Israeli baby Boy names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.
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Israeli Boy Names

  • Abidan

    My father is judge

  • Ahiram

    Brother of the exalted

  • Alatan

    Strength, a strong one

  • Amarya

    The word God

  • Ammi

    My people

  • Ammital

    He who is truthful

  • Anani


  • Anshil

    A blessed and happy soul.

  • Arles


  • Ataret

    Someone who is being crowned

  • Avimelech

    My father is king

  • Ayalon

    Deer or gazelle

  • Azareel

    Help of God

  • Azaziah

    Strength of Yahweh

  • Azrail

    The Angel of Death

  • Ba'al Zevuv

    Possessor of the high place

  • Ben-Aryeh

    Son of the lion

  • Ben-Tziyon

    Son of Zion

  • Beriah

    Beriah means 'calamity' or 'misfortune' in Hebrew.Beryiah or beriah means healthy, sound, fit, well, hale, lusty, bonny; stout, robust; wholesome, nutritious, healthful, hearty (laugh) Beriah can refer to several different Biblical figures. Beriah can be

  • Bethuel

    Man of God

  • Bladen


  • Chagai


  • Chaviv

    He who is beloved.

  • Chayyim


  • Chiram

    An exalted and noble being.

  • Choni

    A gracious being.

  • Daniyyel

    God is my judge

  • Dothan


  • Eiran

    He who is awake and vigilant.

  • Elazaro

    God has helped

  • Eliphelet

    My God is deliverance

  • Elishama

    God hears everyone

  • Eliyyahu

    The Lord is my God

  • Elnatan

    Gift of God

  • Eshakol

    A grape cluster

  • Evenezer

    Foundation stone

  • Hillel

    to praise

  • Horam


  • Ithamar

    Palm island

  • Jazeel

    The power of God.

  • Kibzaim


  • Pinye

    He who is dark complexioned.

  • Raguel

    One of the seven archangels

  • Reu

    A friend of his, or a shepard

  • Saadya

    God's helper

  • Shachna

    Close to God

  • Shraga

    Candle, or light

  • Tzvi


  • Uzziah

    God is strong

  • Yagil

    He will rejoice

  • Yehochanan

    God is gracious

  • Yeshayahu

    God is salvation

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