Kurdish baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Kurdish Girl Names

  • Aferin

    Aferin is a variant of Afrin and means lucky or trustworthy.

  • Aheng


  • Ahin

    Kurdish word for whole

  • Ajwan

    A small gulf

  • Alal

    Kurdish word for red rose

  • Ariman

    Kurdish word for wish

  • Arjin

    Fire of life

  • Ase

    Ase is a variation of Asa and means doctor.

  • Ashti


  • Awira

    An interesting personality

  • Azade

    Free and independent

  • Berivan

    Kurdish term for milkmaid

  • Beza

    Despise or neglect

  • Bihin

    Better or best than others.

  • Birwa

    Kurdish word for belief

  • Delal

    Sweetheart, dear or beautiful

  • Dersima

    The name comes from Kurdish city Dersim.

  • Diblin

    The fragrance of soul.

  • Dila

    Right from the heart.

  • Dilnaz

    Kudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.

  • Dilva

    From the heart.

  • Elfesya

    A girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess, fairy or princess

  • Gizem

    One who is mysterious, mysterious

  • Glay


  • Gulistan

    Gulistan is a female name of Kurdish origins and means a House of flowers. It is a variation of the Persian name Golshan and has many other variations. One of the most popular variations of the name Gulistan is a turkish female name Gülistan, which mean

  • Irem

    Gardens in heaven

  • Kejal


  • Keje

    A girl of radiant beauty

  • Lilan


  • Medya

    Land of Medes

  • Mizgin

    Evangel or good news.

  • Naza

    beloved or sweetheart.

  • Pelin

    Little leaf

  • Perseng

    Name of a star

  • Revin

    Escape or flight

  • Rewan

    Soul, adult or properly

  • Rezan

    A clear and birght woman

  • Rojan

    Kurdish word for daily

  • Rojin

    One who is like a sun, pretty

  • Rona

    Kurdish word for illumination

  • Rozerin

    Where the sun rises

  • Rozhin

    The beginning of the day

  • Rusen

    One who is jovial and cheerful.

  • Sazan

    Carp or roach

  • Sercan

    Servant or slave

  • Seyda

    A woman who is crazy in love.

  • Shanar

    Kurdish word for pomegranate flower

  • Sidar

    Kurdish word, meaning shade or canopy

  • Solin

    A beautiful flower garden or parterre.

  • Sozan

    Glowing or burning

  • Tela

    Short for of Ottelia

  • Tujela

    Tujela is the name of a plateau.

  • Viyan

    Intention or wish

  • Yelda

    Winter solstice

  • Yezda

    A divine creature

  • Zerya

    Kurdish word for sea.

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