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List of Indian baby boy and girl names starting with word Ji

Baby Names Starting With Ji

  • The following names are associated with Capricorn Rashi and Uttara Ashadha, Shravana Nakshatra
  • Jia Girl

    Heart, Sweet heart

  • Jiaan Girl

    Life, Strong

  • Jian Girl

    Life, Strong

  • Jiban Boy

    Life, Soul, The Sun, Water, Wind the Sun, Life giving

  • Jiganasha Girl

    Academic curiosity

  • Jigar Boy


  • Jigeesha Girl

    Required victory, Superior, Ambitious, Wanting to win

  • Jigen Boy

    Sharpest sword of world

  • Jigentan Boy


  • Jigi Girl

    Goddess Laxmi, To conquer

  • Jigisha Girl

    Required victory, Superior, Ambitious, Wanting to win; Superior

  • Jigna Girl

    Intellectual curiosity

  • Jignasa Girl

    Academic curiosity

  • Jignasha Girl

    Academic curiosity

  • Jignesh Boy

    Curiosity to research; Intellectual Curiosity

  • Jigruksha Girl

    The hope for knowledge

  • Jigya Girl

    Curiosity to know

  • Jigyansh Boy

    Full of curiosity, Eager to know something

  • Jigyanshu Boy

    Full of curiosity, Eager to know something

  • Jigyasa Girl

    Curiosity to know things

  • Jigyasha Girl

    Curiosity to know things

  • Jihan Boy

    Leaping, The universe, The world

  • Jiho Boy

    The Aroma of Compassion

  • Jiivitha Girl


  • Jijesh Boy

    Who will win whatever he desires and decides his own future

  • Jikai Boy

    Ocean of Compassion; Compassionate Sea

  • Jilesh Boy

    One of 108 names of the Sun God

  • Jill Girl

    Silent lake

  • Jilpa Girl

    Life giving

  • Jimi Girl


  • Jimit Boy

    To win others hearts

  • Jimmy Boy

    Supplanter; Variant of 'Jacob'

  • Jimuta Boy

    One of 108 names of the Sun God

  • Jin Boy

    Gold, Bright, Beautiful, Berry, Precious, Victorious, A Buddha, Another name for Vishnu

  • Jina Girl

    To live, Lord Vishnu; Lord Vishnu

  • Jinabhadra Boy

    A Jain saint

  • Jinadev Boy

    Lord of victory

  • Jinal

    Lord Vishnu, Kind, Loving, Good natured and intelligent; Lord Vishnu

  • Jinansh Boy

    Portion of God

  • Jinay Boy


  • Jinendra Boy

    Lord of life

  • Jinesh Boy

    Name of a Jain god, Lord of victors

  • Jineshwar Boy


  • Jini Girl

    Variation of Jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer

  • Jinisha Girl

    God is gracious, Superior person; Superior

  • Jinkal Girl

    Sweet voice

  • Jinsha Girl


  • Jiral Boy

    Spear warrior

  • Jisha Girl

    The person having the highest feelings for living

  • Jishanth Boy

    Person having highest feelings

  • Jishna

    Is associated to Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh

  • Jishnu Boy


  • Jishu Boy


  • Jissy Girl

    Variant of Jesse God exists

  • Jitakrodha Boy

    Conqueror of anger

  • Jital


  • Jitamitra Boy

    Vanquisher of foes

  • Jitavarashaye Boy

    Conqueror of the ocean

  • Jitendra Boy

    Lord of conquerors, One who can conquer Lord Indra; Lord of conquerers

  • Jitendra; Jitender Boy

    One who can conquer Indra; Lord of conqueror; The powerful conqueror

  • Jitendriya Boy

    Controller of the senses

  • Jitesh Boy

    God of victory, Winner

  • Jith Boy


  • Jitha Girl

    Having conquered

  • Jithakam Boy

    The won who wins over desires

  • Jithan Boy


  • Jithendra Boy

    Lord of conquerors, One who can conquer Lord Indra

  • Jithendriyan Boy

    The one who wins over senses

  • Jithesh Boy

    God of victory, Winner

  • Jithi Girl

    Victory, Victorious

  • Jithin Boy


  • Jithisha Girl

    Winning girl

  • Jithvar Boy

    Victorious, who always win

  • Jithya Girl


  • Jiti Girl

    Victory, Victorious

  • Jitin Boy


  • Jitu Boy

    Always winner

  • Jiva Boy

    Life, Immortal

  • Jivaj Boy

    Full of life, Born, Living; Full of life

  • Jival Boy

    Full of life, Inspiring, Lively, Causing victory; Full of life

  • Jivan Boy

    Life, Soul, The Sun, Water, Wind the Sun, Life giving

  • Jivana Boy

    Life, Feminine of jovian derived from jove who was the roman mythological jupiter and father of the Sky, One of 108 names of the Sun God; one of names of Sun God, life

  • Jivandeep Boy

    The lamp of life

  • Jivanlal Boy

    Variant of 'Jeevan'

  • Jivanthika Girl

    One who gives life

  • Jivantika Girl

    Name of a Raga, One who gives blessings of long life

  • Jivati Girl


  • Jivesh Boy

    God, Courageous

  • Jivi Girl

    Life, Immortal

  • Jivika Girl

    Water, Source of life, Livelihood, Life giving

  • Jivin Boy

    To give life

  • Jivinta Girl


  • Jivita Girl


  • Jivitesh Boy


  • Jivraj Boy

    Lord of life

  • Jivram Boy

    Lord of life

  • Jiwan Boy

    Life, Soul, The Sun, Water, Wind the Sun, Life giving

  • Jiya Girl

    Heart, Sweet heart; Sweet heart

  • Jiya Ram Boy

    Gods name, Heart of Lord ramas

  • Jiya Ushas Girl

    Sweet heart

  • Jiyaan Boy

    Near heart, Always Happy

  • Jiyan Boy

    Near heart, Always Happy

  • Jiyana Girl

    God is gracious, Strength

  • Jiyanshi Girl


  • Jiyu Boy

    Compassionate Friend

  • Jiashini Girl

  • Jienuthan Boy

  • Jigayansh Boy

  • Jignithaa Girl

  • Jignya Girl

  • Jignyasha Girl

  • Jihana Girl

  • Jihani Girl

  • Jihath Boy

  • Jijid Boy

  • Jil Girl

  • Jilakshan Boy

  • Jilav Girl

  • Jimesh Boy

  • Jimish Boy

  • Jimisha Girl

  • Jimsha Girl

  • Jinarshee Girl

  • Jincy Girl

  • Jindal Girl

  • Jinen Boy

  • Jinesha Girl

  • Jineta Girl

  • Jinetha Girl

  • Jinitha Girl

  • Jinoji Girl

  • Jinoraeka Girl

  • Jinosan Boy

  • Jinosha Girl

  • Jinoshan Boy

  • Jinotha Girl

  • Jinothan Boy

  • Jinshith Boy

  • Jintha Girl

  • Jintheepan Boy

  • Jinthusha Girl

  • Jinthushan Boy

  • Jinushni Girl

  • Jinuthra Girl

  • Jioshna Girl

  • Jiroshan Boy

  • Jirothan Boy

  • Jirushika Girl

  • Jishani Girl

  • Jishitha Girl

  • Jishmol Girl

  • Jishni Girl

  • Jishnuka Girl

  • Jishnutha Girl

  • Jishnuthan Boy

  • Jishnuvatsan Boy

  • Jisitha Girl

  • Jisnanth Boy

  • Jisnu Boy

  • Jisnunth Boy

  • Jisnupriya Girl

  • Jisnushan Boy

  • Jisnuthan Boy

  • Jisuthan Boy

  • Jiswanth Boy

  • Jit Boy

  • Jitain Boy

  • Jitarth Boy

  • Jiten Boy

  • Jithakaran Boy

  • Jitheesh Boy

  • Jithes Boy

  • Jithesh kumar Boy

  • Jithish Boy

  • Jiththan Boy

  • Jithush Boy

  • Jithva Boy

  • Jithyaalini Girl

  • Jivananthan Boy

  • Jivanesh Boy

  • Jivani Girl

  • Jivathas Boy

  • Jivatram Boy

  • Jiveethah Girl

  • Jiversh Boy

  • Jivisa Girl

  • Jivishna Girl

  • Jivith Boy

  • Jivitha Girl

  • Jivithavel Boy

  • Jivyaa Girl

  • Jiyansh Boy

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