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Malaysian Girl Names

  • Aafiyat

    Health, freedom from illness.

  • Aarifa

    One endowed with great knowledge.

  • Aatiya


  • Aayizah


  • Abaasa


  • Adiputeri

    First daughter or princess

  • Aeni

    Original, pure, and true

  • Afeen

    Forgiveness or one of a forgiving nature.

  • Ajaar


  • Amaal

    Hopes and expectations.

  • Anoud

    Brave, strong and courageous.

  • Arwaa

    Softness, lightness

  • Azarnoush

    Right in faith

  • Bunga


  • Cahaya

    Light or radiance.

  • Cempaka

    Frangipani flower

  • Cik

    Malaya word for Miss.

  • Cucu

    A grandchild

  • Delima

    Ruby or pomegranate

  • Dhia

    Splendor or glow.

  • Dinihari


  • Esah


  • Hapsah


  • Haryati

    Malay word for desire.

  • Ibhar

    Open like the ocean

  • Ibrat

    Wisdom to learn from experience.

  • Ibtisama


  • Ihkam

    Excellence, or mastery,

  • Indeela

    Like a nightingale.

  • Izzati

    Respect, honor, prestige.

  • Jazaa

    Recompense, reward for good deeds.

  • Jenab

    Malay form of Zaynab, meaning a father's precious jewel.

  • Joyah

    Malay form of Zoya, meaning life.

  • Kasih


  • Kembang

    Flower, or blossom

  • Khatijah

    A name generally given to premature child.

  • Kuntum

    Flower bud

  • Latipah

    One who is gentle and kind.

  • Maarib

    End goals

  • Mabrura

    A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.

  • Maeen

    Spring of water

  • Maeena

    One who takes care of others.

  • Mahia

    Life and earth

  • Mahsuri

    The great queen

  • Mannal

    Attainment, or achievement

  • Marjia

    Desired, desirable, wished for

  • Masayu

    Gold or golden.

  • Mawiza

    Guidance, admonition, word of encouragement.

  • Mayang

    Palm blossom

  • Melur

    Jasmine flower

  • Mubaraka

    Blessed, sacred, and blissful.

  • Mubdia

    One who is smart, creative and innovative.

  • Muminah

    Feminine believer

  • Munah

    One who is favored by destiny.

  • Nazra

    Glow and happiness of a person's face.

  • Puspawati

    Female flower

  • Puteri

    Daughter or princess

  • Qiraat

    Recitation of the Quran.

  • Rabihaat

    Winners, acquirers

  • Rabihah

    Winner, achiever.

  • Rabwah

    Highland or hilly area.

  • Raqeema

    One who is intelligent and perceptive

  • Rosemah

    One who is as beautiful as a rose.

  • Rufqa

    Something that gives benefit.

  • Sajaf

    Veil or cover.

  • Sajjal

    Nice, fine, beautiful, well-arranged

  • Samyan

    Singular, unique, incomparable,

  • Sanabel

    Plant ears, plant spikes, ears of wheat.

  • Seniya

    One who is praiseworthy

  • Shanzey


  • Sibgha

    Color or dye.

  • Sidratul

    Cedar of the farthest point.

  • Sonbol

    Ear of wheat, ear of corn.

  • Soroushi


  • Suleika

    A variant of Zuleika. It was the name of wife of the king of Egypt.

  • Suriani


  • Suriawati

    Female sun

  • Surintan

    Queen or diamond

  • Taqdees

    Pure, sanctity and holiness.

  • Tasmia

    To mention the name of Allah.

  • Tembam

    One who is chubby and plump.

  • Tempawan

    Malay word for forge or weld.

  • Teratai

    Lotus, water lily

  • Tijah

    Malay form of Khadija, meaning premature child.

  • Tipah

    One who is gentle and kind. A form of Latipha.

  • Twaf


  • Uswah

    Brightness, or ray

  • Wadida

    One who is loving, and affectionate.

  • Waleeya

    Supporter, caretaker, companion.

  • Wardda

    Rose flower.

  • Wasfia

    Worthy of praise

  • Wasiya

    One who is gracious, patient, and powerful.

  • Wathiqa

    Certain, sure, confident

  • Wisama

    Beauty, attractiveness.

  • Zaheera

    Plant that has flowered.

  • Zaituna

    Olive tree

  • Zamira

    Lean, and fit

  • Zamrud

    Malay word for emerald.

  • Zulla

    Shade, especially the shade of trees.

  • Zumar

    Groups, throngs of people

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