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Middle Eastern Boy Names

  • Abd al Alim

    Servant of all knowing

  • Abd al Bari

    Servant of Allah

  • Abd al Hakim

    Servant of the wise

  • Abd al Jabbar

    Servant of mighty

  • Abd al Matin

    Servant of strong

  • Abd al Qadir

    Servant of capable

  • Abd al Rashid

    Servant of the guided.

  • Abd al Sami

    Servant of all hearing.

  • Abd er Rahman

    Servant of the merciful one.

  • Abu al Khayr

    One who does good

  • Arqa

    One having refined tastes.

  • Arvio


  • Aymil

    Middle Eastern form of Emil, meaning excellent.

  • Badr al Din

    Full moon of the faith.

  • Barakaa

    Blessings or abundance.

  • Bassaym

    The smiling one.

  • Bassma

    A smile

  • Casildo

    The one who carries a lance.

  • Chakir

    The chosen one.

  • Chelem


  • Diya al Din

    Brightness of the faith.

  • Dymek

    Lover of earth.

  • Fadahunsi

    The king's favor

  • Fadel


  • Husam al Din

    Sword of the faith

  • Ikrimah


  • Issam


  • Itamar

    Island of Palms

  • Iyad


  • Izz al Din

    Might of the faith

  • Khentimentiu

    Mythical god of the dead's destiny

  • Khnurn

    Mythical reborn sun

  • Kibzaim


  • Kirjath

    City vocation meeting

  • Kishon

    Hard sore

  • Kolariah

    Voice of the lord.

  • Kolb

    From Kolb

  • Korah


  • Korian

    Name of a historian

  • Ksathra


  • Kyril


  • Lyron

    Song of mine, song that brings me joy.

  • Matek

    A form of Matthew, meaning gift.

  • Miksa

    A form of Maximillian, meaning greatest.

  • Mu'tazz

    One who is proud, mighty

  • Mufid


  • Muhtadi

    One who is rightly guided

  • Muki

    One who shines

  • Mulazim

    Tenacious, persisting

  • Muneer

    Splendid, shining

  • Muntasir


  • Murad

    Desired purpose, intention

  • Murat

    Wish come true

  • Murtadi

    One who is satisfied, content

  • Mushin

    A variant of Mohsin, meaning one who confers favors.

  • Mustapha

    The chosen one

  • Muta


  • Mutasim

    Adhering to God.

  • Muwaffaq

    One who is successful.

  • Muwakkil

    One who can be trusted

  • Ohannes

    A form of John, meaning God is gracious.

  • Sarni

    The elevated one.

  • Sefu


  • Seyyid

    Mister or sir

  • Shabaka

    Name of an Egyptian ruler.

  • Shaeen

    A royal white falcon

  • Sharifu

    One who is noble and honorable.

  • Shawar


  • Shebaro

    A gypsy boy of marriageable age.

  • Sukru


  • Syman

    A form of Simon, meaning listen.

  • Tavi

    A form of David, meaning beloved.

  • Tibon

    Lover of nature.

  • Todros

    The God's graceful gift

  • Ubaid


  • Ubaida

    Servant of God

  • Umarah

    A non-mandatory pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca.

  • Uriel

    My light, one of God's angels

  • Urwah


  • Usama


  • Uthman

    Name of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad.

  • Uwais

    A small wolf

  • Varten

    Rose giver

  • Wajdi

    Passion and love

  • Walliyullah

    Supporter of God.

  • Xantheus

    One who is golden haired.

  • Yael

    Mountain goat

  • Yakub

    God will protect.

  • Yaman

    Proper name

  • Yanni

    A form of John, meaning God is gracious.

  • Yasar

    Wealth, ease

  • Yasuf

    A form of Yusuf, meaning he will increase.

  • Yazdan

    One who is mild and merciful.

  • Yazid

    God will increase

  • Yishai

    A form of Jesse, meaning gift.

  • Yushua

    A form of Joshua, meaning God saves.

  • Zafeer

    One of firm and resolute intention

  • Zafir


  • Zahir

    A blooming flower.

  • Zaim

    Middle Eastern word for brigadier general.

  • Zakwan

    One who is intuitive.

  • Zamir


  • Zarif

    One who is humorous.

  • Zarif

    Elegant, graceful

  • Zavier

    A form of Xavier, meaning 'the house'.

  • Zayid

    Increasing, growing

  • Zeev

    Hebrew word for wolf.

  • Zehab


  • Zeki

    One who is clever and intelligent.

  • Zemar


  • Zephan

    Short form of Zephaniah, meaning treasured by God.

  • Zephaniah

    Treasured by God

  • Zevi


  • Zihayr

    Brilliant or shining.

  • Zimra

    The song of praise.

  • Zimraan


  • Zoltan

    Ruler or sultan

  • Zubayr

    Strong and powerful

  • Zuberi

    One who is strong.

  • Zuhayr

    Little flower.

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