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Nigerian Girl Names

  • Abebi

    We asked for a girl child.

  • Abidemi

    A girl born during father's absence.

  • Adaego

    Daughter of wealth

  • Adaeze

    Princess, daughter of the king.

  • Adaku

    A girl born into wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family.

  • Adankwo

    One born on fourth day.

  • Adaobi

    The first daughter in the family compound.

  • Adaolisa

    God's daughter.

  • Adaoma

    A good and virtuous lady.

  • Adaora

    Daughter of all

  • Adaugo

    Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.

  • Adaure

    Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.

  • Adefolake

    Your wealth supports us.

  • Aderiyike

    The pampered crown.

  • Ahunna

    One with the body of her father.

  • Akuada

    A girl born into a wealthy family.

  • Anwilichukwu

    God' s joy.

  • Anwuli

    Joy, a joyous and happy girl.

  • Anwulichukwu

    Joy of the lord.

  • Anwulika

    My joy is great or joy is greater.

  • Apunanwu

    A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.

  • Aretta

    A charming and enchanting woman.

  • Binyelum

    Stay with me.

  • Bolanile

    The wealth of this house.

  • Chiagozie

    God has blessed me.

  • Chiasoka

    God is too sweet.

  • Chiazokam

    God has saved me well.

  • Chibarameze

    God has made me a king.

  • Chibinobim

    God dwells in my heart.

  • Chibundo

    God is my shelter

  • Chibuogu

    God is my strength.

  • Chichima

    A sweet and precious girl.

  • Chinara

    Received by God

  • Chinechezirim

    God thinks good of me.

  • Chisimdi

    God says I shall live.

  • Daberechi

    Lean on God, one who is dependent on God.

  • Daluchi

    Thank God.

  • Daraja

    One who is valuable and important to everyone.

  • Ebunoluwa

    The God's gift

  • Ekemma

    One who was born on Eke market day.

  • Emilohi

    Only God is great.

  • Epkereamaka

    One who finds prayer is good and wonderful.

  • Eziamaka

    One who believes that good things are obtained by going out.

  • Ezichi

    Good God!

  • Ezinne

    The good mother.

  • Folashade

    Honor bestows a crown.

  • Ginika

    What can be greater than God?

  • Ginikanwa

    What is greater than a child?

  • Hassana

    Twin Girl (Nigerian)

  • Ibironke

    The family will love this child.

  • Idaramfon

    Happiness is free.

  • Ifechiluru

    What God has done.

  • Ifechukwu

    The light of God.

  • Ifedimma

    Something good

  • Ifeoluwapo

    God's love is plenty.

  • Ifeyinwa

    Nothing can be compared to a child.

  • Ifunanya


  • Ihuoma

    One who is favored.

  • Ihuomachukwu

    God's favor.

  • Ijeawele

    A smooth journey.

  • Ijemma

    A good journey.

  • Ijeoma

    A good journey in life.

  • Ileara

    A healthy child.

  • Imbiana

    Title of a unity song in Nigeria.

  • Iretomiwa

    Blessing has come to me, a girl who has brought blessings to her family.

  • Isioma

    One who is fortunate and blessed.

  • Isoken

    One who is contented with her destiny.

  • Iyawa

    Ability or skill. A skillful woman.

  • Jol

    Great lover of art and culture

  • Kairaluchukwu

    Let's leave it to God.

  • Kaisoluchukwu

    Let's follow God.

  • Kamfeechukwu

    Let's worship God or let me praise God

  • Kamharida

    I shall not fall.

  • Kamsiyonna

    God has granted my request.

  • Kamtochukwu

    Let me praise God.

  • Kanyinulia

    Let's rejoice and have fun.

  • Karaluchukwu

    Let's leave it for God.

  • Kasarachukwu

    Tell it to God, one who always confides in God.

  • Kasiemobi

    Comfort me or console me.

  • Kesandu

    One who spreads life to all.

  • Kosarachi

    Tell it to God.

  • Lebechi

    Look unto God.

  • Lotachukwu

    Remember your God.

  • Makuachukwu

    Embrace God.

  • Mkpulunma

    A thing of beauty.

  • Mmasichukwu

    The will of God.

  • Mofoluwakemi

    Given for the Lord's blessing.

  • Naija

    The one from the Niger river

  • Nchekwube

    Trust in God.

  • Ndidi

    One who is patient.

  • Ngozichukwuka

    God's blessings are best.

  • Nneka

    My mother is the best in the world.

  • Nnenne

    Resembles mother's mother.

  • Obiageli

    One who is born into wealth.

  • Obioma

    The Charm of a King that wins over the hearts of others, One who can win with his charm.

  • Oluchi

    The work of god.

  • Oluebube


  • Oluwabusola

    God adds to my wealth.

  • Oluwafunbi

    God gave this to me.

  • Omolade

    Child of the crown.

  • Omorinsola

    The child who walks into wealth.

  • Orisa

    An angelic manifestation.

  • Osarogie

    God is the king.

  • Oyinlola

    Nigerian term, meaning wealth is sweet.

  • Rayowa


  • Sade

    Honor bestowes the crown

  • Somtochukwu

    Praise God with me.

  • Tambara

    A girl who is at ease.

  • Timilehin

    God is with you.

  • Tujuka


  • Udumelue

    Crowned with honor and pride

  • Ugoulo

    Pride of a home.

  • Uloaku

    Nigerian term for bank or house of wealth.

  • Yejide

    One who looks like her mother.

  • Yoruba


  • Zauna

    To be alive

  • Zikoranachidinma

    Show the world that Lord is good.

  • Zinachidinma

    Show that the Lord is good.

  • Zoputan

    The protector

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