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Nepali Girl Names

  • Babie

    Princess or queen

  • Baijanthi

    Name of a flower

  • Balapuspika

    The young blossom or the young flower.

  • Bhavaroopa

    One who is unique.

  • Bhavisana


  • Bilhana

    A woman of the dawn, of the morning

  • Binsa

    A woman who is fearless.

  • Biswabandita

    A name of Goddess Durga

  • Chaarumathi

    One who is beautiful and intelligent.

  • Chaha

    Love, wish or desire

  • Chantin


  • Chatushkarni

    One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Chenbagam

    Name of a flower.

  • Chimini


  • Chirashree

    A woman with everlasting beauty.

  • Chirasmi

    A long life

  • Daxa

    One who is clever.

  • Devna

    Godly or divine.

  • Dexa

    To teach

  • Dhanvi

    A woman who is rich and wealthy. One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Dhriti

    One who has courage and patience.

  • Ditya

    A name of Goddess Durga. It means answer of prayers.

  • Druhi

    Nepalese word, meaning daughter.

  • Eenakshi

    A doe eyed woman.

  • Eeshvi


  • Ehani


  • Etisha

    Beginning after the end.

  • Faalgunee

    The day of full moon.

  • Fatehjit

    One who is victorious in whatever he does.

  • Feba

    The source of light.

  • Feshikha


  • Fuli

    To bloom like a flower

  • Gamya

    A beautiful destiny.

  • Gavya

    Garden of God

  • Geetu

    Someone who's very special.

  • Gnapika

    An intelligent woman.

  • Griva

    A woman with a beautiful singing voice.

  • Hanit

    A beautiful diamond.

  • Hanka

    Grace or favor

  • Haral

    Time after the sunset.

  • Hasri

    One who is always happy and joyful.

  • Hitu

    Well wisher

  • Idha


  • Ihina


  • Ikroop

    One beauteous form.

  • Iniya


  • Ishya

    The season spring.

  • Ita

    Oil lamp

  • Izna


  • Kaneila

    Beautiful like a rose.

  • Kasmitha


  • Khyana

    Light or deity

  • Kopisha

    An intelligent and wise woman.

  • Kwina


  • Liniksha

    A lovable woman.

  • Liswini

    A beautiful woman.

  • Logaratchagi

    A woman with bright eyes.

  • Lopika


  • Lubania


  • Salmee

    A woman with calm disposition.

  • Sanjiya

    Love, beauty and brilliance.

  • Sanjona

    The creator.

  • Shanoli

    One who is kind hearted.

  • Sreva

    A good natured woman.

  • Tika

    In Navaho Indian it means Sun maiden. In Sioux it means Flower

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