

  • Muhallil

    One who pronounces the Testimony of Faith.

  • Muhazzim

    A person who defeats others.

  • Muzdahir

    One who is blooming, thriving and prospering.

  • Muzhir

    A plant whose flowers are opening or have opened

  • Rusul

    Messengers, Message-bearers.

  • Ruwaihim

    One who is kind, compassionate and forgiving.

  • Samama

    A person who is a campanion of the Prophet

  • Tadeen

    The one who informs.

  • Tafazal

    Old age, an aged man.

  • Tahmaseb

    Name of character in Shahnameh

  • Tahoor

    The one who purifies.

  • Taial


  • Taisir


  • Tarfaan

    The one who translates.

  • Tawkeel

    To trust in God.

  • Tirdad

    Name of a character in Shahnameh

  • Tishk


  • Urrab

    The one who is eloquent and fluent.

  • Vahar

    The season spring.

  • Xobeen


  • Yadid

    A beloved friend.

  • Yafir

    The one who leaves a mark.

  • Yamar

    Life, alive.

  • Yashem

    A green leaf.

  • Yazan

    A determined man.

  • Yazeed

    He who makes progress.

  • Yeraz


  • Yergha

    The one who strikes.

  • Yesoob

    A guiding person.

  • Yureed

    Want, desire.

  • Zabir

    One who vast knowledge of religion.

  • Zahaar

    Florist, or flower seller.

  • Zahri

    Flower-like, or fresh and good looking like a flower

  • Zahrun

    Blossom, or flower

  • Zahur

    Radiant and brilliant.

  • Zarar

    A strict, but wise person.

  • Zauqi

    Enthusiastic, or full of life.

  • Zaweel

    Motion or activity

  • Zayyir


  • Zerdad

    The one who donates.

  • Zewad

    A respected man.

  • Zimran

    A person who prunes, trains, and cultivates vines.

  • Zuwayhir

    Radiant, and luminous

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