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Native American Boy Names

  • Ahanu

    He laughs

  • Ahtahkakoop

    star blanket in Cree. This was the name of an early 19th-century Cree chief

  • Ahuitzotl

    Ahuitzotl was the eighth Aztec ruler, the Hueyi Tlatoani of the city of Tenochtitlan

  • Akando

    Ambush; has power and wealth

  • Akikta

    Work with determination; excels in everything

  • Alo

    Spiritual guide (Hopi)

  • Apiatan

    Native American - Wooden Lance;

  • Asahavey

    Bird Chief; a perfect leader

  • Aucaman

    Wild condor

  • Avonaco

    A lean Bear; they are travel lover

  • Axayacatl

    A water faced individual

  • Axe

    One who is the father of peace

  • Bidaban

    Beginning of Dawn; an excellent human being

  • Caiya

    To be near something

  • Calian

    He is a warrior of the life

  • Catahecassa

    Name means a Black hoof

  • Chasity

    A first born child

  • Chaska

    The first born son

  • Chaske

    The one who has cheerful and friendly personality

  • Chaytan

    A patient, diplomat and gentle individuals; Like a Hawk

  • Chayton

    The mighty Falcon

  • Cherokee

    Dawn; perfect time

  • Chesmu

    A rough, witty person

  • Cheveyo

    A warrior; soul warrior

  • Chogan

    Blackbird, a species of birds found in Europe and Asia

  • Chunta

    Cheating; to use unfair or fraud means for one's own benefit

  • Ciqala

    Small one; tiny one; little one

  • Cochise

    A type of wood; a well known warrior chief

  • Cuauhtemoc

    A falling Eagle

  • Cuauhtemotzin

    The one who falls like an Eagle

  • Cuba

    The centre of an island

  • Cuitlahuatzin

    Name of a far-off place

  • Cusa

    The one who provokes

  • Dakotah

    A friend of friends

  • Dasan

    A Chief

  • Dason

    A combination name

  • Dyami

    A majestic Eagle

  • Elan

    A friendly and lovely person; a tree

  • Elsu

    this means a flying falcon.

  • Enapay

    brave and powerful.

  • Ezhno

    One who lives in solitary

  • Goyahkla

    Goyakhla means the person who yawns. In other languages it means an intelligent and brave leader who knows how to lead properly.

  • Goyathlay

    Goyakhla means the person who yawns. In other languages it means an intelligent and brave leader who knows how to lead properly.

  • Hassun


  • Hiawatha

    Native American - Maker of Rivers

  • Hosa

    Native American - Young Crow; Little Raven; A variant of Hosah

  • Hosteen

    Native American - A title of respect for males;

  • Hotaama

    Native American - Gray , Brown; A variant is Hota

  • Hotah

    Native American - Gray , Brown; A variant is Hota

  • Hotha

    A man who is grey

  • Huslu

    One who is a hairy bear

  • Jacy

    He has a face of the Moon

  • Japa

    To chant

  • Kaneenawup

    The name means The One Who is sitting like an Eagle

  • Kele

    Kele means Sparrow

  • Keme

    Keme means Secret Thunder

  • Kenesaw

    Kenesaw means Grass, it is a name of the Mountin in USA, Georgia

  • Kennesaw

    Kennesaw means Grass

  • Knoton

    Knoton means One of the Wind

  • Koda

    Koda means The Allies, Partners

  • Kohana

    Kohana means Swift

  • Kuruk

    Native American - Bear; The names Kuruc and Kuruck are derivatives of Kuruk

  • Lalawethika

    A loud person. Name originates from the Shawnee tribe and means 'he makes noice'

  • Laneetees

    Big Elk

  • Lonato

    A Flint stone

  • Luta

    Native American - Red; A derivative of the name Lootah; It also has a meaning as Beautiful

  • Mahkah

    One who belongs to, is one with the Earth

  • Makya

    One who is an Eagle hunter

  • Maquilla

    An unclear, confused person

  • Matto

    A brave warrior

  • Meda

    Native American - Prophetess; Priestess; Edible Root; A variant name is Medah

  • Ouray

    One who is sharp as an arrow

  • Pahkakino

    A good and noble gentleman

  • Pallaton

    One who has strength and is a fighter

  • Pays

    One who is coming

  • Paytah

    One who is born out of fire

  • Pegalesharro

    A person who is like a man's chief

  • Piapot

    A person who understands the secret of Sioux

  • Powa

    A wealthy, rich person

  • Quanah

    Fragrant, sweet-smelling

  • Quannah

    One who smells sweet

  • Raini

    The creator

  • Roca

    Native American - Principal; Radiant; A variant is Ruca

  • Sahale

    One who is like a Falcon

  • Samoset

    One who walk over a lot

  • Shawree

    A cornstalk; a name given to a powerful Bear

  • Shilah

    He who is a brother

  • Shillan

    A brotherly one

  • Skah

    A white man

  • Tahmoh

    A name of Tanana origin of unknown meaning

  • Taos

    Place of red willows

  • Taregan

    One who resembles a crane

  • Tarhe

    He who has the strenght of a tree

  • Tasunke

    Native American name meaning horse

  • Tatanka

    A bull buffalo

  • Tattuye

    A fox

  • Tecumseh

    A panther passing across the sky

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