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Maori Girl Names

  • Ahere

    Bird snare

  • Ahorangi

    The name means enlightened in the Maori language.

  • Ahurewa

    A sacred place.

  • Aihe

    Dolphin in Maori language.

  • Aio


  • Airini

    Peace, a woman of a peaceful nature.

  • Aka

    Also known as, Affectionate

  • Akenehi

    Chaste and pure

  • Akona

    To enthuse

  • Ametihita

    Not intoxicated

  • Amiria

    Amiria is the Maori version of Amelia. It means 'hard worker'.

  • Anahira

    Archangel or angel

  • Aoatea


  • Aperira

    Aperira is the Maori form of April.

  • Aputa

    Open spaces

  • Aramoana

    Pathway to the ocean.

  • Aranga

    Maori word for Easter.

  • Arataki

    The leader, a man with leadership qualities.

  • Arihi

    A woman of noble kind

  • Arihia

    One who is noble and kind.

  • Arikiwi

    Cloak made of kiwi feathers.

  • Arona


  • Aronui

    Desire, or greatly desired

  • Arorangi

    To heaven

  • Ataahua

    A beautiful girl

  • Atarangi

    Morning sky

  • Awhireinga

    Embraced by the spirit world

  • Awi

    A Maori word for ivy.

  • Emere

    The name means rival in Maori language.

  • Epa

    An offering to the god.

  • Erihapeti

    Helper or supporter

  • Haeata

    Dawn in the Maori language.

  • Haeatatanga

    Light beam

  • Hahana

    Radiance, shine or brilliance.

  • Hauku

    Dew, as fresh as dew.

  • Haumiatiketike

    A guardian of the fern root.

  • Heeni

    Heeni is the Maori form of Jane. It means Jehovah has been gracious.

  • Hine

    Hine is a Maori word for girl.

  • Hinewai

    Water maiden in Maori mythology.

  • Hoana

    God is gracious and merciful.

  • Hokaka

    A desirable woman

  • Horowai


  • Huihana

    Maori word for lily or lotus.

  • Ihapera

    My God is a vow

  • Inia

    A body of water.

  • Iwa

    Yew or eve

  • Kaheru

    Digging instrument, or decorative wreath

  • Kahikatea

    Pine tree found in New Zealand. A variation of Kahikatea.

  • Kahikatoa

    Manuka or red pine tree

  • Kahu

    Harrier hawk, or cloak

  • Kahuiwi

    Cloak particular to a certain tribe in New Zealand.

  • Kahukura


  • Kakarauri

    Dusk, or garment of darkness

  • Kaori

    Kaori means The Rope of the Bird Snares

  • Katarine

    Katarine means The one who is Pure

  • Kiri

    The name means Tree Bark

  • Mahuika

    Mahuika is the name of the Maori Goddess of Fire.

  • Marama

    She is like the moon

  • Ngaio

    The image or mirror image on the water places.

  • Ngaire

    A silver-colored fern

  • Nyree

    The most praised person. The most graceful. of the Islamic Prophet.

  • Pania

    Name of a beautiful sea maiden in Maori mythology.

  • Pounamu

    A treasured gift.

  • Tino Aroha

    One who is loved and adored by all.

  • Whina

    Helper, a helpful and kind girl.

  • Wikitoria

    Victorious. A Maori variation of Victoria.

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