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Norwegian Girl Names

  • Aasta


  • Abellona

    The sun Goddess

  • Aegileif

    Daughter of Hrolf Helgason.

  • Agot

    A woman who is good hearted.

  • Angerboda

    A giant.

  • Angerbotha

    One who is giant.

  • Annbjørg

    Eagle protection

  • Annikin

    A form of Anne, meaning grace or mercy.

  • Anrid

    Wife of Ketil Fjorleifarson.

  • Arnbjørg

    A form of Annbjørg, meaning eagle protection.

  • Ashilda

    A variant of Ashild, meaning god fighting.

  • Astlyr

    Divine strength

  • Astryd

    Divine strength.

  • Asvor

    Wife of Asrod.

  • Asvoria

    One who is divinely prudent.

  • Aud

    Desorted or isolated

  • Audhilda

    Rich warrior woman.

  • Audhumbla

    Name of a giant cow that nursed Ymir.

  • Audney

    New found wealth.

  • Audny

    New prosperity

  • Auduna


  • Aundy

    New founded prosperity.

  • Ã…shild

    A brave and fighting woman.

  • Beret

    A glorious and bright individual

  • Bergdis

    The spirit protection.

  • Bergliot

    Helpful light

  • Bergthora

    Thor's spirit.

  • Bestla

    Mother of Odin.

  • Bifrost

    The bridge from earth to Asgard.

  • Birget

    A protecting woman.

  • Bodile

    A fighting woman.

  • Bodilla

    A variant of Bodile, meaning a fighting woman.

  • Borghilda

    Wife of Sigmund. A variant of Borghild.

  • Brisingamen

    Freya's necklace.

  • Brunnehilde

    The armored and fighting woman.

  • Bryngerd

    The mother of Tonguestein.

  • Brynhilde

    The armored fighting woman.

  • Dagrun

    A secret lore

  • Dalr

    From the valley.

  • Diss

    One who is spirited .

  • Dordi

    A gift from God.

  • Dorte

    God's gift.

  • Eir

    Name of the goddess of healing.

  • Ellisif

    Consecrated to god.

  • Ericka

    a feminized form of the name Erick meaning ruler of people.

  • Erika

    a feminized form of the name Eric meaning someone who rules the world.

  • Erikka

    a feminized word which means a ruler.

  • Erkengota

    an ancient character of mythology.

  • Ernaline

    capable or serious or battle to the death.

  • Erneburga

    a historical figure in Yorkshire.

  • Errika

    one who rules eternally.

  • Eryka

    a feminized word which means someone who rules for eternity.

  • Estrith

    a royal person of Norway.

  • Fjorgyn

    Mother of Thor

  • Frøydis

    A name of the Goddess Frøy.

  • Frikka

    A peaceful ruler.

  • Garthf


  • Geirbjorg

    Sister of Bersi, the godless.

  • Geirrid

    Sister of Geirrod.

  • Gimle

    New heaven.

  • Ginnungagap

    The abyss that gives birth to all living things.

  • Gjalp

    A giant.

  • Gna

    Name of one of Frigga's ladies in waiting.

  • Grid

    Name of a wife of Odin.

  • Grima

    Feminine form of Grim. It means son of Njal.

  • Grimhilda

    Mother of Gudrun.

  • Grimhilde

    A variant of the name Grimhilda. It means mother of Gudrun.

  • Gudrid

    Divinely inspired wisdom.

  • Gullveig

    Name of a witch.

  • Gunhilde

    Battle maiden.

  • Gunnhildr

    A variant of Gunhilde, meaning battle maiden.

  • Gunnlod

    Mother of Bragi.

  • Guro

    Divinely inspired wisdom.

  • Guthr


  • Gydda

    Aggressive, Destructive, Forceful

  • Gytha

    Warlike, aggressive in doing everything

  • Haldana

    A woman who is Half Danish.

  • Haldora

    One who is half spirited.

  • Halla

    An unexpected gift, Half Protected

  • Halldis

    A firm helper

  • Hallfrid

    One who is half beautiful.

  • Hallgerd

    One who is half protected.

  • Haralda

    An army ruler

  • Hela

    Name of the goddess of the underworld.

  • Helja

    Name of a saga.

  • Herdis

    A group of warriors

  • Hildigunn

    A warrior woman.

  • Hiordis

    Second wife of Sigmund.

  • Hlif

    Mother of Atli.

  • Hrodny

    Mother of Hoskuld.

  • Hvergelmir

    The home of Nidhug.

  • Hyndla

    A giant

  • Hyrrokkin

    Name of an ogre.

  • Idona

    Norse goddess of the apples of eternal youth.

  • Idun

    One who is active.

  • Iduna

    She who is active in love

  • Inga

    The hero's daughter

  • Ingaberg

    Daughter of a hero.

  • Ingeborg

    Of the goddess Frøy

  • Ingigerd

    Name of Dagstygg's sister.

  • Ingjerd

    Of the goddess Frøy

  • Ingunn

    Of the goddess Frøy

  • Ingvild

    Ing's power

  • Jannie

    God is gracious

  • Kine

    Kine means She is of Christian Faith

  • Kjellaug

    Kjellaug means Coundron of the Holy Oath

  • Kjellfrid

    A beautiful kettle

  • Kjersti

    Version of Christina, means the Christian one

  • Kjerstin

    Kjerstin means She is the Follower of Christ

  • Lovise

    Famous warrior

  • Lull

    Woman who is a legendary soldier

  • Lulla

    A legendary female warrior

  • Marete

    Pearl, a variant of Margaret.

  • Nikolina

    One who achieves victory for people

  • Ragnfrid

    Of the Gods.

  • Rebekka

    A girl who traps and baits

  • Rebekkah

    She who traps and baits people

  • Regna

    To advise and to make a decision

  • Reidun

    One who bestows the home

  • Reka

    A mighty, distinguished person

  • Roønnaug

    House or woman

  • Ronja

    A daughter of a robber

  • Ronya

    She who is a daughter of a robber

  • Silje

    A deminutive of Cecilia, meaning a blind woman

  • Siw

    She who is a bride

  • Snefrid

    One who loves snow

  • Solfrid

    She is beuatiful like the Sun

  • Solveig

    She who has the strenght of the Sun

  • Svanhild

    She fights with ellegant moves like a swan

  • Sylve

    She who holds the strenght of the Sun

  • Tone

    A new thunder or storm

  • Tove


  • Tuva

    A beautiful lady, charming

  • Unn

    She who is loved

  • Valjeta


  • Vibeke

    Little woman

  • Vigdis

    The battle goddess.

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