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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Mee

Baby Names Starting With Mee

  • The following names are associated with Leo Rashi and Magha Nakshatra
  • Meehika Girl

    Mist, Fog

  • Meelan Boy


  • Meeli Girl

    Bitter, A meeting, To find

  • Meena Girl

    Precious blue stone, Fish, Jewel; Precious Gem

  • Meena; Mina Girl

    Precious blue stone; With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish; Enamel work

  • Meenadchi Girl

    Goddess Parvathi

  • Meenakshi Girl

    A women with a beautiful eyes, Fish eyed; Fish like eyes

  • Meenakshi; Minakshi Girl

    Goddess Parvathi; One with fish shaped eyes

  • Meenal Girl

    Precious gem, Stone; Precious Gem

  • Meenu Girl

    Fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing Love and peace over her surroundings getting pride to all, Paradise, A gem, Precious stone

  • Meenu; Minu Girl

    Precoius stone; A Gem

  • Meer Boy

    Chief, Worthy of admiration; Chief

  • Meera Girl

    Devotee of Lord Krishna, Ocean, Boundary, Poetess; a devotee of Krishna

  • Meera jasmine Girl

    Tamil cine star

  • Meeraja Girl

    Combination of Meenakshi & natrajan

  • Meerant Girl

    Meeras end. Lord Krishna Bhakt devotee, Meeras moment of merging into Lord Krishna, I.e. meera-ant: meeras end

  • Meeresh Boy

    Hindu God

  • Meerunalini Girl

    Lotus lover

  • Meet Boy


  • Meeta Girl


  • Meetaan Boy

    Friend for ever

  • Meetal Girl

    Friendly, Friendship, Sweet

  • Meethi Girl

    Truthful, Friend

  • Meethu Girl


  • Meethuna Girl


  • Meetika Girl

    People who are speak less and calm, Soft spoken

  • Meetraj Boy

    Kingdom of friends

  • Meetul Boy

    True friend, Balanced, Moderate

  • Meega Girl

  • Meehan Boy

  • Meeka Girl

  • Meeksha Girl

  • Meenachi Girl

  • Meenadevi Girl

  • Meenaja Girl

  • Meenakshini Girl

  • Meenakshy Girl

  • Meenakumari Girl

  • Meenalashan Boy

  • Meenalogini Girl

  • Meenalosani Girl

  • Meenaloshini Girl

  • Meenaroshini Girl

  • Meenatchi Girl

  • Meenatchy Girl

  • Meenathci Girl

  • Meenatshi Girl

  • Meennachi Girl

  • Meennatchi Girl

  • Meenuja Boy

  • Meenuka Girl

  • Meenumithra Girl

  • Meenusha Girl

  • Meenuya Girl

  • Meeraka Girl

  • Meeran Boy

  • Meeranga Girl

  • Meerasha Girl

  • Meerashine Girl

  • Meerathna Girl

  • Meerdhuva Girl

  • Meerthan Boy

  • Meerthana Girl

  • Meerthika Girl

  • Meerusha Girl

  • Meesha Girl

  • Meetali Girl

  • Meetha Girl

  • Meethan Boy

  • Meethana Girl

  • Meethra Girl

  • Meethun Boy

  • Meeya Girl

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