Jewish baby Boy names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Jewish Boy Names

  • Ben-Tzion

    Son of Zion or son of excellence

  • Berel


  • Calev

    Like a heart

  • Carmi

    My vineyard

  • Chananel

    God is compassionate

  • Chizkiyahu

    God is my strength

  • Danzig

    Trading city

  • Eldad

    Beloved of God

  • Elona

    A tough individual; like Oak tree

  • Elyakim

    My God will establish

  • Fishel


  • Fivel


  • Gamliel

    God is my reward

  • Issur

    Yiddish nickname for Israel

  • Kalonymos


  • Lantz

    Yiddish form of Lancer. It means spear.

  • Manoach

    Resting place

  • Matitiyahu

    Gift of God

  • Medad


  • Meshulam

    Paid for

  • Nachshon


  • Nechemia

    Comforted by God

  • Netanel

    Gift of God

  • Ovadia

    A person who is a servant of God

  • Packer

    A professional name for a wool packer

  • Paltiel

    Created by God

  • Peretz

    Burst forth

  • Pesachya

    Pesachya is derived from the word 'petach' which means opening or door

  • Rachamim


  • Shabtai

    Shabtai is a derivative of 'Shabbat'

  • Shmariyahu

    God's protection

  • Shneur

    Two lights

  • Tanchum


  • Trumann

    A truthful and good natured person

  • Tuvia

    God is good

  • Tzadok


  • Tzemach


  • Tzephania

    Protected by God

  • Tzion


  • Tzuriel

    God is my rock

  • Uziel

    God is my strength

  • Yechezkel

    God will strengthen

  • Yechiel

    May God live

  • Yedidya

    Beloved of God

  • Yehuda

    God will be praised

  • Yehudi


  • Yerachmiel

    God will have mercy

  • Yigal

    He will redeem

  • Yirmiyahu

    God will uplift

  • Yisrael

    To struggle with God

  • Yissachar

    There is a reward

  • Yoel

    God is willing

  • Yohann

    God is merciful

  • Yonatan

    God's gift

  • Yoran


  • Yoshiaki

    To be happy or to be righteous

  • Yoshihiro

    Common good

  • Yoshio

    Righteous boy

  • Yoshiya

    God delivers

  • Zacharias

    God remembers

  • Zaire


  • Zakai

    Pure, clear, free from blemishes

  • Zerach

    Shining light

  • Zikmund

    Victorious protection

  • Zygmunt

    Victorious protection

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