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Latin Boy Names

  • Aace

    The word aace in America means Unity, it also implies to luck and excellence

  • Abott

    The father or the priest

  • Accola

    Neighbor or to live near.

  • Acer

    means Unity in Latin; A variant of name Ace

  • Achille

    Old Greek - Pain; Lipless; Variant of Achilles

  • Ackerly

    Who belongs from or dwells from acre meadow

  • Ackersley

    A dweller from the meadow of acres

  • Acklea

    One who dwells near the oak trees

  • Ackleigh

    A dweller near the oak tree meadows

  • Acklie

    One who works near the oak meadows

  • Adamus

    One who is made of red earth

  • Addamson

    The son or the offspring of earth

  • Adie

    Celtic - Little Fire; Hebrew - Man; Latin - Man from Hadria, dark one

  • Adiran

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adorjan

    Person from Hadria (Latin Origin); A variant of Adrian

  • Adragain

    The sea of ingenuity

  • Adrean

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adriaan

    A man from hadria

  • Adrian

    Water, or a sea of water

  • Adriano

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adrians

    From Adria

  • Adrianus

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adrien

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adrik

    One who is from Hadria, dark person

  • Adrion

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adron

    Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

  • Adryan

    A dark person, belongs to the Hadria

  • Adryen

    One who is of the Adria river

  • Aenheri

    The mother of Eleanor

  • Africanus

    The one who comes from Africa.

  • Agurys

    An ancient Roman religious practice

  • Agustin

    Latin - August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine

  • Aimablle

    Lovable, worthy of love

  • Ajurrum

    shining dawn

  • Albano

    Latin - Man from Alba ; A variant of name Alban

  • Albinus

    Latin - White; Blond; Fair One; A variant of name Albus

  • Aleksandrs

    Defender of men.

  • Alma


  • Aloysisus

    German - Fame and War French - Famous Warrior; Latinised form of the name Louis

  • Aloysius

    A strong and famous warrior with a conservative and reliable beings.

  • Alpine

    Latin - White; Blond; Fair One; A derivative of name Alpin

  • Alvy

    Variant of Alvin who is an intelligent friend of the elves and guardian of all

  • Amadeo

    Love of God; A variant of name Amadeu which is derived from Latin Amare 'to love' and Deus 'God'.

  • Amadeu

    Love of God; derived from Latin Amare 'to love' and Deus 'God'.

  • Amado

    Latin - Lover, Love of God ; A derivative of the Spanish name Amadeus and Amador

  • Amadou

    Praiseworthy who is the love of God filled with confidence

  • Amaro

    It means bitter and disappointed

  • Anders

    Old Greek - Man; Manly; Virility; Latin - Priceless; A variant of name Anderson

  • Anderson

    Scandinavian- Son Of Andrew; Latin - Priceless; Old Greek - Manly; Brave

  • Andonis

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; Greek - Man; Manly; A variant of name is Anthony and Andrew

  • Andrian

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant of name Adrian

  • Ante

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antek

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Anthon

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anton

  • Anthonie

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Anthonio

    The one who is worthy of praise and is a variation of Antonius

  • Anthonius

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Anto

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antoine

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antone

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonello

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antoni

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonin

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonino

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antonio

    Saint Anthony; worthy of praise

  • Antonios

    Another name of Saint Anthony; the one worthy of praise

  • Antonius

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Antony

    Variant of Saint Anthony; the one worthy of praise

  • Antonyo

    Saint Anthony; the one worthy of praise

  • Antwan

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Apollo

    The one who is very handsome and is also a name of Greek God

  • Aquilino

    Latin - Eagle; A variant of name Aquila

  • Ard

    Germanic - Eagle; Latin - Green Forest; A variant of the name Arden

  • Arda

    Latin - Green Forest; A variant of the name Arden

  • Ardan

    Latin - Green Forest; A variant of the name Arden

  • Ardel

    Latin - Eager; A variant of the name Ardell

  • Ardell

    Latin - Eager; The Variant names are Ardel, Ardelle and Ardele

  • Ardon

    Hebrew - Bronze; Latin - Green Forest; A variant of name Arden

  • Argus

    The one who sees all and is majestic

  • Atticus

    A person from Attica

  • Aubin

    Latin - Fair; White; Bright; Derived from name Albus; Variant of Albin

  • Aubyn

    Latin name meaning white

  • Augustina

    Huge and grand

  • Augustine

    Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; Derived from the element 'augustus' which means to increase

  • Augustino

    Grand and very huge like a magnificient

  • Augustinus

    Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine

  • Augusto

    Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine

  • Augustus

    Magnificient and splendid

  • Aurelien

    Latin - Golden Haired; A variant of name Aurelius

  • Aurelio

    Latin - Golden Haired; A variant of name Aurelius

  • Aurelius

    Latin - Golden Haired ; Derived from the elements 'aureus' meaning golden

  • Austin

    One who has a magic dignity; great person

  • Auston

    One who has a dignified and holy being; august

  • Austyn

    Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine

  • Avitus

    One who is ancestral property

  • Aymil

    Middle Eastern form of Emil, meaning excellent.

  • Balendin

    It means being brave, fierce and physically powerful.

  • Balint

    The name means strong and healthy.

  • Barivendus

    Latin name for Boys

  • Beanie

    Cat Like

  • Bellare

    Latin - To fight; Roman Goddess of War; A companion of War

  • Bendiks

    One who is blessed.

  • Benedict

    Blessed, sacred

  • Benedikto

    A variant of Benedict, meaning blessed.

  • Benesek

    Cornish form of Benedict, derived from Latin word benedictus, which means blessed.

  • Benigno

    Kindly, Good, Benign; A derivative from the Roman Imperial name Benignus

  • Benito

    Latin - Blessed; Variant of name Benedict

  • Bertalan

    son of Talmai, son of the one who

  • Beynish


  • Bivitas

    A person who leads a good life

  • Bonifacius

    He whose faith is good

  • Branch

    An extension, prolongment or addition

  • Brennus

    Ruler, prince or king

  • Brocagnus

    A man who is like a badger

  • Cabal

    A small secret group of people

  • Caellum

    The sky and the heavens

  • Caelum

    He is from the skies

  • Caesare

    A hairy man

  • Caius

    To be rejoicing

  • Calem

    He is like a dove

  • Calil

    A flow of the sounds in rhythm

  • Camillus

    He is of noble birth

  • Caranacus

    He who is loved and dear

  • Carantacvs

    A dear man

  • Caritas

    A giving man

  • Catamanus

    A latin male name

  • Cato

    An intelligent, brainy Boy

  • Caton

    A knowedgable Boy

  • Cay

    He who will rejoice

  • Ceasar

    A bluish-grey color eyed man

  • Cecil

    A blind man

  • Cecile

    He who is blind

  • Cecilio

    He is a blind one

  • Cecilius

    He is a blind man

  • Cecillus

    He is the one with no sight

  • Celeste

    A usual name meaning a heavenly body

  • Celestin

    A celestial body usually used as last name

  • Cenobio

    The one who rejects strangers

  • Cesario

    A hairy individual

  • Chanti

    The one who devices strategy and plans

  • Chauncey

    The one who gambles; a chancellor

  • Chente

    A positive planner

  • Chesten

    A camp

  • Chester

    A fortified place

  • Christianity

    One who believes that Jesus is the son of God

  • Christianityo

    One who is Christianity by birth

  • Christien

    Follower of Christ; annointed; Christianity

  • Christophorus

    He who is the Bearer of Christ

  • Christyan

    A follower of Jesus Christ

  • Cicero

    Chickpea; a pulse from the pea family; an edible seed

  • Cincinnatus

    One whose hair is curly; curly hair; hair with curls

  • Ciriacus

    Something that belongs to the Lord; of the Lord

  • Clarke

    A word for clerk; one who does small time work

  • Claudy

    Crippled or lame; one who cannot use his legs to walk

  • Clemmons

    Merciful; pitiful; forgives easily; tender

  • Clemo

    The Cornish diminutive of Clement or Clemence. It means mild or merciful

  • Coimagnus

    A majestci, grand man

  • Columbus

    A small white bird, Dove, used as a symbol of peace

  • Constantino

    Stable and constant; never undergoes any change

  • Corbin

    A black bird resembling crow; Raven

  • Corbit

    Black bird; the raven, a bird that looks like crow

  • Cordie

    One who sells ropes and chords; a rope seller

  • Cornelio

    A bony outgrowth that is usually seen in cattle like cows, buffalows, goat,etc

  • Cornelious

    Horns; a bony substance that grows on the body of certain animals

  • Cornellis

    A horn; a bony growth on the bodies of cattle

  • Corvus

    A raven; a black bird that resembles a crow

  • Costantino

    Constant; Steady; Diminutive of Constantin; Stable

  • Costel

    Constant; Steadfast; Diminutive of Constantin

  • Costentyn

    The Cornish form of Constantin. It means constant or steady.

  • Costica

    Stable; Steadfast; Diminutive of Constantin

  • Costin

    Constant; Steady; Diminutive of Constantin

  • Court

    Reference to the residence of the lord of a manor; From Old French'Yard or enclosure'; From English 'Small, Short'; Also refers to Courtier and court attendent.

  • Crispian


  • Crispin

    Derived from the Roman family name 'Crispinus'; CurlyHaired

  • Crispino

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of 'Crispin' meaning Curlyhaired

  • Cristo

    Spanish,Italian and Portuguese form of 'Christopher'; Follower of Christ; Also means Productive and efficient

  • Croston

    A farm or a settlement

  • Curt

    Derived from court; courteous

  • Cust

    To develop

  • Custanti

    Constant or steadfast.

  • Custantinu

    Sicilian form of Constantinus, meaning constant.

  • Cutler

    Sharp knife maker

  • Cy

    The master

  • Cyrus

    Far seeing young individual

  • Dacian

    Name of an ancient place

  • Dade

    Dark one

  • Damarcus

    The Lord of war

  • Damaris

    Super gentle being; Calf

  • Damas

    Near the coast

  • Daryus

    Persian King

  • Daxx

    The one who is at peace

  • Dean

    Chief of a valley; leader

  • Dedo

    A Lord; they are sympathetic beings

  • Delmer

    One who resides near a sea

  • Demarcus

    A soft and tender person

  • Demetrios

    A devoted individual; a friend

  • Dionis

    One who is the God of wine

  • Diuclezzianu

    Diuclezzianu is the Sicilian form of Diocletianus and means glory of Zeus.

  • Dobagnus

    A person who desires to be in position of a leader

  • Dominic

    Belonging to the all-mighty.

  • Dominick

    The one of the Lord

  • Dominico

    The Lords; one who is of the God

  • Donatus

    Given; Given by God; Present; Gift from God; Derivative from Donat

  • Dontae

    An enduring, nice, able and everlasting person

  • Donte

    They are contemporary and enduring people

  • Doss

    They are the hill top; one who lives on hill

  • Dovatocus

    A person who has a gentle heart and strong mind

  • Draco

    Dragon; one who is like a serpant

  • Drago

    A dragon who is precious and mighty

  • Duralabh

    An enduring and compasionate person

  • Duran

    A firm and enduring human being

  • Egidio

    A shield bearer; name of a brave kid

  • Egidius

    A youthful and mature individual

  • Elio

    One who has the power of Sun

  • Eliseu

    A salvation providing God; they satisfy

  • Elvio

    this name means someone who is blond or fair.

  • Emilian

    it means excellent or the desire to excel.

  • Emitt

    a powerful person known all over the universe.

  • Emlen

    someone who is eager or industrious.

  • Emlyn

    one who is eager for excellence or highly industrious.

  • Emrys


  • Enda

    bird or bird like.

  • Enemnogenus

    a fierce birdlike person.

  • Enyon

    The name is derived from Latin name Annianus. It means belonging to the gens of Annius.

  • Epifanio

    revelation of god.

  • Errol

    army commander.

  • Erroll

    someone who commands an army.

  • Esai

    a Spanish word meaning god is my salvation.

  • Esperanza

    Spanish word for hope.

  • Estibaliz

    something which occurs in the summer.

  • Etguino

    a name which has the meaning of forever after or till infinity.

  • Etguinum

    till eternity or forever or till the ending of time.

  • Eugenius

    a Greek name meaning well born or high born or nobility.

  • Eulalia

    a saint who got martyred.

  • Eustaquio

    a Spanish word meaning fruitful or productive.

  • Evandro

    a Latin word meaning good man.

  • Everild

    Latinized form of a 7th century saint's name.

  • Fabius

    A bean-grower

  • Falco

    Surname related to falconry

  • Faust

    One who is lucky

  • Faustinus

    A man of fortune

  • Favian

    A very brave man

  • Feliciano

    A young man who is lucky

  • Felicio

    He who is lucky in life

  • Felix

    A man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success

  • Festus

    He who is festive and full of joy

  • Fidel

    Latin - Faithful; Derived from the word Fidelis

  • Filius

    A male offspring; son; heir

  • Finis

    The End; the final one

  • Finja

    Fair, pale or white (Derived from Irish name Finn)

  • Finlay

    A fair and heroic warrior

  • Fiore

    A flower (Italian version of fiora)

  • Firaq

    The act of separating

  • Fisk

    A person who makes a livelihood out of selling fish

  • Fitzhugh

    Fitz+Hugh esentially means 'The son of Hugh'

  • Fitzsimons

    Basically, 'Fitz'+'Simons' means 'the male child of Simon'

  • Fiu

    It literally means 'son' or 'male child'

  • Flaede

    A person who prefers to stay by himself

  • Flavian

    A blond or light-haired Boy; Derived from Latin word 'flavus' meaning 'blond'

  • Fleda

    A fast-moving, swift and nimble-footed person

  • Florino

    A variant of 'Florian', the name means 'to bloom or flower'

  • Floris

    A form of Latin word 'Florus', it means 'flowers' or 'blooms'

  • Foivos

    Something pure and brilliant; bright one

  • Fons

    Derived from Spanish name 'Alfonso' it means someone noble and honorable

  • Fonsie

    Diminutive of Spanish name 'Alfonso', it means someone respectable and noble

  • Fonso

    Variant of Spanish name 'Alfonso' it means someone who is honorable and ready

  • Fortunat

    Modified from 'Fortuna', it means 'fortunate and happy'

  • Fortunato

    An anternant of 'Fortunat', it refers to a 'happy and luck-endowed' person

  • Fortunatus

    A person who is favoured by Lady Luck

  • Fortune

    Derived from the name 'Fortuna', it literally means 'luck' or 'fortune'

  • Fosco

    Derived from Latin word 'fuscus' which means something 'dull' and'dark-colored'

  • Franc

    Refers to a Frenchman; independent and noble

  • Franchot

    A Frenchman or a free individual

  • Francis

    The masculine word for 'Frances', it means 'hailing from France' or a free person

  • Francisco

    A variant of Latin name 'Franciscus' it refers to a Frenchman or a free man

  • Franciscus

    It represents The Frank or a man who has his roots in France

  • Franciskus

    German form of Latin 'Franciscus' and means 'a free man'

  • Franciszek

    It refers to a Frenchman or 'the free one'

  • Francizek

    Modified from 'Franciszek', it means 'the free man' or 'The Frank'

  • Franko

    Derived from Latin word 'Frank', meaning a 'Frenchman' or a free person

  • Franky

    A name referring to he who is 'free and of French origin'

  • Frans

    Referring to a man of French origin and who is free

  • Fransisco

    A Latin variant of 'Francis', it means a Frenchman who is free

  • Frany

    Free One; From France; A variant of name Franny

  • Fraunces

    An obsolete form of 'France' and refers to a Frenchman

  • Fulgencio

    Sparkling or shining.

  • Fulvio

    The one who is having red hair.

  • Furio

    Marked by extreme and violent energy.

  • Gabino

    Man originally coming from Gabium or Gabio.

  • Gaidar

    The one who expresses joy.

  • Gaius

    The one who is celebrated.

  • Galfrid

    The concord of God.

  • Gallus

    One of the fowls, rooster.

  • Gemine

    Latin - Twin; Third zodiac sign; Two brightest stars in the constellation, Castor and Pollux; Mythological twin sons of Leda.

  • Genero

    Refers to descriptive of all members of a genus.

  • Gerardus

    A firm spear that cannot be taken off

  • Germanus

    The male sibling born to same parents.

  • Gervasius

    The person who is always working with the spear.

  • Gery

    Name of an ancient Christianity saint.

  • Gilbertus

    Gilbertus is a Latin version of the name Gilbert. It is a male name and means Shining Pledge or Bright Pledge.

  • Gilebertus

    Gilbertus is a Latin version of the name Gilbert and means Bright Pledge. It is a male name.

  • Gilibertus

    Gilibertus is a Latin male name and means Brigh, Shinning Pledge,

  • Gillebertus

    Male name of Latin origin. The meaning of the name is Bright Pledge.

  • Gilroy

    Gilroy is a name of Scottish and Latin origin. It is a male name and means Serves the King.

  • Giustino

    Giustino means Fair

  • Glor

    The name Glor means Glory, Victory.

  • Gon�alo

    The Geniuous in Battle.

  • Graciano

    Latin - Pleasing; Grace; A variant form of name Graziano;

  • Gram

    They are independent, friendly and easily approachable. They are always happy to keep happiness for others.

  • Gramercy

    They are idealistic and love to live in dreams.They are understanding,hardworking and intelligent.

  • Grantley

    They are idealistic and love to live in dreams.They are understanding,hardworking and intelligent.

  • Grase

    In latin grase means beautiful and blessings.

  • Gratian

    Gratian means the person who is grateful. Gratful to lord or anyone.

  • Gratiana

    Gratian means the person who is grateful. Gratful to lord or anyone.

  • Gratiano

    Gratian means the person who is grateful. Gratful to lord or anyone.

  • Gregorija

    To watch

  • Gregorius

    Watchful; Vigilant; Alert; Derived from Greek name Gregorios

  • Grissom

    The one with clever mind, quick witted, excited, adventorous and inttelligent.

  • Guy

    In latin guy means a person who have a spirit of living this life happily.

  • Guyon

    In latin guy means a person who have a spirit of living this life happily.

  • Gwenel

    Blessed and Generous, They are good natured, approacable, blessed, and good natured.

  • Gwidon

    These are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.

  • Hadrian

    fascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.

  • Halian

    A variation of name Julian

  • Hannibal

    Grace, beauty, loveliness

  • Hast

    a Christianity, Hand

  • Hendrikus

    Lord's Manor; Home Ruler; A variant of name Hendrik

  • Henricus

    Latinized form of HEINRICH

  • Herbertus

    Brave Army

  • Hilario

    Latin - Cheerful; A variant form of the English name Hilary.

  • Hillyer

    From the Yard on a Hill; Hard Warrior

  • Hippocrates

    Powerful as a horse

  • Honor

    Latin - Honored; Honorable

  • Honorius

    Latin - Honored; Honorable

  • Horace

    Of Latin origin, meaning 'Hour in Time'; A variant of Horaz

  • Horatio

    A variant of Horaz; Hour in Time

  • Ilarion

    Bulgarian form of Hilarion, meaning happy.

  • Inclementia

    The Latin word describing 'cruelty'

  • Iuliu

    Romanian form of Julianus, meaning descended from Jupiter.

  • Jariath

    Latin - In Control; Tributary Lord; A variant transcription of Jarlath.

  • Jarlen

    Tributary lord

  • Jastin

    Latin - Just; Righteous; Fair; Judicious; A variant of Justin

  • Jean-François

    In Latin one who is not dependant, in Hebrew God concerns.

  • Jean-francois

    In Latin independent, in Hebrew God concerns.

  • Jermain

    A man from germany, one who is brotherly

  • Jermanus

    An armed man or a soldier

  • Jes

    An aristocratic person

  • Jhirmaine

    People with this name gives a clear sketch about the good business and are clever in nature.fine things in life. such people demand peace and They enjoy the company of friends and family.

  • Joannes

    Joannes is a Latin verion of the Hebrew name Yochanan that means God is grious. It is a male name, mostly represented in Christian religion.

  • Joceaume

    The name means Joy. It is a male name of Latin origin and is mostly given to people of Christian religion.

  • Johannes

    Hebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

  • Jolyon

    it means youthful and charming person. People with this name are nice and fun loving. They do listen for advice and are loved by friends and family.

  • Jost

    The name Jost means in Breton Lord, in Latin Fair

  • Julian

    Latin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julian is Youthful

  • Julijan

    Macedonian form of Julian. It means youthful.

  • Julius

    Latin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julian is Youthful

  • Julyan

    The meaning of the name Down-bearded youth

  • June

    Name June comes from Juno, ancient Roman protector of woman and marriage

  • Junior

    The Young, Child; Derived from the word iunior meaning younger

  • Junious

    Junious is an old Roman name which comes from the name or Roman Goddess Juno

  • Junipero

    A variation of latin name Juniper; A derivative of the English name Juniperus

  • Junius

    Latin - Dedicated to Juno; Younger; Young Child; A variant of the name Julius and Junior

  • Junot

    Junot is a Boy name and means Young

  • Justain

    Justain means Upright, Righteous

  • Justen

    The meaning of Justen is Lawful, Just

  • Justice

    The name Justice means Just, Upright and Righteous

  • Justin

    The name Justin means Upright,Lawful

  • Justinas

    The origin of the meaning of the name Justinas is Just,Fair

  • Justinian

    The meaning of the name Justinian is Just

  • Justino

    The name Justino means Upright

  • Justinus

    Justinus means Righteous, Just

  • Justis

    Justis means Upright, Righteous

  • Justo

    Justo is a Spanish name meaning Fair,Just

  • Juston

    Juston is a Boy name meaning Just, Righteous

  • Justus

    Justus means Honest,Fair-minded

  • Justyn

    The meaning of the name Justyn is Just

  • Juulius


  • Juvenal

    The name Juvenal means Youthful

  • Juvencio

    The meaning of the name Juvencio is One that represents Youth

  • Juventino

    Juventino means Youth

  • Kaaj

    Kaaj means to Rejoyce

  • Kaius

    Kaius means To Rejoice

  • Kajus

    The name Kajus means The One Who Rejoices

  • Kalem

    Kalem means Dove

  • Kallum

    Kallum means Dove

  • Kalum

    Kalum means Dove

  • Kee

    Kee means Horns of the Animal

  • Kelika

    Kelika means Strong-Willed

  • Khyree

    The name means Lord

  • Kitt

    Kitt name means Bearer of the Christ

  • Klaudius

    Klaudius He is Lame

  • Kliment

    One who is merciful and mild. A variant of Clement.

  • Kolm

    Kolm means Dove

  • Konstantin

    Konstantin means Constant

  • Korben

    Korben means Raven

  • Kostyantyn

    Kostyantyn is Ukrainian form of Constantine. It means constant.

  • Kristan

    Kristan means Follower

  • Kristers

    Christian, disciple of Christ.

  • Kristjan

    A follower of Christ

  • Krists

    Christian or follower of Christ

  • Kritolaos

    The chosen of the people .

  • Kruz

    Kruz means Cross

  • Labrencis

    Latvian variant of Lawrence. It means laurel or bay.

  • Ladislas

    Ladislas means The Good Ruler

  • Ladislaus

    The name means The Glorius Ruler

  • Ladislav

    Ladislav means The Ruler who found Glory

  • Lamarcus

    Person of a warrior's nature a worshiper of the Mars, God of War

  • Larenzo

    A person who comes from the place of Laurel leaves

  • Larry

    Distinction, Honor and Fame given for achivements

  • Lars

    A thriumphant, victorius one

  • Larson

    Son of a victorious, triumphant man

  • Larz

    The one who is awarded with honor and fame

  • Lasse

    Latin - Laurel, Bay; Greek - Victory of the people; A variant of Laurence

  • Lauran

    He who wears the crown of laurels

  • Laurance

    From the place of the laurel leaves

  • Laurean

    From the place of laurel trees

  • Laureano

    Latin name meaning from the place where the laurel trees grow

  • Laurence

    Person from the place of the laurel trees

  • Laurenci

    Victorious one, crowned with laurel tree

  • Laurencius

    He who wears a crown of laurels

  • Laurenco

    City of laurels

  • Laurens

    From the city of laurels

  • Laurent

    From the place with laurel trees

  • Laurentien

    He who comes from Laurentium

  • Laurentin

    Place where laurels grow

  • Laurentinus

    Man from Laurentum

  • Laurentius

    He who comes from Laurentium

  • Laurenz

    From the place of the laurel trees

  • Laurian

    From the place of laurel trees

  • Lauriano

    From the place where the laurel trees grow

  • Laurie

    The one who is fierce

  • Lauritz

    Laurel tree, the symbols of Honor and Fame

  • Lauryn

    He who comes from the place of honor and glory

  • Lavrenti

    A place name used to describe people who are from the ancient town Laurenthum

  • Lawrence

    He who came from the ancient Italian Laurentum

  • Lawron

    Who recieved a crown of laurel

  • Lawson

    Son of Lawrence, A Son of the Honored and Famous

  • Lazare

    From name Lazarus, who was restored to life by Jesus

  • Leander

    Lion, Lionlike man

  • Leandro

    Lion. Latin name describing Lionlike preson

  • Lee

    Healer, the one with the power to heal

  • Lefric

    A beloved and powerful individual

  • Lefrich

    He who is powerful and pleasant

  • Lefricus

    Authorative and beloved person

  • Lefsued

    A pleasing person with enjoyable personality

  • Lefsuet

    He who is dear and agreeable

  • Lefuuinus

    From Old English 'leof' meaning dear, beloved

  • Leicester

    Man from the Camp of the Legion

  • Lelio

    Name created from the famous Roman family

  • Leo

    Latin word meaning lion

  • Leocharis

    Lion's grace.

  • Leon

    Name meaning Lion

  • Leonardo

    Bold Lion

  • Leone

    Latin name representing lion

  • Leonid

    Latin variation of name Leon

  • Leouuinus

    A person who has beaten a lion

  • Lew

    Latin version of the name Leon meaning lion

  • Liber

    Living life freely, name of the Roman fertility God

  • Libiau

    To feel liberated

  • Libiauo

    A person who feelis free

  • Lionell

    Latin name describing little lion

  • Lionello

    Italian version of name Lional, meaning lion

  • Lirkin

    Decsendant of Lorcan; one who is crowned with laurel

  • Liuedai

    The one who is replaced

  • Livius

    From latin word 'liveo' that translates to 'envy'

  • Locutus

    Latin name meaning one who speaks

  • Loran

    One who comes from Laurentum

  • Lorimer

    Latin occuational name, harness maker

  • Lorin

    Variation of Laurel, meaning the one coming from a place of laurel trees

  • Lorrimer

    Harness maker

  • Loukas

    Latin name describing light

  • Lucas

    One who gives light

  • Lucian

    Luminous light

  • Luciann

    Latin word for light

  • Luciano

    Variation of name Lucian, meaning light, enlightened

  • Lucianus

    beaming light

  • Lucien

    glowing, the one that gives light

  • Lucifer

    Latin name for morning star, the one who brings light

  • Lucila

    illuminated. Light

  • Lucilius

    diminutive form of Lucius, illuminaton

  • Lucio

    The one that brings light

  • Lucious

    light, shining bright

  • Lucretius

    The one who is wealthy

  • Luka

    One who shines his light on others

  • Lukas

    He who illuminates

  • Lukasz

    The one who casts light on people

  • Luke

    A bright glowing light

  • Luken

    To shine

  • Lukian

    White light that illuminates people

  • Lukie

    To radiate light on people

  • Lullus

    Name of the Forst Archbishop of Mainz

  • Lux

    One who is full of light

  • Luxe

    A person who shines with a bright light

  • Lyon

    One who can be compared to a lion, also a city in France

  • Lyonel

    He is powerful and strong as a lion

  • Lyonell

    One who is compared to a lion

  • Lyonis

    A man who is like a lion

  • Maccus

    Celtic - Hammer; Latin - Great; A variant of name Magnus

  • Magnum

    Something big, large, collosal

  • Magnus

    A person tho is large and collosal

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