Oriya baby Boy names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Oriya Boy Names

  • Haihaya

    The Horse,Name of a race and a king

  • Ilesh

    Lord of the earth

  • Jignesh

    an intllectual Boy who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.

  • Praval

    A fierce and strong individual

  • Priyabrata

    A devoted pleaser

  • Priyaranjan

    A dearly beloved individual

  • Pyaremohan

    Lord Krishna's name

  • Saadar

    Respectful, respected

  • Saadhik


  • Saadhin

    Work or achievement

  • Saagarik

    Belonging to the ocean.

  • Subratah

    A man devoted to doing the right thing

  • Taalish

    Lord of earth

  • Taayin


  • Takshin

    Wood cutter

  • Tanip

    The sun

  • Tantra


  • Uchadev

    One of the names of Lord Vishnu.

  • Uchith


  • Udai

    To rise, the rising

  • Udanda

    Nemesis of evils and vices.

  • Udant

    The correct message

  • Udar


  • Udarathi

    One of the names of Lord Vishnu.

  • Udarchis

    A name of Lord Shiva.

  • Udayachal

    The eastern horizon.

  • Vaalaky

    Name of one of the Kauravas.

  • Vaaridhar


  • Vaathavega

    Name of one of the Kauravas.

  • Vaayu


  • Vachasya

    One who is well spoken of, or celebrated

  • Vadivel

    One of the names of Lord Murugan.

  • Vagadheeksha

    The lord of spokesmen

  • Vaibudh

    Belonging to the Gods, divine

  • Wasan


  • Wedant

    Knower of the Vedas, One who knows all the vedas.

  • Yaachan


  • Yaaja

    One of the names of Lord Shiva.

  • Yaamir

    The moon

  • Yaamya

    One of the names of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.

  • Yaashk


  • Yaashvan


  • Yaatiesh

    Lord of devotees

  • Yadab

    Yadab is the Oriya version of Yadav. It's one of the names of Lord Krishna and means descendent of Yadu.

  • Yadhav

    A variation of Yadav, meaning descendant of Yadu.

  • Yadhavan

    One of the names of Lord Krishna, meaning descendant of Yadu.

  • Yadhu

    Name of an ancient Indian king.

  • Yadnya

    The holy fire

  • Yagnakaya

    One who accepts all the sacred and sacrificial offerings.

  • Yajat

    One of the many names of Lord Shiva

  • Zaiyaan

    Bright and graceful

  • Zeehan

    Brightness or whiteness

  • Zitin

    Little shinning spark, or a brightly, shining star.

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