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Norman Boy Names

  • Achard

    Medieval Norman form of Ekkehard. It means brave and hardy.

  • Aimablle

    Lovable, worthy of love

  • Aleksandru

    Norman form of Alexander. It means defending men.

  • Ancel

    Fortunate, blessed, happy

  • Anquetil

    Gods' or Aesir's cauldron

  • Archambault

    Precious or true and bold

  • Arlotto

    Vagabond or tramp

  • Athanasy


  • Auber

    Aesir's bear

  • Aumont

    Norman form of Ormond, meaning one who is protected by God

  • Azouf

    Aesir's wolf

  • Âbréhan

    Norman form of Abraham, meaning father of multitudes.

  • Bairon

    Young warrior, an aristocratic title similar to Duke or Earl.

  • Bate

    Norman diminutive of Bartholomew. It means son of Talmai.

  • Beauford

    Beautiful fortress

  • Bekkr

    Where the river narrows

  • Berislav

    To take, to gather

  • Blazh

    He who is sweet, pleasant and blessed.

  • Bogumir

    Bogumir is derived from the elements bogu which means 'god' and meru, which means 'great, famous' or miru 'peace, world'.

  • Boguslav

    God's glory

  • Borisu

    Snow leopard

  • Borivoi

    Battle soldier

  • Bozho

    A diminutive of Bozidar, meaning divine.

  • Bratomil

    Gracious and dear brother

  • Bratoslav

    Glorious brother

  • Bronislav

    Glorious protector

  • Brynjolf


  • Burdo

    Pilgrim, carrying a pilgrim's staff

  • Burnie

    Brenno's settlement

  • Burnouf


  • Cantrell

    Small bell

  • Chedomir

    Peaceful child

  • Chestibor

    Battle honor

  • Chestirad

    Honor, or happy or willing

  • Chestislav

    Honor or glory

  • Costello

    Son of Oisdealbhaigh

  • Daubeney

    Albinius' place

  • D’Aubigné

    From Albinus' place

  • Dicun

    A diminutive of Richard, meaning powerful ruler.

  • Didacus


  • Dmitrei

    Earth mother

  • Dobrogost

    Good guest

  • Drazhan


  • Elby

    Battle elf

  • Enguerrand


  • Ermo

    A diminutive of Erasmus. It means beloved.

  • Ernouf

    Wolf eagle

  • Fionne

    A white or fair person

  • Fionnghuala

    A fair-shouldered individual

  • Fionntan

    'White-inferno' or 'white-bull'; legendarily, the sole suvivor of Great Flood

  • Garbutt

    Spear or messenger

  • Garsea


  • Geoffroi

    Peaceful pledge

  • Gidie

    Medieval French form of Aegidius. It means young goat.

  • Gosse


  • Gostislav

    Glorious guest

  • Grigorii

    Watchful, alert

  • Guiscard

    Brave and hardy

  • Harou

    The army's wolf

  • Hastain

    High stone

  • Hersent

    aggressive, business nature,

  • Hopkin

    A form of Hob, meaning bright or fame.

  • Houlegate

    Hollow path

  • Hudde

    A form of Hugh, meaning heart, mind, spirit.

  • Ingouf

    God Ing's wolf, warrior

  • Jackin


  • Jaros?aw

    Fierce and glorious

  • Josse


  • Kresimir

    The name comes from Slavic elements kresu, which means spark, light, rouse and miru, which means peace, world.

  • Kyrilu

    Norman form of Cyril, meaning lord.

  • Lorencio

    A form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.

  • Lyudmil

    Favorite of the people

  • Mechislav

    Sword glory

  • Milivoj

    Gracious soldier

  • Milodrag

    He who is dear and precious

  • Milogost

    Gracious and dear guest

  • Milosh

    Gracious, dear

  • Mirche

    Peace, world

  • Mundzuk

    Jewel, bead

  • Myles

    Soldier or dear one

  • Ninoslav

    The name is derived from a Slavic elements, nyni which means 'now', combined with slava, which translates to 'glory'.

  • Osouf

    God's wolf or warrior. It's a variant of Ozouf.

  • Ozouf

    God's wolf, warrior

  • Petruccio

    A form of Peter. It means stone.

  • Premislav

    Trick, stratagem

  • Premysl

    Trick, stratagem

  • Pridbor

    First in battle

  • Quétel

    The sacred cauldron

  • Ragnulf

    Adviser wolf, warrior

  • Ratimir

    Peaceful war or battle

  • Renouf

    Adviser wolf

  • Roeland

    Famous land

  • Rothrock

    The weak one

  • Rotia

    Norman form of Roger, meaning famous spear.

  • Roul

    Famous wolf

  • Rousel

    Little red one

  • Ruger

    Famous spear

  • Samo

    Diminutive of Samuel, meaning told by God.

  • Sans

    Saintly, holy

  • Sobeslav

    Glory for oneself

  • Stace

    Short form of Eustace, meaning productive or fruitful.

  • Sture

    To be contrary

  • Svetopolk

    Blessed people

  • Svetoslav

    Blessed glory

  • Talbot

    Messenger of destruction

  • Temür


  • Thorgard

    The one who is under Thor's protection.

  • Thorgisl

    Thor's hostage

  • Thouroude

    Powerful by Thor

  • Tielo


  • Tikhomir

    Quiet and peaceful world

  • Tirel

    To pull

  • Tollemache

    Ringing of bells

  • Tougard

    A spelling variant of Thorgard. The one who is under Thor's protection.

  • Toutain

    Thor's stone

  • Turgis

    Thor's hostage

  • Unfrid

    The one who gives peace.

  • Varange

    Bottom of a boat

  • Varanger

    Nickname for sailor

  • Varangot

    Derivative of Varange. It means bottom of a boat.

  • Vasilii


  • Vast

    Stranger or guest

  • Vauquelin


  • Veceslav

    More glory

  • Vecheslav

    A variant of Veceslav, meaning more glory.

  • Velasco


  • Venceslaus

    More glory

  • Vernon

    Land of alder trees

  • Vitomir

    Lord of the peaceful world.

  • Vladimeru

    Great or famous ruler

  • Vlastimir

    Ruler of the peaceful world.

  • Voitsekh

    Voitsekh is obtained from the Slavic words voji 'soldier' and tekha solace, comfort.

  • Volodimeru

    A form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous ruler.

  • Volodislavu

    Glorious ruler.

  • Vratislav

    To return glory

  • Vsevolod

    All rule

  • Warburton

    From the fortress town.

  • Wilkin

    Resolute protector

  • Wilky

    Short form of Wilkin.

  • Wilmot

    Norman form of William. It means resolute protector.

  • Wischard

    He who is wise, brave and hardy.

  • Wybert

    He who is bright in battle.

  • Wymond

    Battle protector

  • Wyot

    He who is wise, brave and hardy.

  • Ximeno


  • Yarognev

    He who is fierce, energetic and full of anger.

  • Yaropolk

    The name is derived from Slavic elements yaru, meaning 'fierce, energetic' and pulku, meaning 'people, host'.

  • Yngouf

    God's warrior

  • Yrian


  • Zbignev

    To dispel anger

  • Zhelimir

    To wish for peace

  • Zuan

    God is gracious

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