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Korean Girl Names

  • Ae-Cha

    A loving daughter

  • Bong-Cha

    The ultimate girl

  • Chin-Sun

    The one who seeks truth and goodness in everything, truth and goodness

  • Choon-Hee

    A girl born at the time of spring.

  • Chun Hei

    Justice and grace

  • Chung Cha

    Noble and daughter

  • Chung-Cha

    A righteous and chaste girl.

  • Du


  • Eui


  • Eun


  • Eun Ae

    Grace with love

  • Eun Jung

    Grace and affection

  • Eun-Kyung

    A graceful gem.

  • Gi

    One who is brave

  • Goo

    Complete, someone who completes you

  • Hae

    O girl who is like an ocean

  • Hae-Won

    Graceful and beautiful garden.

  • Hee-Young

    Joy and prosperity, a girl who brings joy and prosperity wherever she goes.

  • Hei Ryung

    Grace and brightness

  • Hei-Ran

    Grace and orchid, a graceful orchid.

  • Ho-Sook

    A clear lake.

  • Hoe

    A Garden Tool Used to Loosen Soil, A korean dish of raw fish

  • Hwa-Young

    A beautiful flower

  • Hyo

    One with a filial duty

  • Hyo-Sonn

    One who is filial and gentle.

  • Hyun Jae

    Wise and respect

  • Hyun-Ae

    A woman who is loving and clear.

  • Hyun-Ok

    A wise and beautiful pearl.

  • Jae Hwa

    Respect and beauty, One who is rich and prosperous.

  • Jin Ae

    Truth, treasure and love

  • Jin Kyong

    Truth, treasure and brightness

  • Kyung Mi

    Honored and beauty

  • Kyung Soon

    Honored and mild

  • Kyung-Hu

    Girl in the capital

  • Mee

    Beauty, a beautiful woman

  • Mi Cha

    Beauty and daughter, beautiful daughter

  • Mi Kyong

    Beauty and brightness

  • Mi Sun

    Beauty and goodness

  • Mi Young

    Everlasting beauty

  • Mi-Cha

    A beautiful girl

  • Mi-hi

    Beautiful joy

  • Mi-Ok

    Beautiful pearl

  • Min

    A clever person, sharp-minded, quick responding person

  • Min Jee

    Brightness and wisdom

  • Min Jung

    Bright and noble

  • Mishil

    A beautiful kingdom or a admired dynasty

  • Mun-Hee

    An educated and literate girl.

  • Myung Hee

    Brightness and pleasure

  • Myung-Ok

    A bright pearl

  • Sang Hee

    Benevolence and pleasure

  • So Young

    Eternal, beautiful and prosperity

  • Soo

    A charitable, kind and noble person

  • Soo Jin

    Treasure, excellence and truth

  • Soo Min

    Excellence and cleverness

  • Soo Yun

    A perfect lotus flower.

  • Sook

    She of pure nature

  • Soon-Bok

    Gentle and blessed, one with a gentle soul.

  • Sun Hee

    Pleasure and goodness

  • Sun Jung

    Goodness and noble

  • Sun-Hi

    One with a good and joyful demeanor.

  • Sung

    Successor or one on the verge of winning.

  • Whan


  • Woong

    Grand and magnificent

  • Yon

    Lotus blossom

  • Yoon

    Allow or consent

  • Young Mi

    Prosperity, eternal and beautiful

  • Young-Il

    The most prosperous of all.

  • Young-Soon

    Mild and flowery

  • Yun

    Lotus flower

  • Yun Hee

    Lotus flower and pleasure

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