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Irish Boy Names

  • Aaden

    Aaden means fire and flame; warmth of the home

  • Achill

    An uncertain person

  • Adeen

    Little fire shining brightly

  • Aedbald

    A bold or brave fire, a friendly fire

  • Aeddi

    One who is made of fire, fire powers

  • Aeker

    Meadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of Ackerley

  • Aengus

    Celtic - One Choice; A variant of name Angus

  • Affleck

    A field of stone, a habitational name to someone who belongs to the field of stone.

  • Agwisance

    A name of Irish origins that lost its meaning over the time

  • Ahearn

    Lord of the horses

  • Aibhne

    Interchanged, or transmitted, imparted

  • Aidenn

    Aidenn is a variant of the name Aidan

  • Ailbhe


  • Ailise


  • Ailmer


  • Alaois

    Famous in war; enjoys perks of life

  • Allen

    Allen is Little Rock

  • Alphonsus

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Aodh

    Celtic - Fire, Brightness, Splendour; Derived from the element 'Aed' which means Fire

  • Aonghus

    Celtic - One Choice; A variant of name is Angus

  • Art

    American - Rock; Irish - Noble Bear; Short form of Arthur

  • Augustine

    Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; Derived from the element 'augustus' which means to increase

  • Awnan

    A little Adam; fun loving person

  • Banagher

    Pointed Hill

  • Banny

    Petite and good-looking

  • Barry

    Celtic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune German - Brave; A variant of name Bernard

  • Bary

    Celtic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune German - Brave; A variant of name Bernard

  • Baudkin

    Tribes of Galway

  • Baylor

    horse trainer

  • Berihert

    He who comes from the south, the son of the south

  • Bolan

    He who is a little poet

  • Bourke

    Fortified Hill or a Fortified Settlement

  • Bourn

    a small river.

  • Bourne

    a small seasonal river

  • Boyden


  • Bracken

    descendant of Breacán

  • Braddon

    Broad hillside; has practical nature

  • Bradford

    A person who hails from a broad ford

  • Bradfurd

    An alternate spelling for 'Bradford'; from the broad ford

  • Bradig

    The name literally mean a person who hails from a broad valley; it's used as a surname.

  • Bradon

    From a broad grassland; hailing from a broad meadow

  • Brady

    Free spirited and broad minded person

  • Braedan

    A hillside that is broad and spacy

  • Braeden

    A broad and spacy hillside

  • Braedon

    Broad, spacy, wide, large and big

  • Brandon

    One who is a brave, vigilant person

  • Brangian

    refers to tiny gobble.

  • Brannon

    A raven; a bird that resembles a crow

  • Brayden

    A hillside that is broad and wide

  • Braydon

    A wide hillside

  • Breck

    Person having a spotted skin or a freckled skin

  • Breckan

    One who has a spotty face; face filled with freckles

  • Breckin

    Freckled face; spotted face

  • Breen

    To be upset or sad about something

  • Brendan

    Prince; the son of a king

  • Brendann

    The prince of the kingdom

  • Brendin

    Prince; the heir of the king

  • Brendon

    The king's heir; Prince

  • Brendyn

    The prince of a kingdom

  • Brenn

    A prince; the successor of a kingdom

  • Brennan

    Moisture; liquid condensed on a surface

  • Breslin

    Refers to family name or surname.

  • Brexton

    A fracklke-faced Boy

  • Breyson

    A son of the powerful woman

  • Briac

    One with force and strenght

  • Brian

    A noble man from the hills

  • Brien

    A high noble man

  • Brinsley

    A high man from the field

  • Brion

    A brave man of many virtues

  • Brisan

    A man with valor and strenght

  • Brison

    A person of valor and bravery

  • Broderic

    A brotherly person

  • Broderik

    One who is a brother

  • Brodrik

    A brotherly one

  • Brogan

    One with small shoes

  • Brone

    A person full of sorrow

  • Bronich

    A sorrow man

  • Bruis

    One who lives in a mansion

  • Brumant

    An Irish Boy name with lost meaning

  • Bry

    A man of great strenght and power

  • Bryan

    A courageous and virtuous man

  • Bryant

    He who ascends to hights

  • Brychan

    A spotted one

  • Brye

    A man who is strong anf full of force

  • Bryon

    A virtuous person full of bravery

  • Buchanan

    Irish Gaelic - House of the canon

  • Byrne

    The raven's son

  • Byrnhorn

    One who is a descendant of the raven

  • Byrnwold

    The raven ruler

  • Cace

    A man who is observant and alert

  • Cadal

    He is a warrior at heart

  • Cadee

    The rhythmic flow of the sunds

  • Cadhla

    A handsome and good-looking man

  • Caelan

    A warrior of power

  • Caelci

    A powerful soldier

  • Caelen

    He is a strong soldier

  • Cahal

    A man who is a strong warrior in battle

  • Cahill

    A son of the battle ruler

  • Cailan

    A thin and slender man

  • Cailen

    A young child

  • Caine

    A fighter's son

  • Cainon

    He is a fighter's son

  • Calhoun

    A man from the narrow forest

  • Calin

    A powerful fighter in the war

  • Callahan

    One with a light head

  • Callan

    To fight in the battle with rocks

  • Callaway

    One from a plebbly place

  • Calldwr

    He is brom the cold brook

  • Callum

    He looks like a dove

  • Camri

    Crooked nosed man

  • Camrin

    He has a very crooked nose

  • Camron

    One who has a crooked nose

  • Camryn

    A man with a very crooked nore

  • Camyron

    His nose is very crooked

  • Canice

    A Boy who looks very good

  • Cantiori

    An Irish name

  • Cantiorix

    An old Irish name

  • Caolan

    A slender Boy

  • Caolán

    A slender lad

  • Caomh

    A very lovable person

  • Caradoc

    A dearly loved one

  • Caradog

    He is a deeply loved one

  • Carey

    He lives in the fortress

  • Cargan

    A little one who is like a rock

  • Carlie

    A little champion

  • Carlile

    One who comes from the wall of the God Lugus. A surname

  • Carlin

    He is a little champion

  • Carling

    A Boy who is a small champion

  • Carlow

    One who comes from the four-parted lake

  • Carne

    One who comes from the lands where the memorial piled up stones are

  • Carney

    A victorious champion

  • Carolan

    A Boy-champion

  • Carolann

    A Boy who is a little champion

  • Carrick

    One who came from the rocky landskape

  • Carrol

    A man who is a champion

  • Carrole

    He is a champion

  • Carsen

    One who comes from the coastal rocks

  • Carthage

    He is very loving

  • Cary

    A man of the fortress

  • Case

    He who brings peace to men

  • Casen

    A son of the vigilant one

  • Cashel

    A man from Cashel, Irland

  • Cathal

    A mighty great warrior

  • Cavan

    A good-looking lad

  • Cavin

    A very handsome Boy

  • Cayce

    A vigorous and observant man

  • Caylon

    He is powerfull in the battlefield

  • Caysee

    A courageous yooung man

  • Cayson

    A brave and vigilant Boy

  • C�ilidh

    A traditional Gaelic dance

  • Ceallach

    To be in a war, strife

  • Ceallachan

    One who is in a war

  • Cearney

    He is a victrious champion

  • Cedric

    One with a bounty

  • Cedrick

    One who gifts people

  • Cedrych

    A loved kind person

  • Cein

    They are the ancient one and old fashioned

  • Ceirin

    The little black one

  • Ceol

    A swelling; The one of the ship

  • Channing

    Member of the Church

  • Ciabhan

    A mortal in the Irish legend who fell in love with a beautiful goddess, Cliodhna, who was swept away into the sea by a great wave

  • Cian

    The name of the mythical ancestor of the Cianachta of the Irish legend

  • Cianan

    Derived from the name of a 5th century Irish saint

  • Ciar

    Black; the darkest colour that absorbs light completely

  • Ciaran

    One who is dark in complexion

  • Cillian

    One who is associated with the Church and its Ministry

  • Clancey

    A warrior who is healthy red coloured; a soldier's son

  • Clancy

    A soldier's son; a warrior; one who fights at the battlefield

  • Clooney

    Hailing from the meadows; a land filled with grass

  • Codey

    A helpful person; one who helps others in need

  • Coe

    A hill consisting of a valley

  • Coleman

    A small and stocky bird, that resembles a pigeon

  • Colm

    Dove; the bird used for the symbol of peace; a short white bird

  • Colman

    A small, little, tiny dove

  • Colum

    Dove, a small bird that is a symbol for peace and harmony

  • Conall

    A mighty, great and hound-like warrior, who is respected by all

  • Conan

    Wise and high; filled with widsom and respected by all

  • Conant

    Elevated and wise; high, mighty and filled with wisdom

  • Conley

    Hero; strongwilled, wise and idiolozed by all

  • Conn

    A high, mighty and wise person, who is also a brave advisor

  • Connacht

    Brave; one who can tackle stressful and harmful situations

  • Connar

    One who has a strong will power, and is wise

  • Conner

    Filled with desires and longings

  • Connery

    A child of the gunting-dog's keeper

  • Connley

    Hero; the idol of men, who is courageous and bold

  • Connolly

    A wise person who is also brave

  • Connor

    A strong willed person, who is also wise

  • Connors

    A wise man who is not only brave, but is also strong willed

  • Conny

    A hero; one who is brave, courageous and is admired by men

  • Conoc

    He loves dogs and wolves

  • Conor

    One who is strong willed and has high desires for himself

  • Conran

    Descendant of a famous king named Conaran

  • Cony

    A hollow in a hill; derived from word 'Corey'

  • Coree

    A steep, deep gorge that has very steep sides

  • Corin

    Coming from a hollow in a mountain

  • Corley

    A hollow or an empty space in a hill

  • Cormac

    The son of the one who drives the chariot; the son of the charioteer

  • Cormack

    One who rides the chariot; a charioteer

  • Corran

    One who bears a spear; a weapon used at the times of war

  • Corridon

    Wielder or bearer of spear, a war weapon

  • Corrigan

    Wielder of a little spear, a war weapon

  • Corrin

    Bearer or wielder of a spear, a war weapon

  • Cory

    A pool that is foaming, fizzy or seething

  • Courey

    A dweller near the hallow

  • Crevan

    Fox, Cunning, Smart individual

  • Crighton

    Derived from 'Creighton' meaning lives at a rocky place,near a border

  • Crosson

    Son of cross

  • Cuchulainn

    A warrior hero

  • Cunignos

    A little Wolf

  • Curry

    A sharp dagger

  • Cuyler

    A Chapel

  • Cvnotami

    He is the son of Cunotamus

  • Cyngen

    Son of a Chief

  • Daci

    Possibility; providing hope

  • Daghan

    Good hearted person

  • Dahi

    Quick one

  • Dailey

    Collect together

  • Dal

    The blind one

  • Dalan

    Blind one

  • Dallan

    Blind individual

  • Dallen

    Blind one

  • Dallon

    The blind man

  • Daly

    Together forever

  • Daman

    One who can be tamed

  • Damana

    To be tamed

  • Damanjit

    Tame; loyal

  • Dametta

    A Saint

  • Darragh

    Rascal; fertile

  • Darrah

    Wealthy and Black

  • Darry

    Red haired, rich

  • Dawayne

    The one who is dark haired

  • Daylann

    A steady and strong individual; blind

  • Deaglan

    Name of a Saint who is filled with goodness

  • Decklan

    A majestic and caring Saint

  • Declan

    One who prays and full of goodness

  • Deklan

    A Date tree; tall one

  • Delaney

    One who performs dark challenges

  • Delany

    One who comes from a river

  • Dempsey

    A proud and creative individual

  • Diarmaid

    Irish King; they are without envy

  • Diarmid

    They do not have any envy; a warrior

  • Diarmuid

    A great warrior who are without envy

  • Diedre

    A beautiful melancholy of a broken heart

  • Dierdra

    One who has a raging attitude

  • Dillan

    A loyal person; one who has calmness and patience

  • Dillen

    One who is like a Lion; mighty

  • Dillon

    A faithful and loyal friend of lightening

  • Dilynn

    A loyal individual; embodiment of mercy

  • Donagh

    Brown Haired warror

  • Donal

    Stranger ,Great Chief

  • Donavan

    Dark Brown haired Chieften

  • Donavon

    Descendent of Donndubhan

  • Donley

    Ruler of the World

  • Donnacha

    The one who is a brown haired warrior

  • Donnagan

    A brown haired man who is also a chief

  • Donnan

    Brown one; they are majestic being

  • Donnelly

    They have great valour and are born chief

  • Donner

    Dark Warrior; one who is strong as thunder

  • Donovan

    Strong Fighter; one who is dark brown natured

  • Dooley

    Hero with dark skin; a dark haired person

  • Doolin

    Black blade or sword; majestic and confident

  • Doon

    One who is from Doon; are excellent people

  • Dorane

    One who is on exile; a wanderer

  • Dorrin

    The one who is dark browned colored

  • Dover

    A shaking Bog or an island

  • Doyle

    One who is a black stranger; famous person

  • Driscoll

    One who is a descendent of a messenger

  • Druce

    Son of Drew ,Wise man

  • Dunn

    One who has dark complexion

  • Dunne

    One with brown complexion

  • Dunnere

    Dark brown colored; shadow

  • Dwyer

    Black one who lives by the tradition

  • Dyllon

    A loyal one from the sea

  • Eadbhard

    It means rich protector.

  • Eagan

    it means 'Son of Fire' in Irish.

  • Eames

    One who is a prosperous protector

  • Eamon

    It is derived from irish form edmund which means 'Guardian'

  • Eamonn

    Protection; one who saves

  • Eason

    In Irish the name eason means 'Protector'.

  • Eegan

    Mighty and powerful person

  • Eibhear


  • Eibhl�n

    One who has the greatest vision

  • Eideann

    One who has little fire inside their soul

  • Emmery

    a leader of the household.

  • Enda

    bird or bird like.

  • Eneas

    it means praise.

  • Eoghan

    born of yew or youhtful.

  • Eohric

    a very powerful ruler.

  • Eonan

    oath or little seal.

  • Eoppa

    a royal prince.

  • Eormenraed

    an Irish word meaning a public oath.

  • Erin

    Gaelic word meaning peace; also a poetic way of referring to Ireland.

  • Erinn

    poets use it to describe Ireland or peace.

  • Euan

    born of the Yew tree.

  • Evin

    The God's goodness

  • Fagan

    One who is a very eager child

  • Fal

    A descendant of a leader

  • Falon

    A man in charge

  • Fannig

    A Surname in Irish

  • Farol

    A heroic and a superior man

  • Farrel

    A brave and victorious man

  • Feargal

    A brave and courageous person

  • Fearghus

    To have great man-strenght

  • Feegan

    A child who is eager

  • Felim

    One who is forever-good

  • Feoras

    He is like a rock

  • Fergal

    A brave young Boy

  • Fergie

    He who is like a rock. Also means a man who made a choice

  • Fergus

    He is a rock, a stone

  • Ferguson

    The son of the rock

  • Fiachra

    A saint-like man

  • Fiadh

    Man dark as raven

  • Finbar

    Fair-headed one; one who adds

  • Finbarr

    Fair-headed one (variant of finbar)

  • Findley

    A fair and courageous person

  • Finlo

    A fair Lugh( sun-God of Ireland & Mann), i.e. warrior

  • Fiona

    White or fair (latinised version of fionna)

  • Fionan

    A fair offspring

  • Fiontan

    'White-fire' or 'white-bull'; only one to endure the Great Flood

  • Firuzeh

    Refers to the greenish-blue colored gemstone, Turquoise

  • Fleur

    An old French word for 'flower'

  • Fleurette

    A floret (i.e. a little flower); Comes from French fleur

  • Foley

    It refers to a 'disrupter or plunderer'

  • Gainor

    Born son of a person who is very fair in complexion.

  • Ganan

    Irish Gaelic - Fair Skinned, Fair-haired; A form of the English name Gannon

  • Ganin

    The Boy who is fair in complexion and light colored hair.

  • Garan

    Refers to castrating or spaying.

  • Garon

    Neutering or sterilizing.

  • Garret

    Power of spear.

  • Garrey

    A hard or a bold spear

  • Garron

    One of the categories of horse.

  • Garrott

    The one who is good in handling spear.

  • Garvan

    Anglicized form of Garbhan (tiny rough one)

  • Gearoid

    Person who is courageous in using the spear.

  • Gilby

    Old Norse - Pledge; Irish - Blond Boy; A variant name is Gilbey

  • Gilibeirt

    The name Gilibeirt is a male name of Irish origin. Gilibeirt means Pladge.

  • Gilla

    The Fellow; The Youth; Serving-man

  • Grifin

    In welsh grifin means the strong faith in God. In Irish and americans this name is used as the surname.

  • Hanlon

    Irish meaning is Sirname

  • Harkan

    Dark Red

  • Harken

    Irish - Dark red; A variant of Harkin

  • Harkyn

    Irish - Dark red; A variant of Harkin

  • Harmon

    variant spelling of Harman (Irish) Soldier (German)

  • Hasson

    Strong, Fortress

  • Hearne

    Horse Lord

  • Hennessy

    Irish - Descendant of Angus; Variation of Henessey and Hennesse

  • Hogan

    Irish Gaelic - Youthful One; A variant is Hagan

  • Huddy

    From a pet form of the medieval personal name Hudde

  • Hurley

    To be like a sea tide

  • Jarlath

    A lord of tribute

  • Kacen

    Kacen means Descendant from the Vigilant One

  • Kaedyn

    A fighter, a companion fighter

  • Kagan

    Kagan means Thinker,Fiery

  • Kagen

    Kagen means Fiery

  • Kahnyr

    Kahnyr means Wisdom, Councel, Strenght

  • Kaiden

    Kaiden means Companion

  • Kaidyn

    Kaidyn name means Friend, Companion

  • Kalford

    A strong crossing of river, river crossing

  • Kasey

    An observatn and alert individual

  • Kaven

    Handsome; Appealing; Attractive; Charming

  • Kavon

    The name means Handsome Man, Good-looking

  • Kean

    Kean means Acient and Enduring

  • Keane

    Keane means Very Old

  • Keannen

    The name means He is Very Old

  • Keara

    Keara means The name of a Saint

  • Kearney

    The name means Darkness, The Fighter

  • Keating

    Keating means Urbane, mostly used as an Irish surname

  • Keegan

    Keegan name means A thinker, Small Fire

  • Keen

    Keen means a Sharp One

  • Keenan

    Keenan means Acient, The Descendant of the Brave one

  • Keene

    Keene means He who is Tall, Handsome and Sharp

  • Keenen

    Keenen means Acient Gavin

  • Keeria

    Keeria means Boy With Dark Hair

  • Keion

    Keion means He is Noble-Born

  • Keirnan

    Keirnan means Little and Black-Haired

  • Keiryn

    The meaning of the name is Black

  • Kelan

    Kelan means Slender, Thin

  • Kellagh

    Kellagh means War

  • Kellan

    Kellan means Swamp

  • Kelland

    The name means Strife

  • Kenny

    Kenny means Beautiful, Handome, Fair

  • Keoni

    Keone means Young Warrior

  • Kerian

    Keri means Descendents of Ciar

  • Kern

    Kermit means Son Of Dermot

  • Kerria

    Kerri means Descendent of Ciar

  • Kerrim

    The name means Dark

  • Key

    Key name means He is made of Fire

  • Kian

    Kian means Archaic, Acient

  • Kier

    Kier means Boy od Dark Skin and Hair

  • Kieran

    The name means Dark Man

  • Kieren

    Kieren means He who has Black hair

  • Kierian

    The name means He has Dark and Black Hair

  • Kiernan

    Keirnan means Lord's Son

  • Kieron

    Keiron means Darkness

  • Kilian

    The name means Strife or Battle

  • Killian

    Killian means Fierce

  • Kiralescense

    The name means Baby born with dark complexion

  • Kirbey

    Kirbey means Surname

  • Klancy

    Klancy means Red Warrior

  • Kullen

    Kullen means Hansome

  • Kyrin

    Kyrin means Dark-haired Male

  • Kyrus

    Kyrus means The Sovereign Power

  • Lachlan

    The name means The Norwegian

  • Lakyle

    Name has Irish origins and means Half-Wood

  • Lalor

    An Irish name that means Leper, a Pariah

  • Laughlin

    Servant; dweller at the fjord land

  • Lauren

    Fierce person

  • Leary

    Occupational name, cattle keeper

  • Leeam

    A strong willed warrior, a warrior who is willfully a warrior

  • Leerie

    The one who keeps cattle

  • Liam

    A worrior of strong will

  • Liir

    A strong-willed, resolute protector

  • Linch

    Seamen, man who travels the seas

  • Lorcan

    A little but fierce warrior

  • Lyam

    A determined protector

  • Macarthur

    Gaelic - Son of Arthur;

  • Maccha

    A variant of Macha; Hebrew - One who raises (brings up); Irish - Plain

  • Mackinley

    Irish - Son of the learned king; Son of the learned ruler; A variant of Mackinnley

  • Maddex

    A son of a fortunate one

  • Maddison

    A son of Madoc - a fortunate one

  • Maddix

    A good and generous person

  • Maddoc

    A beneficent, charitble one

  • Maddock

    An altruistic and big-hearted person

  • Maddox

    A son of a big-hearted person

  • Maddux

    A person whose father was a beneficial person

  • Madyn

    A small dog

  • Madyson

    A warrior's son

  • Magee

    Son of Hugh; Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Aodha ; An Irish Surname

  • Mago

    An admirable, great person

  • Maguire

    A person who is the son of the baige one

  • Mahon

    One who has the strenght of a Bear

  • Mahoney

    He who is as strong as a Bear

  • Makinley

    The son of a fair haired Viking

  • Makynzie

    A son of a fair one

  • Malone

    One who is devoted to St. John

  • Maloney

    Gaelic - Devoted to God; One who serves St. John; St. John's follower

  • Malvin

    One who likes to be in charge, a chief

  • Malvyn

    An individual who is alway in charge

  • Mamannan

    A name of the God of the Sea

  • Mannix

    Irish name for monk

  • Manus

    He who is the greatest

  • Maqitreni

    An Irish male name

  • Marcas

    He who is like the God Mars

  • Mawr

    A large person

  • Mccoy

    Irish name meaning fire

  • Mcintyre

    Son of a carpenter

  • Mckinney

    The one that obeys

  • Mckinnley

    One that follows orders

  • Mckinzy

    A son of a handsome man

  • Melbin

    A chief of a clan or a leader

  • Mellan

    A minor, lovely one, tiny pleasurable one.

  • Mickal

    the God is supreme.

  • Mirren

    A person with patience, a calm person

  • Moran

    Something huge or of large size

  • Morey

    A noble person who is a reason for pride

  • Morolt

    Name from Legends; Brother of Yseulte; Derived from Morogh which means Sea Protector

  • Nealon

    Devotee, cup holder, conqueror, warrior.

  • Neil

    Bank of cloud, adoring, defender.

  • Neille

    The one who always wins the title winner.

  • Nelvin

    The one who is most sacred and divine.

  • Nigellus

    Winning person, overcomer, conqueror.

  • Ninion

    The one who is in need of water.

  • Nivaan

    A holy soul, saint

  • Njal

    The one who wins the contest.

  • Nolan

    well known, celebrity or legendary.

  • Noland

    Remarkable, eminent, prominent.

  • Noodan

    A romantic and beloved person

  • Odran

    The person who is willing to use his properties jointly or in common, contribution, involvement

  • Oisin

    A Basque name that mean sorrows.

  • Oneal

    Victor, winner, over comer.

  • Osred

    A red-haired warrior; divine being

  • Padraic

    One who belongs to patrician class

  • Padriac

    A noble and high born person; regal

  • Paraic

    One who is of the patrician class

  • Patraic

    Aristocrat; name given to a saint

  • Patri

    Name of a noble patrician

  • Patric

    Name of a patron of Ireland

  • Peadar

    One who is like a rock or stone

  • Peerce

    One who is Piers; lucky an talented

  • Pharris

    Irish - A heroic man; A variation of Pharis

  • Phinean

    Irish - Fair; Light-skinned; White

  • Pierce

    Meaning a rock; variant of Peter

  • Puspabhusan

    A flower made ornament

  • Quigley

    One with unruly hair

  • Quill

    A cub

  • Quillan


  • Quillen

    An offspring

  • Quillian

    Irish name meaning cub

  • Quin

    One who is intelligent and wise

  • Radmund

    A wise protector

  • Rafer

    Irish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A pet form of Rafferty

  • Rafferty

    Irish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A variant name is Rafer

  • Rayland

    One who is from the Island meadow

  • Reagan

    A descendant of the impulsive person

  • Reagen

    From the name Regan, meaning the little king

  • Rearden

    A little king who is a poet

  • Reghan

    A regal baby Boy

  • Reilan

    A person who is from the Island field

  • Reilley

    A valiant, courageous male

  • Reilly

    A rey as in an edible grain

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