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Old English Girl Names

  • Acheflow

    White flower

  • Albiona


  • Alveena

    The high one who is liked and loved by all and is a recognizable magical friend

  • Ashalee

    One who dwells near Ash tree forest

  • Ashleigh

    An old english version of ash wood

  • Ashlye

    An Ash meadow; one who is God's clone

  • Astolat

    Lady of Shalott

  • Audreen

    A noble strength

  • Baleigh

    It means a bailiff. It symbolizes a man who follows the law.

  • Bedegrayne

    Name of a castle in Arthurian legend.

  • Blancheflour

    White flower

  • Blendenna

    Probably from german 'blenden' or old english 'blendan', both meanind 'blinding, dazzling'

  • Blennie

    Short for 'Blendenna', from german 'blenden' or old english 'blendan', 'blinding, dazzling'.

  • Branwyn

    Name of Ilyr's daughter in Arthurian legend.

  • Camelot

    Name of Arthur's castle.

  • Chadley

    A fiery person who is a born warrior

  • Chelle

    One who is like the God

  • Chelsae

    Landing place of chalk

  • Chelsay

    A landing place; self reliant

  • Chelsea

    A chalk wharf

  • Chelsee

    Landing place

  • Chelsey

    A modern name

  • Clarissant

    Name of Gawain's sister

  • Corlee

    Generous and happy; jolly, cheery and animated in behaviour

  • Corlie

    One who is carefree and cheerful; a nonchalant happy go lucky person

  • Corly

    Cheerful and nonchalant; A good hearted and serene person

  • Cotovatre

    Name of a lake

  • Daena

    One from Denmark

  • Daisia

    Another name for daisy

  • Dasie

    One with stable personality

  • Dawnetta

    First appearance of daylight

  • Dayla

    A silent valley

  • Daysi

    Name of a flower; lovely

  • Denni

    The one who follows Dionysius; passionate

  • Dilliana

    An idol of God; divine sage

  • Eadie

    An ambitious person.

  • Egberta

    A shining sword which has a lot of potential

  • Eidra

    Rich and powerful; with great responsibility

  • Elfredah

    A wise counselor of the Elves

  • Ellfreda

    One who is very powerful; an Elf

  • Elvenia

    the meaning of this name is elf or magical being or friend.

  • Elvina

    this name means elf or magical friend or noble being.

  • Elvine

    this name means good elf or magical being or friend.

  • Emmelyn

    the entire universe in symbolized by this name.

  • Emmersette

    a rich and powerful lady belonging to a well known house.

  • Enygeus

    Name of Percival's grandmother

  • Erda

    earth in German language.

  • Etha

    noble or honourable in old English.

  • Ethelyn

    an Old English word for noble.

  • Ethyl

    a feminized old English word meaning noble.

  • Ethylene

    an archaic old English word which means noble.

  • Ethyll

    an ancient word of Old English which has the meaning noble.

  • Flint

    A hard stone which produces sparks on rubbing, to make fire; a stream

  • Foxglove

    Name of a flower called digitalis; Speculated to mean 'fairies' music'

  • Freadeyweed

    A name which means peace and harmony

  • Freawaru

    Made up of 'Frea'+'Waru' meaning the war resolver or bringer of peace

  • Frisewide

    One who is at peace and is strong

  • Guanhamara

    Name of Arthur's queen

  • Gwenddydd

    Name of Merlin's sister

  • Gwenhwyfach

    Name of Guinevere's sister

  • Hailea

    Food Meadow, Hay clearing

  • Hailey

    Variant of Hayley, the place name in Oxfordshire

  • Haily

    Alternate trendy spelling of the traditional Hailey or Hayley

  • Halie

    hay meadow, Variant of Hayley

  • Harlee

    An altrnate to harley

  • Harleen

    Feminine of harley

  • Hartlee

    stag meadow

  • Helsin

    Name of Lancelot's mother.

  • Henlee

    From the high wood land

  • Henleigh

    From the for above ground field

  • Herzeloyde

    Name of Percival's mother

  • Holleigh

    The Holly Tree

  • Igerne

    Name of Arthur's mother.

  • Isoude

    Name of Tristan's mother.

  • Lausanne

    Lake Geneva

  • Lidoine

    Name of Cavalon's daughter.

  • Liobgytha

    Old English name

  • Liuilda

    One who has many desires

  • Luuedei

    One who is eager for knowledge

  • Lyonesse

    Name of Gareth's wife.

  • Morgawse

    Name of Gawain's sister

  • Nimiane

    The Lady of the Lake

  • Popelina

    A very rare Medieval English name

  • Prydwyn

    Name of Arthur's ship

  • Silver

    A precious metal

  • Soredamors

    Name of Gawain's sister

  • Toriana

    A form of tori

  • Torrie

    A form of tori, tory

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