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Igbo Boy Names

  • Abaeze

    Branch of the kings

  • Afamefuna

    My name will not be lost.

  • Akachukwu

    The hand of God.

  • Akunna

    Father's wealth.

  • Amaechi

    Who knows tomorrow?

  • Amandi

    Trust no one, one who doesn't trust anyone easily.

  • Amobi

    Who knows the heart of man?

  • Anozie

    We are now settled or well positioned.

  • Arinzechukwu

    Thanks be to God.

  • Azubuike

    Strength gained from experiences of the past.

  • Bunkechukwu

    The one who belongs to God.

  • Chetachi

    One who always remembers God.

  • Chetachukwu

    One who always remembers God.

  • Chibuike

    God is strength.

  • Chibundu

    God is life

  • Chibunna

    God is my father

  • Chibuzor

    God first or God leads

  • Chidiadi

    There is God

  • Chidiebere

    God is merciful

  • Chidiebube

    God is glorious and great.

  • Chidozie

    May God fix it and make it good for me.

  • Chiekezie

    God has made it good for me.

  • Chiemeka

    God has done well.

  • Chiemelie

    God has won.

  • Chiemezie

    God has made it good for me.

  • Chikanma

    God is better than any other thing.

  • Chikezie

    May God appease.

  • Chimankpa

    God know my wants.

  • Chimaobi

    God knows the heart.

  • Chimezie

    Let God do it.

  • Chinaka

    God decides or God schedules.

  • Chinecherem

    God thinks and worries on my behalf.

  • Chioke

    Gift of God

  • Chukwudumaga

    God leads me.

  • Chukwuemerie

    God has won.

  • Chukwuma

    God knows, God knows better than anyone.

  • Chuwudubem

    Lead me, oh God.

  • Debare

    One born during good times.

  • Diarachukwundu

    Live for God

  • Ebubechukwu

    The glory and greatness of God.

  • Echezonanna

    Don't forget your God and your father.

  • Ejikeme

    It's not by power.

  • Ekenedilichukwu

    Thanks be to God

  • Emeka

    in Igbo this name means great deeds or god has done a lot.

  • Emenike

    It's not by might or power.

  • Enyinnaya

    His father's friend.

  • Esomchi

    Walking with the lord or one who follows God

  • Ewelike

    It's not by power

  • Ezesinachi

    The chief is from God.

  • Ezeudo

    King of peace.

  • Ganiru

    Good luck

  • Golibe

    Rejoice, a joyous fellow.

  • Gosifechukwu

    Show the light of God to all.

  • Hanyechukwu

    Leave it for God.

  • Iben


  • Ifeanyichukwu

    God is most powerful or no one is greater than God.

  • Ifechi

    The light of God.

  • Ifechukwude

    What God has written.

  • Ifemyolunna

    What I asked of the lord.

  • Igwebuike

    Strength in numbers.

  • Iheanacho

    Precious or what everyone seeks.

  • Ikechukwu

    The power of God.

  • Ikemba

    Strength of the nation.

  • Ilozumba

    Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.

  • Ilozumba

    Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.

  • Isinachi

    One who is sent from God.

  • Jachike

    Give praise to God or Hail God.

  • Jayamma

    Praise to the lord.

  • Jideofor

    Nigerian term meaning, you are justified.

  • Kachisicho

    God's desire

  • Kachiside

    As God has written it or the will of God.

  • Kaetochukwu

    May God be praised.

  • Kainyechukwuekene

    Let's praise the Lord.

  • Kalu

    Kalu means God of Thunder

  • Kambili

    Let me live or I shall live.

  • Kamdilichukwu

    Let me live for God.

  • Kamfeechi

    Let me worship God.

  • Kanayochukwu

    Let's keep begging from the lord.

  • Kaodinakachi

    Leave your destiny to God.

  • Kelechi

    Glorify God.

  • Kristibueze

    Christ is the king.

  • Lotachukwu

    Remember God

  • Lotanna

    Remember the father or the God

  • Maduka

    People are worth more than riches.

  • Munachimso

    One who always agrees with God.

  • Nchedochukwu

    God's protection.

  • Nwabueze

    Child is the king

  • Obiajulu

    My heart is at peace.

  • Obiefune

    Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope.

  • Obiefune

    Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope.

  • Okorie

    Born on Oryo market day

  • Yafeu

    A bold and strong man.

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